The Magic Online Cube is Back!

Posted in Feature on July 3, 2012

By Wizards of the Coast

The Magic Online Cube has been updated and returns to action on July 11 after the downtime. To ensure the Cube continues to test your drafting skills, fifty cards have been added to the Cube, including additions from Avacyn Restored such as Griselbrand and Wolfir Silverheart, replacing cards from the previous version. Will old strategies prevail, or will you have to rethink your draft plan? One thing is certain; your deck will contain some of the most powerful cards ever printed.

If that weren't enough to get you excited, you should also know that this is the exact Cube competitors will be playing at the 2012 Magic Players Championship in Seattle! Start following all the Players Championship talk on Twitter with the hashtag #mtgpc. Who knows, maybe you will battle the eventual 2012 Magic: The Gathering Champion in the queue!

Cube players who can successfully adapt to the updated Cube will earn Onslaught Block prizes. In addition, when you have had your fill of the Cube (or after it ends on July 18), we will have an Onslaught Block booster draft queue waiting for you.

The Magic Online Cube and the Onslaught Block booster draft queues will start after the downtime on Wednesday, July 11. The Cube booster draft queues end with the downtime on Wednesday, July 18, while the Onslaught Block booster draft queue ends with the following week's downtime on Wednesday, July 25. Full details can be found below.


START TIMES: On demand beginning after the downtime on Wednesday, July 11, until the downtime on Wednesday, July 18.
LOCATION: Limited Queues room.
ENTRY OPTION(S): 7 Event Tickets.
PRODUCT: Magic Online will provide 3 Phantom Magic Online Cube booster packs for this event. Cards that players draft and play with in a Phantom event are NOT added to those players' collections.
SIZE: 8 Players.
DURATION: Drafting and deck building time plus 3 rounds, single elimination OR 3 rounds, Swiss pairings depending on event entered.
PRIZES: Prizes for single elimination events are based on placement at the end of the tournament. Prizes for Swiss pairing events are based on the total match points at the end of the tournament. Each match win awards 3 points and each match loss awards 0 points.

The Magic Online Cube 4-3-2-2 Draft

Place Prizes QPs
1st 2 Onslaught booster packs, 1 Legions booster pack, and 1 Scourge booster pack 1
2nd 1 Onslaught booster pack, 1 Legions booster pack, and 1 Scourge booster pack 0
3rd-4th 1 Legions booster pack and 1 Scourge booster pack 0

The Magic Online Cube 8-4 Draft

Place Prizes QPs
1st 2 Onslaught booster packs, 3 Legions booster packs, and 3 Scourge booster packs 1
2nd 2 Onslaught booster packs, 1 Legions booster pack, and 1 Scourge booster pack 0

The Magic Online Cube Swiss Draft

Match Points Prizes QPs
9 1 Onslaught booster pack, 1 Legions booster pack, and 1 Scourge booster pack 1
6 1 Legions booster pack and 1 Scourge booster pack 0
3 1 Onslaught booster pack 0


START TIMES: On demand beginning after the downtime on Wednesday, July 11, until the downtime on Wednesday, July 25.
LOCATION: Limited Queues room.
ENTRY OPTION(S): 14 Event Tickets OR 2 Event Tickets plus product.
PRODUCT: 1 Onslaught booster pack, 1 Legions booster pack, and 1 Scourge booster pack.
SIZE: 8 Players.
DURATION: Drafting and deck building time plus 3 rounds, single elimination.
PRIZES: Prizes for single elimination events are based on placement at the end of the tournament.

Place Prizes QPs
1st 2 Onslaught booster packs, 1 Legions booster pack, and 1 Scourge booster pack 1
2nd 1 Onslaught booster pack, 1 Legions booster pack, and 1 Scourge booster pack 0
3rd-4th 1 Legions booster pack and 1 Scourge booster pack 0

Check out the full contents of the Cube below:

