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Posted in Arcana on March 8, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Legends designer Steve Conard writes:

I wanted to provide stats for one of the Legend characters out of my Dungeons & Dragons campaign for this week’s dedication to the Legends set. The Lady of the Mountain was the most up-to-date character, so I decided to use her. When I looked at her stats, I realized they were mostly gibberish. Until the release of the new D&D rules, the gaming group I hang out with played a hybrid, over-engineered Dungeons & Dragons-style game. We called it D&D, it was based on D&D, we used D&D terminology, but it wasn’t quite D&D. I don’t want to go into our gaming philosophy here, that would take entirely too long (if you ever read the Primal Order game system you will get a good sense of it). The reason I’m mentioning this is because the stats on the Lady of the Mountain are pretty impressive and over-the-top. I debated making up new stats, but that’s not what people want to see, so I kept her real ones. No one would easily understand our "personalized" system so we (Cliff "CJ" Jones and I) converted her to today's D&D rules (and liberally "bent" a few of them -- necessary when converting a character of this power level).

We are currently playing solely with the new D&D rules. The system is so good, why should we play anything else? The power gamer in me can’t wait until the Epic Level Handbook and Deities and Demigods is released. I already peeked at the manuscripts; I couldn’t help myself. While most of the "unfamiliar" material below (including the magic items) was self-generated and specific to my campaign, some of it was taken from those as-yet-unreleased books. Shhh... Don’t tell anyone.

The Lady of the Mountain

Female Human
25th-Level Epic Fighter, 26th-Level Sorcerer, 20th-Level Epic Spellsword

STR 22(+6) (+4 Belt of the Worldly)
DEX 28(+9) (+6 boots of swiftness)
CON 27(+8) (+4 Belt of the Worldly)
INT 19(+4)
WIS 21(+5)
CHA 20(+5)
Fort Save: +64 (+11 base, +26 epic, +15 Gauntlets of the Saurian Warlord, +12 resistance)
Ref Save: +50 (+9 base, +26 epic, +12 resistance)
Will Save: +47 (+9 base, +26 epic, +12 resistance)
Alignment: LN (E)
Speed: 60 ft. (boots of swiftness)
Size: Medium-size

AC: 59 (+9 DEX, +10 Armor of Set, +10 Belt of the Worldy, +10 natural armor, +10 deflection)
HP: 849 (25d10+26d4+20d8+568)

Melee Attack +50/+45/+40/+35 (+18/+13/+8/+3, +6 STR,+26 epic)
Ranged Attack +53/+48/+43/+38 (+18/+13/+8/+3, +9 DEX,+26 epic)

Skills: Appraise +9, Balance +19, Bluff +10, Climb +21, Concentration +60, Craft (Calligraphy) +14, Craft (Weaponsmithing) +29, Diplomacy +10, Disguise +10, Escape Artist +14, Forgery +9, Gather Information +10, Handle Animal +15, Heal +10, Hide +14, Intimidate +10, Jump +26, Knowledge (Arcana) +58, Knowledge (The Planes) +54, Listen +20, Move Silently +19, Perform +11, Ride +19, Scry +24, Search +9, Sense Motive +20, Spellcraft +56, Spot +40, Swim +16, Use Rope +14, Wilderness Lore +11

Feats: Ambidexterity, Chain Spell, Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Craft Epic Arms and Armor, Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Dire Charge, Dodge, Empower Spell, Energy Substitution (Electricity), Enhance Spell, Epic Reputation, Epic Spellcasting, Eschew Materials, Expertise, Greater Two Weapon Fighting, Hold The Line, Ignore Materials, Improved Combat Casting, Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Counterspell, Improved Critical (Longsword), Improved Familiar, Improved Initiative, Improved Metamagic, Improved Spellcasting, Improved Two Weapon Fighting, Intensify Spell, Maximize Spell, Mobility, Perfect Two-Weapon Fighting, Permanent Emanation (Reverse Arrows), Quick Draw, Reactive Counterspell, Spell Knowledge x4, Spring Attack, Twin Spell, Two Weapon Fighting, Weapon Finesse (Longsword)

