Using Your Names in Tournaments with Companion

Posted in Magic Companion Updates on February 18, 2020

By Bill Stark

In the latest update of Magic: The Gathering Companion, we've made improvements to how you update your account information in order to play events. This will help remove barriers to participation at events you host or participate in at home while also preparing Companion to be used at in-store events with the new event-reporting software moving to WPN locations for testing this year.

What's new

Previously when you joined or hosted an event using Companion, you weren't prompted to provide a first or last name to display to other users for things like pairings and standings. You could manually update that information using, but that process was too cumbersome and time-consuming. Plus, it interrupted your event!

Now when you join or host an event and don't have a first or last name saved, you'll be prompted with this screen:

Companion First Last Name

Simply add a first and last name, submit, and you'll be ready to join or host your event!

Changing your name

If you need to change the name on your account because of a name change, or even if you simply made a mistake during registration, you can do that at any time through your MyAccounts profile online or directly in Companion. When you join or host events, you'll see a screen that looks like this:

Companion Joining As

If you'd like to change your name, simply click on the pencil icon or anywhere in the name display ribbon and you'll be free to edit:

Companion Update Account

There are no extra steps to update your name information as there were in years past on older Wizards account systems. Simply update directly through the website or directly through Companion, and you're all set!

Additional fixes

Alert users reported an issue blocking some Android screen sizes and devices from being able to scroll properly and use the home tournament organizing portions of Companion. Thanks to those reports, which you can always send using the contact link from the dropdown menu in Companion, we were able to spot the bug and fix it. Those changes roll out today as well.

Coming up

Alongside Companion, the broader team has been working on replacement software for the Wizards Event Reporter. That project is coming along nicely, and we've been testing Companion in conjunction with the new event-reporting software for the last month at our weekly draft night at WotC HQ. So far, things have been smooth, and it's been exciting to see events able to run with players self-serving the information they need for themselves. We're going to start rolling those features out in some limited closed beta testing at live retail locations soon to start garnering feedback from the field with an eye toward a public rollout later this year.

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