Posted in NEWS on April 12, 2014

By Nate Price

A longtime member of the Pro Tour and Grand Prix coverage staff, Nate Price now works making beautiful words for all of you lovely people as the community manager for organized play. When not covering events, he lords over the @MagicProTour Twitter account, ruling with an iron fist.

It is virtually impossible to be bored attending a Grand Prix. Even before the main event begins on Saturday, the schedule is packed to the brim with things to do. From simple 8-man Booster Drafts to massive melees, each Grand Prix has plenty to offer, and each Grand Prix is unique. Nagoya is no different.

Wondering how to navigate this event-filled weekend? Try this handy guidebook, complete with timetables for events, local food options, maps of the venue, and even a public transportation schedule!

Perhaps you want to prepare for this weekend's Grand Prix... Well what better way is there than to attend a Sealed Deck seminar hosted by Hall of Famer Shuhei Nakamura and the guys at TokyoMTG? Some of the lucky participants built their own Sealed Decks and learned as Nakamura walked them through what they had done well or needed to improve on. Even Yuuya Watanabe was so impressed by the turnout and the response from the many players involved that he offered his services for the next one!

Maybe you're more of an old-school player. Well don't worry, there was plenty of action for you on Friday night, as TokyoMTG hosted a Vintage tournament that saw 32 players duking it out with Black Lotuses, Time Walks, and Moxen galore. Even better, they recorded both the Vintage tournament and their Sealed Deck Seminar with Shuhei Nakamura, put them online, and are working at getting them subbed into English! You can find links to the videos on their website!

With all of this hard work and Magic playing, you are bound to get hungry at some point. Fortunately for you, the tournament organizers here in Nagoya thought ahead, calling in the services of a number of food trucks from the area to deliver food to the event site all weekend long!

Between rounds, feel free to check out the many artists in the room to meet your favorite artists, such as Igor Kieryluk...

Or get a print signed by artists like Eric Deschamps!

You can even get a card turned into a 3d work of art by the renowned Mr. Okubo!

Maybe you just want to stop by the feature match to watch two top players playing under the lights and cameras...

Whatever you feel like doing, there is something for you here at Grand Prix Nagoya!