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Posted in Magic Academy on July 14, 2006

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A New Kind of Column

Wizard_MentorMagic Academy is a unique column designed to help newer players get up to speed by teaching them about the game and introducing them to the vast resources available on the web. The key to Magic Academy is that the articles are written in linear order, like a book. The column starts at the beginning, with topics like "Anatomy of a Magic Card" and "Building Your First Deck". Since it's written in order, each article builds on the knowledge you've gained from the previous articles you've read in the series. The column debuted on July 15, 2006, and new articles are published each Saturday. You can use the table of contents below to start at the beginning, or read the topics and jump in where you think the column catches up with your own experience level.

Who is Magic Academy for?

Magic Academy assumes you can at least muddle your way through a game of Magic. So, it's for beginners that know at least the very basics, but not players that have never even seen the game or had it explained to them. If you're completely new to Magic, we suggest you go to to start your journey learning how to play the game. Once you know how to play, come back to Academy and we'll take it from there!

Magic Academy is also great for more experienced players that may not be familiar with all of the different resources available on the Internet, or for players interested in learning about the history of the game. Each article includes links to suggested reading on the week's topics, as well as links and advice on the many resources and widgets available on the official Wizards of the Coast site as well as others. Articles also often include references to the great plays (and blunders) of Magic's past as they relate to the lessons at hand. Regular readers of Magic Academy will learn about the game's rich history, become experts on all the best the web has to offer, and even get better at the game in the progress!

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Table of Contents

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