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Posted in Magic Digital on June 13, 2017

By Jeffrey Steefel

Jeffrey Steefel is the vice president, digital game development for Wizards of the Coast, and starts every day in amazement that after more than 25 years of making games, he’s finally involved with some of the brands that sparked his love of gaming in the first place.

Not too long ago, I wrote to you all about Magic Digital Next—or "MDN"—as an internal umbrella term for an entire landscape of Magic: The Gathering digital products. At the time, I couldn't reveal much to you, but today I'm going to give you some glimpses of what we've been working on.

First, our first Wizards of the Coast–designed game under this new umbrella is in development and underway! I'm afraid I have to be coy about this one as well, but I can tell you that we will be revealing much, much more about this digital game at HASCON September 8–10 in Providence, Rhode Island. That reveal, I can now say, will include early demos of the game!

We have also partnered with Cryptic Studios—creators of games like City of Heroes and Neverwinter—to produce a Magic: The Gathering massively multiplayer online game. The partnership is new, so we can't tell you when you'll be able to start roaming the Multiverse, but that day is coming! You can read a bit more about it here. We're also discussing similar partnerships with other digital studios and game creators and hope to have more news on those in the near future.

Magic Online is in an exciting spot as we celebrate the program's fifteenth anniversary! In the program's fifteenth year, you're already seeing some of our work with the early release of Amonkhet (one of our most successful set releases ever), the events celebrating the game's fifteen years, and updates to our popular challenge series. Magic Online continues to innovate, and we have more exciting news coming down the pipeline.

These are all exciting beginnings, but with new beginning comes one ending. In order to make room for the next generation of Magic digital products, Amonkhet will be the last new content update for Magic Duels. Hour of Devastation will not be released on the platform.

Magic Duels is still downloadable and playable, but our digital teams are focused on the next generation of Magic digital gaming. We're proud of what Duels accomplished, and we'll be using what we learned from that game to make even better Magic experiences in the future.

We are excited for the next lineup of Magic digital products currently in development and we are grateful for the fans who made Magic Duels a success. So I want to send a big thank you to Magic Duels fans who have been an important part of our community and of the game's success since its release in 2015. We've enjoyed growing with you, and we hope you'll join us as we move into new digital gaming spaces.

To that end, if you're a Magic Duels player—or any player—who wants to be involved in the next generation of Magic digital gaming, make sure you sign up for a Wizards Account if you do not already have one. We'll be using that system as a way to integrate our Magic Digital Next products, so it’s the best way to stay involved with our digital future!

It's an exciting time for us here, and we can't wait to start showing off what we've been working on. Stay tuned for more information about Magic Digital Next.

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