Pro Tour Gauntlet Comes to Magic Online

Posted in Magic Digital on February 3, 2016

By Lee Sharpe

This weekend, the top Magic players from around the world will be gathering in Atlanta for Pro Tour Oath of the Gatewatch. Featuring the Modern format, this Pro Tour will have live coverage at on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

But what about you? Wouldn't you like a chance to play like the pros and try one of their decks out before getting the cards together? Would you like to relive epic matches between some of the best players on the planet?

Now you can, with the new Pro Tour Gauntlet events on Magic Online, a new play style that will allow players to "test drive" top decks from the Pro Tour!

Once you join with your entry option and the eight-player queue fires, you'll get to use a random deck from the Gauntlet. You'll get to look over your deck and sideboard for a few minutes, then you can hit the Submit button when you're ready to start playing. After this, you'll play three Swiss rounds with the deck, and you can earn prizes based on how many matches you win.

All of the decks in the Gauntlet will be Modern decks with a strong finish in the Pro Tour and selected for the Pro Tour Gauntlet by Magic R&D. The Pro Tour Gauntlet events will be up for one week (from the downtime on the Wednesday following the Pro Tour through the following Wednesday's downtime).

If you're worried you didn't learn enough about the decks during the Pro Tour, do not fear. Magic Online streamer Kenji Egashira will be recording himself playing a match with decks from the Pro Tour Gauntlet and talking through his plays! These videos will be available on DailyMTG and next week.

Below are the full event details. There's also an FAQ, as we expect players will have questions about this new event type.

Visions of Brutality | Art by Jama Jurabaev


Start Time: Fire on demand

Location: Play Lobby -> Constructed Tournaments -> Queues

Entry Options:

  • 6 Event Tickets
  • 60 Play Points

Size: Eight players

Play Style: Swiss

Duration: Three minutes of deck review. Three rounds, each lasting up to 50 minutes.


  • 3 match wins: 90 Play Points + 1 QP
  • 2 match wins: 60 Play Points
  • 1 match win: 20 Play Points


Q: Do I get the cards in the deck added to my collection?

A: Pro Tour Gauntlet is a way to "test drive" the deck, so it doesn't provide you with the cards at the end. However, if you had fun playing the deck, you can trade for the cards you need and play the deck in normal Constructed events on Magic Online! The event details link in the program will allow you to download any of the decklists to your computer.

Q: Why can't I choose my deck?

A: This is done to make the event more about trying things out than normal Constructed Magic. Additionally, if players could choose their decks, the Pro Tour Gauntlet could be reduced to just the decks perceived to be the best and players would face a large number of mirror matches.

Q: I played it once and the deck I got wasn't really my style. Can I join again?

A: You certainly can! It's random, so it's possible you could get the same deck again, but you can play as many times as you want during the week the Pro Tour Gauntlet is available.

Q: How many decks will be in the Pro Tour Gauntlet? Can we see the decklists beforehand?

A: Magic R&D will determine the number of decks and which decks are used based on the results of the Pro Tour. The full decklists (including the name and finish of the player who played the deck in the Pro Tour) will be posted to on Tuesday. We'll also make sure you can see the decklists through the event details link within Magic Online.

Q: Are you planning on doing this for each Pro Tour going forward?

A: We'll want to see if the event is doing what it's supposed to be doing before we commit to it, but assuming everything goes well, we certainly are able to continue it for future Pro Tours!

Q: During the deck review period, can I change which cards are in the main deck and the sideboard? Can I add basic lands?

A: Yes, but we strongly recommend using the decklist the way it loads, which will be how it was used during the Pro Tour. If you do decide to change it, that configuration will be used for the first game in all three of your matches. Your main deck must be always at least 60 cards.

Q: I have some feedback on the Pro Tour Gauntlet. Where should I send it?

A: You can direct feedback to the official Magic Online Twitter accountmy personal Twitter account, the Magic Online Tumblr, or through email at

We are excited to help give everyone an opportunity to play like the pros, and we hope all of you are excited as well!

—Lee Sharpe

Digital Product Manager, Magic Online Events

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