Magic Online 12th Anniversary Event Champion

Posted in Magic Online on July 21, 2014

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

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The 12th Anniversary Championships have come and gone with great success! Not only did all the best planes and sets from Magic Online's history turn up for the festivities, hundreds of players participated in the Qualifiers for a chance at getting one of the coveted Magic Online 12th Anniversary Championship invites as well. A great celebration was had by all! Well, except for Xenagos. Just because he's the God of Revels, he thinks he can show up to any party uninvited.

Luckily, our Magic Online 12th Anniversary Event Champion was there to bounce him from the party.

What better way to celebrate Magic Online's twelve years than through contests of skill in our digital arena? Many players competed, but only one was able to earn the title. Congratulations to umbrella_merc, our Magic Online 12th Anniversary Event Champion!

The prestigious top 8!

  • umbrella_merc
  • yumyum_popcorn
  • matthewsmeg
  • Eken.
  • agent_31415
  • Chultz
  • The_Great_Dustini
  • isomorphic

The top 8 drafted Modern Masters. Check out Magic Online's Draft Viewer to see what went into drafting the top decks!

Anniversary Event Finals Recap

The Magic Online 12th Anniversary Championships saw yumyum_popcorn facing off against umbrella_merc with their Modern Masters draft decks. Yumyum_popcorn played a Blue/Black deck that was fairly faerie heavy. Umbrella_merc brought a Blue/Green deck, with a splash of White, that made strong use of fliers, Suspend, and some faeries in the mix as well. Let’s see how they matched up!

Game One

The beginning of game one was punctuated by impressive displays of back-and-forth spell slinging. Yumyum_popcorn’s Pestermite allowed yumyum_popcorn to stave off attacks in the air from umbrella_merc’s Mothdust Changeling before finally trading, sending both faeries to the graveyard.

Yumyum_popcorn started off turn 6 with two creatures on the field, Tidehollow Sculler and Rathi Trapper. By playing a Marsh Flitter, yumyum_popcorn was able to more than double the amount of creatures on the field due to the two 1/1 black Goblin Rogue tokens that come into play with Marsh Flitter. Yumyum_popcorn didn't stop there though. On turn 7, Yumyum_popcorn played a Cloudgoat Ranger, bringing not only the 3/3 Ranger out onto the field, but three 1/1 white Kithkin Soldier tokens as well. Umbrella_merc was able to get a Durkwood Baloth onto the battlefield, but it just wasn’t enough to stave the tide of yumyum_popcorn's creatures. Umbrella_merc conceded on turn 9.

Game 2

Umbrella_merc started off with a turn 1 Mothdust Changeling to begin ticking off points of damage in the air by turn 2. When the Mothdust Changeling went in for another attack on Turn 3, yumyum_popcorn responded by sending a Peppersmoke in its direction, which would have destroyed it had umbrella_merc not countered by playing Spellstutter Sprite, negating the Peppersmoke.

Umbrella_merc began summoning a steady stream of counter-carrying creatures on turn 4. Durkwood Baloth started off the list by going into Suspend for five turns. After that, umbrella_merc brought out two Thallid Shell-Dwellers over the next several turns.

In the meantime, yumyum_popcorn managed to play Adarkar Valkyrie alongside Kira, Great Glass-Spinner. Kira, Great Glass-Spinner blocked a Latchkey Faerie, destroying both, allowing Adarkar Valyrie to bring Latchkey Faerie back to the field under yumyum_popcorn’s control. Or it would have had umbrella_merc not sacrificed the Aether Spellbomb that’d been sitting on the field to return Latchkey Faerie back to umbrella_merc’s hand, quickly stomping out what may have been a reversal in the course of the game.

By the next turn, umbrella_merc’s Durkwood Baloth’s Suspend time expired, one Thallid Shell-Dweller spawned a Saproling, then the second Shell-Dweller spawned a second the next turn. On turn 10, umbrella_merc returned the Valkyrie to yumyum_popcorn’s hand with an Aethersnipe, and attacked with everything, bringing yumyum_popcorn to a single point of life. Yumyum_popcorn got the Adarkar Valkyrie back to the field the next turn, but couldn't stop umbrella_merc from taking the game.

Game 3

The field populated quickly in the tie-breaker game with yumyum_popcorn casting a Marsh Flitter to go along with a Pestermite, bringing the creature count up to four for yumyum_popcorn. Umbrella_merc cast a token generating creature as well, the legendary Moonfolk Wizard, Meloku the Clouded Mirror!

Umbrella_merc decided to stop yumyum_popcorn’s token creation by blinking. The first of yumyum_popcorn’s Goblin tokens was lost to a bounce by Aethersnipe on turn 5. Maintaining momentum, umbrella_merc’s Giant Dustwasp came out of Suspend on turn 6, allowing umbrella_merc to start swinging with Aethersnipe and the Giant Dustwasp. Yumyum_popcorn, undamaged at that point in the match, took one hit from the duo, dropping to a life total of 11.

Little by little, umbrella_merc had been bringing 1/1 Illusion tokens onto the field with Meloku the Clouded Mirror’s ability. By turn 7, the machine had been set in motion, and umbrella_merc began an onslaught over the next two turns that yumyum_popcorn wasn’t able to turn back, despite extensive countering.

Congratulations to umbrella_merc, our 12th Anniversary Finals Champion!

Without further ado, the winning deck:

umbrella_merc's winning White/Blue/Green Deck

Download Arena Decklist

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