Loxodon Sketch Quiz

Posted in Arcana on January 12, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Elephants are said to have long memories. Today we test your memory of cards featuring Loxodons, the race of humanoid elephants from the plane of Mirrodin. Guess all these Loxodon cards from their art, and win a date with Iron Tusk Elephant!

But to make things a little more challenging, we'll only provide you with the sketches that were initially submitted for each card. Happy guessing!

(Click each picture below to reveal the name of the card. This may not work for all web browsers. If you have questions, ask at the Magic message boards.)

Loxodon mystery art!
Illus. Terese Nielsen

Loxodon mystery art!
Illus. Heather Hudson

Loxodon mystery art!
Illus. Jeremy Jarvis

Loxodon mystery art!
Illus. Michael Sutfin

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