Magic Online Economy Changes

Posted in Magic Digital on September 29, 2016

By Worth Wollpert

Hi everyone!

I hope folks are enjoying Leagues, especially the new Draft Leagues. From our data, it certainly seems you are! We are always looking for ways to make Magic Online more accessible and convenient for you all, so in that vein, I wanted to stop by to announce some other big, exciting new changes coming to Magic Online next month.

Starting with the release of Kaladesh, we are reducing entry fees/requirements for the most current Draft and Sealed Deck events. This change applies to Kaladesh forward only, older sets and events are unchanged. This change should make Magic Online events more accessible and help emphasize Magic Online's biggest benefit: playing Magic on your schedule.

As you might expect, this means changes to events, both in entry options as well as prize structures, and it also includes changes to redemption. Lee is going to talk about the details of the event and prize structure changes in his article—all of which will be starting with Kaladesh Prereleases!

Speaking of Kaladesh Prereleases, we will be starting those a little earlier than normal—on Wednesday, October 5, immediately following the scheduled downtime. This is a trial change for Kaladesh, but if it is successful it is definitely something we'll consider for future releases. Note that we will be changing the Legacy Cube to end with the downtime on October 5 to accommodate this change, but again, make sure to check out Lee's article for details on event changes.

Redemption Changes

Starting with Kaladesh and for sets going forward, redemption for a given set will only be available until the first redemption set for the next block is available.

Looking at Kaladesh, this means that redemptions will start 30 days after the set is available for sale in the Magic Online store as normal. The same will happen for the Aether Revolt release. When Amonkhet redemption begins, Kaladesh and Aether Revolt redemption will end.

As I said above, this change only applies to Kaladesh forward. Earlier sets will continue to have the originally announced guarantee and cutoff dates for redemption. Full redemption information can be found on the Redemption Policy page.

Additionally, Magic Online versions of the Kaladesh Inventions and cards available only in the Kaladesh Planeswalker Decks are not required to redeem sets of Kaladesh, nor will those cards be included in any redeemed Kaladesh sets.

A New World

We are excited about these changes to Magic Online and our hope is that they allow more Magic players to take part online. Between these changes and the new bright and exciting world of Kaladesh, it feels like a good time to be a Magic Online player!

Many of the changes in Magic Online in the past couple years have been a direct result of player feedback and behavior. If you have any feedback on these changes or other issues related to Magic Online events, please do not hesitate to reach out to @MagicOnline or @mtg_lee on Twitter, or email For general Magic Online feedback, I can be found on Twitter @mtgworth. We read and appreciate all the ideas, excitement, passion, and feedback our players send us...truly!

Thanks for helping us make our game and community great.

—Worth Wollpert
Executive Producer, Magic Online

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