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Posted in Magic Companion Updates on July 22, 2020

By Bill Stark

Download Companion for iOS here.

Download Companion for Android here.

Another sprint of work has gone by, which means the Companion team has new updates for the app! A week after our launch, we're excited to be taking your feedback and rolling out improvements and new features already. Let's cover what's new in this release!

Improved EventLink Integration

EventLink is our new event management software for Wizards Play Network (WPN) stores. It's currently in open beta in regions where playing in events is safe. Companion works with EventLink to make the player's experience in an event as smooth as it can be, and recent improvements to EventLink warranted some work on the Companion side to ensure a high-quality experience for all. With the introduction of the "round rollback" feature, your WPN store owner can correct a mistake in their event by "rolling" the round back to the previous round. If that happens, Companion will notify you and give you new pairing or standings information once they're available.

Fixing Commander Damage

Users noticed a bug with reporting Commander damage that was intricate enough that we missed it in our test cases. Companion automatically handles reducing your primary life total in-game when you adjust a Commander damage total, but what was unexpected was that if you undo Commander damage, your primary life total treats it as regular damage. That's a big "whoops" on our part, and we've rushed a fix to make sure your Commander experience is as smooth as it can be.

It was players who reached out to us that caught this issue, and if you notice an issue with Companion, you can send that feedback to us using the "Submit Feedback" option from the dropdown menu in the app. While we may not have time to personally reply to every message, we do read every single item that comes in.

Player Eliminated Bug

In rare circumstances, Android users of Companion report that they receive a notification that they've been eliminated as soon as round 1 of their event starts. We are investigating a solution for this issue. If you're an Android user who experiences this, there is a simple fix: log out of Companion, then log back in with your Wizards Account. Have no fear: you're not actually eliminated as the message is simply an error. No progress in your event will be lost, and you're able to play normally. After you log back in, you can pick up where you left off by clicking on the open event in your event lobby. We hope to have that issue fixed in an upcoming release soon.

That's it for this release! We're hard at work on our next round of features and updates (Pauper players, we heard you—we'll add Pauper!). Thanks for making the Companion launch a huge success.

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