Running the Gauntlet—Eldritch Moon Edition

Posted in Magic Digital on August 10, 2016

By Kenji Egashira

Better known as NumotTheNummy, Kenji is a lover of all things Magic. A "legendary streamer," you can almost always find him playing Magic Online over at his Twitch channel. When he's not playing Magic, Kenji enjoys long walks on the beach, romantic comedies, and devouring the hopes and dreams of the innocent.

Pro Tour Eldritch Moon has come to its spectacular conclusion, which means it's time for another edition of the Pro Tour Gauntlet! Just to quickly reiterate for those of you who haven't participated in one of these Gauntlets, they are events you may join on Magic Online that give you the opportunity to play with card-for-card copies of some of the most dominant Constructed decklists from the latest Pro Tour. This isn't just a sample of the decks that made the Top 8—this is a list of decks that proved to be a real threat in the corresponding Constructed environment. While you don't get to specifically choose which deck you'll play, the randomness of getting a deck you might have never played before adds to the allure!

At Pro Tour Eldritch Moon, we saw a bevy of wonderful decks rise to the top despite fears of Bant Company completely taking over (though it certainly made up a dominant portion of the lists). From these decks, I have chosen four to demonstrate what the experience with this iteration of the Pro Tour Gauntlet will be like. Let's get to the real action, starting with the Pro Tour Eldritch Moon–winning White-Black Control list from Lukas Blohon.

Next up is Pedro Carvalho's Blue-Red Spells deck. While Pedro did not finish in the Top 8, he piloted this list to an outstanding 9-1 finish in the Standard portion of Pro Tour Eldritch Moon.

And now Oliver Tiu's Black-Green Delirium deck, which he took to an 8-1-1 record in the Standard portion. Is there an Emrakul, the Promised End in the deck? You better believe it.

No Pro Tour Gauntlet would be complete without a Luis Scott-Vargas deck. LSV managed to make the Top 8 of his third consecutive Pro Tour with the boogeyman of the format, Bant Company.

Pro Tour Eldritch Moon brought a variety of new decks to the table. If you decide to boot up Magic Online and try this version of the Pro Tour Gauntlet, you'll get the opportunity to play with some of Standard's top-performing decks, pitting them against other decks from the Pro Tour. Will you end up playing the menace that is Bant Company, or perhaps one of the many decks trying to cast Emrakul, the Promised End? You'll have to find out for yourself. I hope you take the time to at least try the Gauntlet from Pro Tour Eldritch Moon. These videos I've recorded are meant to give you an idea of what it's like to play with amazing decks in an experience similar to the Pro Tour.

For more information about the Pro Tour Eldritch Moon Gauntlet, including entry options, decklists, and more, be sure to read the accompanying article.

I hope you've enjoyed watching these Gauntlet videos as much as I've enjoyed producing them for you. If you have any feedback, questions, or just general comments about anything Magic-related, you can always throw me a message on Twitter, or find me streaming over on my Twitch page every weekday. Thank you all for tuning in, we'll see you all back next time.

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