Lorwyn to Shadowmoor: Elves

Posted in Arcana on May 1, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

With the coming of Shadowmoor, races have changed, sometimes in subtle ways. Take a look at what the Lorwyn Style Guide has to say about Elves, and then we'll switch to the Shadowmoor version to highlight the differences.

Lorwyn Elves

Keywords: Beautiful, ruthless, vain, predatory, aristocratic.

Synopsis: The elves are Lorwyn's dominant race. In a pastoral world, these masters of wilderness have long reigned, and their reign has begun to corrupt them. Outwardly the elves are all grace, elegance, and soft smiles. But they have a cruel, predatory streak. They believe themselves to be the height of the world's truth and beauty, and they see the other races as amusing at best, and as sport to be hunted at worst.

Mana colors: Green with a bit of black. Lorwyn's elves are aligned primarily with green mana, but they also have an undercurrent of black mana. The black mana represents the corrupting influence of power—the elves lack mercy and compassion.

Shadowmoor Elf

Shadowmoor Elves

Keywords: Humble, hopeful, selfless, giving.

Synopsis: The elves are the beacons of hope and salvation in the twilight world of Shadowmoor. The elves have taken it upon themselves to protect and foster what little beauty remains in the world.

Mana Colors: Green with white. Shadowmoor's elves are aligned primarily with green mana, but they also have an element of white mana. The white mana represents their interest in community, the rule of law, the good of the many over the good of the few.

Shadowmoor Elf

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