Pauper, Sleep Mode, and More in Companion

Posted in Magic Companion Updates on August 5, 2020

By Bill Stark

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Another sprint, another update for Magic: The Gathering Companion! This sprint saw a lot of work delivered based on feedback directly from players using Companion in the real world. Here's what you need to know about the latest from Companion.

Pauper Fans, We Heard You

Pauper fans have spoken, and we have heard you! Your favorite format is now selectable for the life tracker feature in Companion. When you start your game selecting "Pauper," you'll have access to important in-game trackable characteristics like poison, storm, and energy. Thanks to the many Pauper advocates who reached out to make sure we included this important format in Companion.

Navigation Improvements

After several sprints' worth of work, I'm happy to deliver today a significant improvement to our navigation that will ensure a smoother experience with Companion. Your bottom navigation now persists throughout the app and will look something like this:

Bottom Navigation

How does this impact Companion? It means we can persist the state of data between the different features within Companion. Now you can join an event, track your life total, hop out of the app to check in on your favorite social media app, and hop right back into your game without losing your place. Your life totals will remain the same, you'll still be in your event, and the world will work just as you expect it to. This was an important feature because of the improved experience it offers you now while enabling us to roll out a future feature I'm excited about: launching life tracker directly from a match slip, ready to track life totals based on the tournament's settings. More to come on that particular feature at a later date!

Sleep Mode and Life Tracker

Many, many users reached out to let us know they prefer the life tracker feature to not allow their phone to go to sleep. While this can make it easier to track life totals by removing the need to unlock one's phone, it comes with development risks. Our concern was drawing the ire of the major mobile platforms, iOS and Android, which typically look a bit suspiciously at apps that always try to keep the phone active. Fortunately, we were able to work those concerns out with our partners, and I'm now happy to reveal using life tracker in Companion will no longer put your phone to sleep. (Pro tip: you can still manually put your phone to sleep if you like.)


This sprint saw a whole lot of bugs get squashed, some of which were brought to our attention directly by users. Remember: you can always send us feedback through the hamburger menu in Companion. While we may not be able to respond to every single email personally, I can promise you we do read every single piece of feedback that comes in and react to the issues users raise as quickly as feasible.

Here is a list of bugs that should no longer plague users during their Companion experience:

  • A bug that listed our privacy policy as "Settings" has been fixed.
  • A bug that prevented users from seeing final standings until their host had ended the event in Android has been fixed.
  • Ending the event early will now display standings properly.
  • "500 error" messages were reported after our last release, and the issue causing them has been resolved; if you or someone you know receives a "500 error" message, please have them update Companion to the latest version or delete the app and reinstall it.

That's it for this installment, and I'll see you in two weeks for our next release and update. Until then, keep that feedback coming!

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