Languages: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Infernal

Spells per day: 6/8/7/7/7/7/6/6/6/6/1
Spells known: 9/5/7/6/4/4/3/3/5/5 from the following list: 0-level: arcane mark, daze, detect magic, flare, light, mage hand, ray of frost, read magic; 1st-level: identify, lesser electric orb, magic missile, magic weapon, shield, shocking grasp, true strike; 2nd-level: blindness/deafness, blur, bull's strength, darkvision, eagle’s splendor, protection from arrows; 3rd-level: blindsight, fireball, haste, hold person, displacement, keen edge, lightning bolt; 4th-level: minor globe of invulnerability; dimension door, fire shield, enervation; 5th-level: dismissal, wall of iron, feeblemind, permanency; 6th-level: chain lightning, globe of invulnerability, planar binding; 7th-level: forcecage, shadow walk, teleport without error; 8th-level: binding, greater planar binding, iron body, mind blank, power word: blind; 9th-level: foresight, prismatic sphere, soul bind, hide life, wish

Familiar Abilities:
Fiendish Pseudodragon
Hit Dice: Treat as the master’s character level (for effects related to Hit Dice). Use the familiar’s normal total if it is higher.
HP: 424 or familiar’s whichever is better.
Attacks: Use the master’s base attack bonus. Use the familiar’s Dexterity or Strength modifier, whichever is greater, to get the familiar’s melee attack bonus with unarmed attacks. Damage equals that of a normal creature of that type.
Saving Throws: The familiar uses the master’s base saving throw bonuses if they’re better than the familiar’s.
Skills: Use the normal skills for an animal of that type or the master’s, whichever are better.
Natural Armor: +46
Intelligence: 41
Alertness: The presence of the familiar sharpens its master’s senses. While the familiar is within arm’s reach, the master gains Alertness.
Improved Evasion: If the familiar is subjected to an attack that normally allows a Reflex saving throw for half damage, the familiar takes no damage if it makes a successful saving throw and half damage even if the saving throw fails. Improved evasion is an extraordinary ability.
Share Spells: At the master’s option, he may have any spell he casts on himself also affect his familiar. The familiar must be within 5 feet at the time. If the spell has a duration other than instantaneous, the spell stops affecting the familiar if it moves farther than 5 feet away. The spell’s effect will not be restored even if the familiar returns to the master before the duration would otherwise have ended. Additionally, the master may cast a spell with a target of “You” on his familiar (as a touch range spell) instead of on himself. The master and familiar can share spells even if the spells normally do not affect creatures of the familiar’s type (magical beast).
Empathic Link: The master has an empathic link with the familiar out to a distance of up to one mile. The master cannot see through the familiar’s eyes, but the two of them can communicate telepathically. Note that the low Intelligence of a low-level master’s familiar limits what it is able to communicate or understand, and even intelligent familiars see the world differently from humans. This is a supernatural ability. Because of the empathic link between the familiar and the master, the master has the same connection to an item or place that the familiar does. For instance, if his familiar has seen a room, a master can teleport into that room as if he has seen it too. Touch: The familiar can deliver touch spells for the master. When the master casts a touch spell, he can designate his familiar as the “toucher.” (The master and the familiar have to be in contact at the time of casting.) The familiar can then deliver the touch spell just as the master could. As normal, if the master casts another spell, the touch spell dissipates.
Speak with Master: The familiar and master can communicate verbally as if they were using a common language. Other creatures do not understand the communication without magical help.
Speak with Animals of Its Type: The familiar can communicate with animals of approximately the same type as itself (including dire variants): bats and rats with rodents, cats with felines, hawks and owls and ravens with birds, snakes with reptiles, toads with amphibians, weasels with creatures of the mustelidae family (weasels, minks, polecats, ermines, skunks, wolverines, and badgers). The communication is limited by the Intelligence of the conversing creatures.
Spell Resistance: 25.
Scry: The master may scry on the familiar (as if casting the spell scrying) once per day. This is a spell-like ability that requires no material components or focus.

