Lurking Shadows

Posted in Arcana on October 16, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic art often tells a story, and sometimes you can tell more about what's going on in the story by what's looming in the background than by what's front and center. Tricks of light and shadow often put clues of subtle truth into Magic art, and almost always creates a fun Easter egg for the attentive art appreciator.

Nath's Buffoon from Lorwyn is a boggart in the employ of Nath, the imperious elf. The art shows the shadow of his elf master.

Nath's Buffoon Nath's Buffoon art by Thomas Denmark

The card Sleeper Agent looks like a human woman, but her shadow shows that she's actually a minion of Phyrexia.

Sleeper Agent Sleeper Agent art by Randy Gallegos

Check out the art of Summoner's Pact. We don't see the creature summoned by the green-aligned mage, but we certainly see its shadow. Usul has called a big one.

Summoner's Pact Summoner's Pact art by Chippy

Time Spiral's Divine Congregation shows a circular time rift. Through the center of it, we see the shadows of a group of aven who have gathered together there, to join in the congregation (the card is a suspend riff on Congregate).

Divine Congregation Divine Congregation art by Jeremy Jarvis

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