Posted in NEWS on January 14, 2014

Effective September 27, 2013
The Magic™ Infraction Procedure Guide provides judges the appropriate penalties and procedures to handle rules violations that occur during a tournament held at Competitive or Professional Rules Enforcement Level (REL), as well as the
underlying philosophy that guides their implementation. It exists to protect players from potential misconduct and to protect the integrity of the tournament itself. Rules violations usually require a penalty or they are unenforceable. Tournaments run at
Regular REL should use the Judging at Regular REL document.
This document is divided into two major parts: General Definitions and Philosophy (section 1), and Infractions (sections 2-4).
Infractions are broken down into general classes (Game Play Error, Tournament Error, and Unsporting Conduct), and furtherinto subclasses for specific infractions. While many infractions could fall into a more general subclass, they are separate because:
• The DCI™ can identify the potential for significant advantage.
• The procedure to correct the infraction deviates from the base philosophy for the class of infractions.
• The DCI wishes to specifically track a player’s repeated infractions across multiple tournaments.
• The DCI wishes to make it clear if a penalty should be upgraded if it is repeated.
See the Magic Tournament Rules for further definitions of terms in this document.
This document is published in multiple languages. If a discrepancy exists between the English version and a non-English version of this document, tournament participants must refer to the English version to settle disputes concerning interpretations of the Infraction Procedure Guide.
This document is updated periodically.