Spellsword Abilities
Channel Spell: Once per day as a free action, the spellsword can cast a spell through her weapon (melee or ranged) as she attacks with it. This is a supernatural ability. The channeled spell counts against the spellsword’s normal daily limit and must specify a target. Thus, sleep is not eligible since it does not affect a “target creature.” The maximum allowable spell level increases as noted below.

Channel Spell Maximum Spell Level
VI 6th

If desired, the spellsword can cast two spells of one level lower or three spells of two levels lower. (A 0-level spell is treated as equivalent to a 1st-level spell for purposes of this ability.)
A channeled spell targets the creature hit by the spellsword’s weapon, which still gets a saving throw if the spell allows one. Even if a spell can target more than one creature, channeling it through the weapon limits its effect to the single opponent attacked. If the weapon attack misses, the channeled spell is wasted.
Ignore Spell Failure: Beginning at 2nd level, the spellsword’s hard work and practice at merging spellcraft with weaponplay starts to pay off. As an extraordinary ability, she ignores a portion of the arcane spell failure chance associated with using armor. This reduction is 50%.
Spellsword Cache: At 6th level, the spellsword learns how to store spells of up to 6th level in her weapon. Effectively, she gains the Brew Potion feat using an alternative medium (see page 80 in the Player’s Handbook). All rules, XP costs, and expenses that apply to Brew Potion also apply to this ability, with the following exceptions. Once cached, the spell remains intangible, resonating within the spellsword’s weapon until it is needed. To call on the desired spell, she holds her weapon forth as a standard action that draws an attack of opportunity. The spellsword absorbs the cached spell’s effect through the weapon’s pommel. By touching her weapon to another willing individual, she can confer a cached spell on that target.
The spellsword can store a (24) spells in her weapon equal to her level in this prestige class plus her Intelligence score. Cached spells are never accidentally lost during combat. If the weapon is ever broken, all the spells cached therein are immediately ruined.

Magical Items:


Ring of Freedom of Movement

+10 Ring of Epic Protection (+10 to Deflection AC)

+10 Amulet of Epic Natural Armor

+12 Cloak of Epic Resistance (+12 Resistance bonus to saves)

Boots of Swiftness (doubles speed, +6 to Dex)

Eyes of the Eagle (+5 to spot)

Sword of Divine Fury (cosmic based artifact)

  1. +20 divine slaying long sword
  2. Damage: 1d8+20
    If a divine being and or creature takes damage from the sword they must make fortitude save DC: 90 or die.
    When fighting mortals, on a critical hit damage is x10.
  3. When pulled from the scabbard, any divine being within a 1000-ft. radius of owner must make a set save of 13 or run away and always be in fear of the sword.
  4. All divine beings fighting the owner of the sword are considered cowering in fear, which allows owner a +2 on attacks and the defender loses their DEX bonus to AC.

Talisman of the Sphere

This small adamantine loop and handle are useless to those unable to cast arcane spells. Characters who cannot cast arcane spells take 5d6 points of damage merely from picking up and holding a talisman of this sort. However, when held by an arcane spellcaster who is concentrating on control of a sphere of annihilation (see page 238 of the Dungeon Master's Guide), a talisman of the sphere doubles the bonus for Intelligence and level for determining control.

Sphere of Annihilation

As per Dungeon Master's Guide.

Technium Tube, “Instrument of Chaos”

A technium tube is just a small hollow tube made of technium. Upon study, the tube will show no value whatsoever. If the right incantation is uttered, the tube will shoot forth chaos energy from the highest plane of chaos. Any thing the chaos bolt hits will unravel completely, much like the affects of annihilation. DC: 60, Range: 20 ft. Duration: Instant 2/day.

Absovadium Cube

When taken out of its black crystal container the cube will absorb all static energies within a 20 ft. radius. The cube is not biased and will even absorb all energy coming from the owner.
Note: Absovadium is a natural element found only at the center of the universe.

