Companion Updates for Draft Pairings

Posted in Magic Companion Updates on November 13, 2019

By Wizards of the Coast

It's time for another Magic: The Gathering Companion update! The primary work the team has been putting in over the past few weeks has been for something we call "The Player Experience." I've referenced it in this space before, and it's coming soon, but we're not quite ready to reveal it yet. I'll say that it does finally provide the long-requested ability for players at a Magic event to "consume" the event from the comfort of their phones rather than relying on things like pairings printouts, match slips, and other minor annoyances we've all experienced at events. While this long-term feature occupied most of the developers' time for the past two weeks, they did manage to get one change ready to be rolled out to you, today.

The Draft "Bug"

Many players have voiced concern over how Companion handles pairing a booster draft in the first round of your events. Those pairings have been at random rather than the prescribed method that pairs players who were sitting as far from each other as possible during the draft. This pairing style helps influence cooperation between players while drafting and ensures you see the fewest cards being passed to your first-round opponent. If you've ever played a tournament using this pairing method, you know pairings look something like this:

  • Seat 1 versus Seat 5
  • Seat 2 versus Seat 6
  • Seat 3 versus Seat 7
  • Seat 4 versus Seat 8

The pairing service Companion used previously wasn't programmed to handle this pairing style, but we fixed it in this sprint. For Android users, the feature is live and you can see the fix in your draft pairings now. For iOS users, a technical hiccup prevents us from releasing the feature until we're ready to roll out the entirety of the new player experience, which won't be for a few more weeks. However, the fix is coming!

That's it for this week, and I'll be back after our next sprint with more Companion updates and news.

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