MTG Arena Development: Dominaria and Events Coming Soon!

Posted in Magic Digital on April 18, 2018

By Chris Cao

Executive Producer, Digital Game Development

March was an exciting month for Magic: The Gathering Arena, and April is shaping up to be just as exciting, if not more. Now that we've lifted the NDA and added full set content from Amonkhet and Hour of Devastation, we're moving full-steam ahead with even more new content, new events, and a large update to the game on April 26.

Here's what's coming up next:

  • Dominaria is releasing for MTG Arena on April 26 and bringing economy updates with it.
  • Events are coming! We're starting out with some best-of-one events, with lots more to come.
  • We'll be hosting a streaming event on April 25 in which we'll invite some streamers to preview the new economy features and Dominaria—you don't want to miss out!

We also know many of you are waiting for more news on the economy. We're still hard at work on testing and tweaking design changes based on player feedback. Look for all the details on April 25—we'll spell everything out in the forums and a special live stream at 12 p.m. PT.

Now, let's dive in a bit to what's coming this month!


On April 26, after an extended downtime, Dominaria will be released for MTG Arena! Every legend, every Saga, and every Thallid will be playable. This update will include more visual improvements and a brand-new battlefield.

We're also starting an experiment with this release that explores ties between the tabletop game and MTG Arena. With the release of Dominaria, we will be performing a limited test of redeemable game codes in New Zealand only. New Zealand booster packs and Prerelease packs will include an in-game code that New Zealand residents can redeem for in-game items in Magic: The Gathering Arena.

We're excited to learn from this first of many such tests. Our goal is to find ways to bring more value to all kinds of Magic players and we want to get it right. If and when we expand these explorations to other regions, we'll be sure to share details.

Draft and Constructed Events

The vision for MTG Arena has always been to give players many ways to play. Events are different ways for players to enjoy and utilize the content they've earned. We're going to start rolling these out in just a few weeks, and you can expect events to keep coming throughout the rest of the year and beyond.

The first events we'll be rolling out will be best-of-one Constructed events starting with the April 26 update. Then we'll be adding best-of-one Draft events starting May 4. Yes, that means you'll soon be able to draft in MTG Arena! To start, best-of-one Draft events will be available each weekend and best-of-one Constructed events will always be available.

Events are central to MTG Arena and a great way to continually provide more depth of play. We'll be adding more events moving forward, testing and refining along the way. We will have much, much more to share on April 25 in the Closed Beta forums, along with a full event schedule through June.

See Everything in Action on April 25!

To celebrate this release, we'll be inviting a small group of streamers to participate in an early access event that will preview the Dominaria build and all Dominaria content on April 25 from 1–5 p.m. PT. We'll be setting them up with special accounts stocked with goodies so they can show you all some Draft and Dominaria content. They'll only have access to these accounts for one day—so make sure to tune in to get a sneak peek of what's coming! You’ll be able to find a list of all streamers and their channels on the Closed Beta forum or by browsing Twitch by Magic’s game category. If you want to get a first look at all the new updates in the April 26 build, you definitely do not want to miss this event!

That same day, we'll also be back with a special livestream on at 12 p.m. PT and an extensive post in the MTG Arena forums with more details on Dominaria, elaborations on events, economy updates, Gem pricing, (yes, you'll be able to buy Gems starting with this update—details on April 25), Draft, and more. We're still evolving and growing what MTG Arena has to offer, but the April 26 update is our biggest yet.

See you in the forums and on Twitch on April 25!

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