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Posted in Feature on April 22, 2006

By Olivier Ruel

Last week’s poll starts with a supposition, what if you were drafting a white/green/red deck and you could firstpick a common of your choice in Guildpact, knowing you already have a Farseek.
When I am drafting Selesnya/Boros, I usually end up with a fourth color as the cards in Guildpact aren't too impressive for any of those guilds. Then, I go for either blue or black. I like blue better though, as Ogre Savant, Steamcore Weird and Izzet Chronarch are way less popular than Douse in Gloom, Blind Hunter and Pillory of the Sleepless and therefore, you’ll be able to pick more of them.

After picking a Farseek, what would you take
Streetbreaker Wurm 812 45.5%
Wildsize 520 29.1%
Pyromatics 241 13.5%
Ghor-Clan Savage 142 8.0%
Ogre Savant 70 3.9%
Total 1785 100.0%

Streetbreaker Wurm

You selected Streetbreaker Wurm as Gruul’s top common in Guildpact, and there is indeed not much to say about that. 6/4 for 5 mana is pretty big, play it on turn 4 on the play with a Signet or any mana accelerator, and it will be pretty tough for you to lose the game if your opponent doesn't have a quick answer.


In second place comes Wildsize, once again we agree on that. You won’t find lots of removals in those colors, so drafting efficient tricks will be crucial. When they deal damage to your opponent, it's even better. That's why cards like Boros Fury-Shield are so good in these decks. If you consider, Wildsize is pretty much the same, and if you add the fact that it provides card advantage (not so common for a green card), you get the second best combat trick in the format (after Peel from Reality).


What comes in third place depends on how much red you have. If red is your main color, you have to pick Pyromatics. But in most draft formats, it has been difficult to draft red. Red has what people want to take in the first three picks: removals. It is common to see four players going red in the first two packs at a draft table. The card pool however, can only support two or three red mages. Red doesn't have that many playable cards, probably enough for you to draft it, but usually not to be the main color of your three or four-color draft deck.

Ghor-Clan Savage

Ghor-Clan Savage will often be as good as Streetbreaker Wurm. It is a very strong card, but to take full advantage of it, you often have to go for suboptimal attacks or to wait for the right time to play it. The Savage is definitely a high pick, but it’s no Streetbreaker Wurm. It can be the third best common for you if you have a very explosive deck.

If I have already drafted two of Farseek and Civic Wayfinder, I would definitely say that Ogre Savant is the third best common. The card is as good as Wildsize, and pretty close to Streetbreaker Wurm. With only one fixer, it mostly depends on what I think my right neighbour will feed me with, considering the signals he sent me on pack one: Orzhov or Izett cards.

This is how I woud rank Gruul commons, considering you're RGW, and not influenced by any other guild yet:

1-Streetbreaker Wurm
4-Ghor-Clan Savage
5-Gruul Turf
6-Silhana Starfletcher
7-Gruul Signet
8-Izzet Signet
9-Tin Street-Hooligan
10-Burning-Tree Bloodcale

First thoughts about RGD

As you’re reading this article you’ve probably played in your Prerelease tournament already. You probably realized it before, but if you want to stick with three colors in a RGD draft, there are only few associations you can go for:


So what if you first pick Glare of Subdual? There are pretty good chance for you end up four colors, as there is no combination of colors involving the Selesnya guild that gives you one guild to draft in each pack. If you draft Golgari, it only leaves you one option , going Black-Green-Red. In case you go green, pay a lot of attention to Civic Wayfinder and to mana fixers as you’ll probably need them even more!

The other two guilds seem much more interesting to draft in Ravnica. Indeed, if you're drafting either Boros or Dimir in pack one, you still have options opened in the Guildpact pack as you have two possibilities for each guild.

Next week, I'll share my first thoughts about the cards themselves.

Send your impressions and thoughts to Olivier Ruel @ Olivier wrote this article while listening to Clap your hands say yeah/CLAP YOU HANDS SAY YEAH (with such a cool name, how could the record not be eponymous?) and The Notwist/NEON GOLDEN

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