Magic Game Day Sweepstakes

Posted in Arcana on July 2, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

By now, you've heard a million reasons to go to the inaugural Magic Game Day: You get to crack open black-bordered Tenth Edition cards, play with the first Legends in Core Set history, and win awesome prizes in the North American Game Day Scavenger Hunt...oh yeah, and the free Reya Dawnbringer promo foil, too...

Magic Game Day Sweepstakes

For North American participants, there is also an exciting, absolutely free sweepstakes that you are entered into just by showing up to Game Day. One lucky Game Day attendee and a friend of their choice will win an exclusive trip for two to the Magic: The Gathering 2007 World Championships in New York City. Every North American participant ages 18 & over will be entered into the sweepstakes, and everyone has an equal shot at winning. However, if you don't show up, you can't win, so make sure not to miss out.

Check out the Magic Game Day Sweepstakes official rules, and we'll see you at Magic Game Day on July 14th!

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