Magic EU Influencer Brawl

Posted in Magic Digital on January 23, 2020

By Wizards of the Coast


The latest Magic: The Gathering card set, Theros Beyond Death, has been available on Magic: The Gathering Arena for a week now. To celebrate the launch, we're hosting a special event with some of your favorite Magic influencers from across the EU—introducing the Magic EU Influencer Brawl. The Magic EU Influencer Brawl pits individual influencers from their respective countries against each other in a Best-of-One Brawl format event using Direct Challenge.

Magic EU Influencer Brawl will run from January 25 to February 22—that's almost an entire month of influencer matches to tune in for! Keep an eye on the local EU Twitter and Facebook accounts to see the match-ups as they get announced.

Influencer Brawl

Each participating influencer will get a theme to build their Brawl deck around, whether it's the nightmare mage, Ashiok, or building a deck around the returning Saga mechanic. Ultimately, using an array of themes, we expect to have some never-seen-before decks and enthralling matches throughout the month as a result!

Streamers will be playing against each other for approximately an hour to see who comes out on top—but this isn't a competitive event, it's purely for your viewing pleasure. So, sit back, relax and enjoy the head-to-head battles between your favourite Magic EU influencers.

Stay tuned to the EU Twitter and Facebook accounts for all updates relating to the Magic EU Influencer Brawl.

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