The Companion Player Experience comes to iOS

Posted in Magic Companion Updates on February 10, 2020

By Bill Stark

In December, we released a new feature for Magic: The Gathering Companion codenamed the "Player Experience." This expanded on the functionality of our home tournament organizer features to allow all of your friends playing at your home event to join your event via their version of Companion. We're happy to release this functionality for iOS as of this week!

How It works

When you load Companion, you'll now see this screen:

Host/Join Event Screen

From that screen, you simply select whether you're joining an event or hosting an event. Joining the event your friend is hosting enables you to follow along from your phone by receiving your pairings, standings, and inputting your match results directly through your phone. To join an event, you'll see this screen:

Join Event

Simply input the code from your friend's event and follow the prompts to join their tournament! Event codes look like this:

Event Code

Hosting events mostly works the same as it did before with the exception that you now can give players an event code they can use to add themselves to your event. That reduces the amount of work you need to do to get players into your event!

What's up next

With the Player Experience now available on both Android and iOS, the development team for Companion is shifting to focus work on developing the non-tournament related features we've been anxious to get in front of you. This includes things like a life tracker and rules lookup, though, we'll still be taking feedback and iterating the designs for the home tournament organizer, too. In fact, we've recently run the very first playtest in Magic history featuring the new tournament reporting software coming to retailers that works with the Companion app. It went smoothly, and we're excited to start rolling those experiences out to players soon!

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