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Posted in Arcana on December 18, 2001

By Wizards of the Coast

January 7, 2002

Dementia Summoners

The Odyssey and Torment stories (and the card sets) revolve heavily around people called Dementia Summoners, which are mages employed by the Cabal to create fierce creatures for their pit fights. But there is no card called "Dementia Summoner," so where are they in the game?

Take a look at the Dementia Summoner reference from our internal styleguide. It shows all the planning and detail that went into these characters… and it should help you recognize them in the card art. Aside from the obvious (like Braids, Cabal Minion), Dementia Summoners appear quite often, such as on the Odyssey cards Painbringer and Sadistic Hypnotist.


January 4, 2002

When sets are put together, art swaps happen all the time. Often a painting does a good job of illustrating the card it was comissioned for, but it does a better job of depicting a different card. So the art gets moved around.

The art for Mirage's Jungle Wurm and Barbed-Back Wurm make a good example. If we had left the art alone, the cards would have looked like this:

Swapped Wurms

The team felt that the art of Jungle Wurm eating someone seemed more black, and the art of Barbed-Back Wurm crashing through a forest seemed green, so they were switched.

January 2, 2002

Torment logo

Here's a sneak peek at what the Torment products will look like in stores. Pictured are the Booster Pack, four preconstructed Theme Decks (Sacrilege, Grave Danger, Insanity, and Waking Nightmares), the Fat Pack (includes six Torment boosters, two premium cards, Chainer's Torment novel, Torment Player's Guide, and Torment Spindown life counter), and the Theme Deck and Booster Pack display boxes. Click each for a larger image.

Torment boosterTorment displaysTorment Fat Pack
Torment preconstructed decks

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