Serpentine Armor of Set
Description: snakeskin jumpsuit

  1. +8 leather armor
  2. The armor protects the wearer from any combat weapon damage inflicted by enemies of the church of Set -- including paladins, clerics, creatures, minions, military machines, etc. DM discretion.
  3. When the wearer is subject to a critical hit; wearer rolls percentile. If the roll is a 100 the wearer instantly dies, otherwise the wearer takes no damage. Duration: length of battle. Activation: 1/month.
  4. Spell Resistance: 40
  5. Summon: 10 minions of Set per day. The minions will obey the owners every command until assigned task is completed. They will not follow any command that will adversely affect any person, organization or assets connected to the church of Set. If such a command is given, the minions will immediately disappear.

The Lady of the Mountain Lightning Sword

  1. +10 keen double long sword
  2. Damage 1d8+10
  3. Owner is immune to all forms of lightning.
  4. Owner gains +20 to saves vs annihilation.
  5. Lightning bolt, 10/day, Reflex Save DC: 40, 18d6 damage
  6. Once per month the sword must be recharged, otherwise the sword is inactive. To recharge the sword the owner must stand in the heart of a violent lightning storm -- the storm will grow in power and intensity over time until it shrieks like a hurricane. The sword is a magnet for all static electricity during this process and will absorb every ounce of energy with in a 10-mile radius.
  7. Black lightning (3/day)
    Range: 400 ft., Area: 10 ft. wide to 200 ft. long
    Damage: Fortitude save DC: 45 or -3 stat drain on all stats.
    Reflex Save DC: 40 or 18d6 lightning damage
    Fortitude save DC: 40 or 18d6 sonic damage
    Fortitude save DC: 40 or -1d6 level loss
    Will save DC: 40 or stunned for 1d10 rounds
    Fortitude save DC: 35 or be annihilated
  8. Doom bolt (3/day)
    Range: 400 ft., Area: 10 ft. wide to 200 long
    A lightning bolt with the hue of yellow ichor. Targets who do not make their saving throw explode over a wide area -- 48d8 damage.
    Set save: 1st to 8th Level: DC 17
      9th to 14th Level: DC 15
      15th and higher: DC 13
  9. Gray lightning
    1/day DC: 40
    Range: 400 ft., Area: 10 ft. wide to 200 ft. long
    Fortitude save or 36d6 lightning damage
    Fortitude save vs. 50% negative levels.

The Archon of Disruption

  1. +8 mace of disruption
  2. Damage: 1d8+8
  3. Disruption Ability: The Archon of Disruption is the bane of all undead. Any undead creature struck in combat must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC: 50) or be destroyed. If an undead creature makes their DC check, the next time their hit they must make the DC check at 60. Each time thereafter the check increases by 10.
Wand of Good Bane, (hellish item)
  1. Discharges an energy bolt that auto targets good creatures, (bolt always hits). Range: Any one good creature with in line of sight. 48 charges.
  2. The power of the Bane fills the targeted individual with fear and doubt. They suffer a -1 morale penalty on their attack rolls and a -1 morale penalty on saving throws against fear effects. Each round the target must make a subsequent will save adding on the morale penalty. Will save DC: 30. Duration: 36 rounds.

Crystal Mountain Shard, “The Lady of the Mountain's Spell Focus”
This crystal shard was crafted by the Lady of the Mountain and is made to remove the monotony of spell casting.

  1. Contains all 0-3rd level spells. The focus can cast any 0-3rd level spell three times per day. Caster's level 18.
  2. Continual globe of invulnerability and protection from spells.
  3. Should the owner be enclosed in an antimagic field or similar antimagic phenomenon the focus can power and thus allow the owner to cast spells. Treat the spells as if they were cast by a divine level creature, which are immune to mortal antimagics. This ability does not work on divine level antimagic sources.
elfin crystal


An elfin crystal is a completely translucent small ice cube with a slight bluish tint that always produces a fine mist (e.g. dry ice). The crystal is very, very cold to the touch, but oddly, it is not uncomfortable to hold.

