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Posted in Magic Digital on June 6, 2017

By Gaby Spartz

By night, Gaby streams Magic on Twitch. By day, she's co-founder and VP of Content at Dose, the Chicago-based media company behind and

One of my favorite ways to stay connected with the Magic community is by watching Magic streams. Watching streamers is one of the best ways to improve your game and learn about different decks, formats, etc. We have a wealth of talented content creators, and below is a list of when and where to find them.

Not all streamers have a set daily schedule, so the best way to catch their streams is to follow the streamer on Twitch and ensure that notifications are turned on so you are notified when the streamer goes live. Another useful tip is to follow the streamer on Twitter as most of them will tweet out their upcoming stream plans and when their stream will begin.

Kenji Egashira aka NumotTheNummy: Popular streamer and founder of

Caleb Durward: Magic grinder and content creator for Channel Fireball

  • Channel:
  • Twitter: @CalebDMTG
  • Formats: You can catch him playing pretty much every competitive format. Limited, Modern, Standard, Legacy, you name it.
  • Schedule: Caleb embarked on a 365-stream challenge, meaning he's streaming every single day for an entire year. As of this writing, Caleb is on day 321 of 365.

Rich Shay: Well-known Vintage player

  • Channel:
  • Twitter: @atoglord
  • Formats: Primarily Vintage, along with some Legacy and Commander
  • Schedule: Sporadically a couple of times a week

Paul Cheon aka HAUMPH: Team World Champion, Gold pro, and color commentator

  • Channel:
  • Twitter: @HAUMPH
  • Formats: Paul runs the gamut in terms of formats. He streams his prep for any upcoming tournaments.
  • Schedule: Weekday afternoons PT

Joe Lossett aka Oarsman79

Todd Stevens: Streamer and content provider for

Emma Handy: Open grinder and content producer

Luis Scott-Vargas aka LSV: Pro Tour Hall of Famer, Pro Tour Berlin Champion, founder of Channel Fireball, and color commentator

  • Channel:
  • Twitter: @lsv
  • Formats: Booster Draft and Vintage, with other formats sprinkled throughout
  • Schedule: Once every couple of weeks. Best way to catch upcoming streams is via his Twitter.

Jennifer Long aka Mrs. Mulligan: Streamer and PR manager for Team Cardhoarder

Brennan Decandio: Open grinder and content producer

  • Channel:
  • Twitter: @bdecandio7
  • Formats: Standard, Modern, and practice for upcoming events
  • Schedule: Weekday early afternoon PST

Neal Oliver: Grand Prix Vegas Champion, two-time team USA World Magic Cup competitor, and content producer for Channel Fireball

  • Channel:
  • Twitter: @trumpetman88
  • Formats: Booster Draft
  • Schedule: Three times a week. Neal's schedule is in flux, so check his Twitter for stream schedule updates.

PantheonMagic: Collaborative channel for pro team Pantheon Magic, featuring Gabriel Nassif, Reid Duke, Jelger Wiegersma, and Andrew Cuneo, among others

Michael Jacob: Team World Champion and two-time US national team member

Gaby Spartz: Shameless plug from yours truly. Streamer, Daily MTG contributor, and play-by-play commentator

This list should provide hours upon hours of quality entertainment. Are there any streamers you love that I missed? How about some up-and-coming streamers in the Magic scene? You can let me know on Twitter @gabyspartz, or on my stream at

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