  1. Use any of the following abilities 3/day:
    • Enshroud owner in light blue mist: 10 ft. radius the first round plus 5 ft.each round thereafter to max: 90 ft. radius. Treat as obscuring mist.
    • A misty vapor arises around you. It is stationary once created. The vapor obscures all sight, including darkvision, beyond 5 feet. A creature 5 feet away has one-half concealment (attacks have a 20% miss chance). Creatures farther away have total concealment (50% miss chance, and the attacker cannot use sight to locate the target).
    • A moderate wind (11+ mph), such as from the gust of wind spell, disperses the fog in 4 rounds. A strong wind (21+ mph) disperses the fog in 1 round. A fireball, flame strike, or similar spell burns away the fog in the explosive or fiery spell’s area. A wall of fire burns away the fog in the area into which it deals damage. This spell does not function underwater.
    • Throw cube at one target to blind them. Returns to owner’s hand at the end of round. The target makes a Will save DC:45. Range: 240 ft. Duration: Permanent until restored.
    • Use weather control as spell control weather, except casting time is 1 round. Duration: While concentrating.
  2. Owner can call for a divine blast from Corellon Larethian once every 5 years. Using this ability drains the crystal of power for 5 years. The target of the blast cannot be any person, organization or assets connected to any elven deity. Will not work on any elf or friend/ally of Corellon and half damage vs. anyone NG, CG, LN.
    Divine Blast: 28d12

Helm of Carnage

On a confirmed critical the owner can attempt a secondary critical role. If the second role is also confirmed the owner inflicts severe damage, (both roles must be confirmed). For each attacked that is confirmed role 1d6.
1. Severs opponents head -- 25d8 damage and instant death
2. Severs opponents right arm -- 8d8 damage
3. Severs opponents left arm -- 8d8 damage
4. Severs opponents right leg -- 12d8 damage
5. Severs opponents left leg -- 12d8 damage
6. Cuts opponent in two at the waist -- 25d8 damage and instant death

Gauntlets of the Saurian Warlord
  1. +4 enhancement bonus to Strength and Constitution
  2. In case of a threat on a to hit roll, the owner always has a second chance to make the confirmation critical roll.
  3. +15 enhancement bonus to Fortitude saves.
Belt of the Worldly
  1. +10 dodge bonus to AC
  2. Superior Combat Displacement: The first attack from any opponent on each round always misses.
  3. When wearer has an attack of opportunity directed at them, these attacks subject to +7 dodge bonus to wearer’s AC.
  4. SR: +10 (This SR is stackable with SR from other items).
bracers of counterattacks
  1. The owner can make a 10 ft. step move as a partial action.
  2. If an opponent provokes an attack of opportunity, the owner gains +5 opportunity bonus to attack and threat range increases by +3.
  3. The owner gains Improved Combat Reflexes as a virtual feat. The owner doesn’t need to have prerequisites.
Orb of Gaxtress
  1. Owner gains +2 spells per spell level.
  2. Owner may burn 10 hit points to throw a maximize spell.
  3. Owner may burn 5 hit points to throw a quicken spell.
  4. All mortal spellcasters will have a fondness for the owner of the orb. +40 to Charisma checks versus these individuals. These individuals will continue to be infatuated with the owner until the owner does something specific to irritate or annoy them.
Sivitri's Ring of Power
  1. The ring can be linked to another sorcerer, who must be an ally and willing participant. This link cannot be forced. The owner must give up one spell slot per level to maintain the link.
    Provides telepathy between the two individuals. Distance: Both individuals must be on the same plane.
    The ring gives the wearer access to all the linked individuals spells and spell slots.
    The linked sorcerer is doing the casting. They can funnel one spell per round through the link. This spell caster can cast spells independently of the owner.
    Treat all these spells as if they were silenced and still.
  2. Spells that inflict damage, (i.e. fireball, lightning bolt, etc.) have a chance at a spell crit. When the owner casts a spell, roll a d20, if the roll is a natural 20, the owner has scored a threat. To find out if it’s a critical hit, they immediately make a critical roll -- another attack roll. If it’s another 20 the spell is a crit. Roll the damage from the spell twice.

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