White   Blue
Card Type   Card Type
Ethersworn Canonist Artifact Creature   Phyrexian Metamorph Artifact Creature
Porcelain Legionnaire Artifact Creature   Aeon Chronicler Creature
Academy Rector Creature   Brine Elemental Creature
Akroma, Angel of Wrath Creature   Consecrated Sphinx Creature
Avacyn, Angel of Hope Creature   Cursecatcher Creature
Aven Mindcensor Creature   Delver of Secrets Creature
Baneslayer Angel Creature   Dungeon Geists Creature
Blade Splicer Creature   Enclave Cryptologist Creature
Burrenton Forge-Tender Creature   Fathom Seer Creature
Calciderm Creature   Fettergeist Creature
Cloudgoat Ranger Creature   Frost Titan Creature
Eight-and-a-Half Tails Creature   Glen Elendra Archmage Creature
Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Creature   Jushi Apprentice Creature
Elite Vanguard Creature   Keiga, the Tide Star Creature
Emeria Angel Creature   Kira, Great Glass-Spinner Creature
Eternal Dragon Creature   Lone Revenant Creature
Exalted Angel Creature   Looter il-Kor Creature
Fiend Hunter Creature   Man-o’-War Creature
Flickerwisp Creature   Meloku the Clouded Mirror Creature
Gideon’s Lawkeeper Creature   Mulldrifter Creature
Hero of Bladehold Creature   Ninja of the Deep Hours Creature
Hokori, Dust Drinker Creature   Old Man of the Sea Creature
Isamaru, Hound of Konda Creature   Palinchron Creature
Kami of Ancient Law Creature   Phantasmal Bear Creature
Leonin Relic-Warder Creature   Phantasmal Image Creature
Loam Lion Creature   Riftwing Cloudskate Creature
Loyal Cathar Creature   Sea Gate Oracle Creature
Mentor of the Meek Creature   Serendib Efreet Creature
Mikaeus, the Lunarch Creature   Snapcaster Mage Creature
Mirran Crusader Creature   Sower of Temptation Creature
Mirror Entity Creature   Sphinx of Jwar Isle Creature
Mother of Runes Creature   Tandem Lookout Creature
Paladin en-Vec Creature   Tradewind Rider Creature
Ranger of Eos Creature   Trinket Mage Creature
Restoration Angel Creature   Vendilion Clique Creature
Reveillark Creature   Venser, Shaper Savant Creature
Savannah Lions Creature   Vesuvan Shapeshifter Creature
Silver Knight Creature   Voidmage Prodigy Creature
Silverblade Paladin Creature   Wake Thrasher Creature
Soltari Champion Creature   Willbender Creature
Soltari Monk Creature   Control Magic Enchantment
Soltari Priest Creature   Dream Halls Enchantment
Spectral Lynx Creature   Future Sight Enchantment
Steppe Lynx Creature   Narcolepsy Enchantment
Stonecloaker Creature   Opposition Enchantment
Stoneforge Mystic Creature   Treachery Enchantment
Student of Warfare Creature   Blue Elemental Blast Instant
Sun Titan Creature   Brain Freeze Instant
Thalia, Guardian of Thraben Creature   Brainstorm Instant
Wall of Omens Creature   Capsize Instant
Wall of Reverence Creature   Careful Consideration Instant
Weathered Wayfarer Creature   Counterspell Instant
Whipcorder Creature   Cryptic Command Instant
White Knight Creature   Daze Instant
Wispmare Creature   Deprive Instant
Yosei, the Morning Star Creature   Desertion Instant
Angelic Destiny Enchantment   Dismiss Instant
Faith’s Fetters Enchantment   Dissipate Instant
Glorious Anthem Enchantment   Essence Scatter Instant
Honor of the Pure Enchantment   Fact or Fiction Instant
Journey to Nowhere Enchantment   Flashfreeze Instant
Land Tax Enchantment   Forbid Instant
Luminarch Ascension Enchantment   Forbidden Alchemy Instant
Oblivion Ring Enchantment   Force of Will Instant
Parallax Wave Enchantment   Force Spike Instant
Worship Enchantment   Frantic Search Instant
Condemn Instant   Gifts Ungiven Instant
Disenchant Instant   Impulse Instant
Dismantling Blow Instant   Into the Roil Instant
Enlightened Tutor Instant   Intuition Instant
Mana Tithe Instant   Mana Leak Instant
Momentary Blink Instant   Memory Lapse Instant
Path to Exile Instant   Miscalculation Instant
Pulse of the Fields Instant   Mystical Tutor Instant
Ray of Revelation Instant   Negate Instant
Renewed Faith Instant   Opt Instant
Shining Shoal Instant   Pact of Negation Instant
Swords to Plowshares Instant   Power Sink Instant
Tithe Instant   Remand Instant
Ajani Goldmane Planeswalker   Repeal Instant
Elspeth Tirel Planeswalker   Spell Pierce Instant
Elspeth, Knight-Errant Planeswalker   Stifle Instant
Gideon Jura Planeswalker   Thirst for Knowledge Instant
Akroma’s Vengeance Sorcery   Turnabout Instant
Armageddon Sorcery   Jace Beleren Planeswalker
Balance Sorcery   Jace, the Mind Sculptor Planeswalker
Cataclysm Sorcery   Tamiyo, the Moon Sage Planeswalker
Catastrophe Sorcery   Ancestral Vision Sorcery
Celestial Purge Sorcery   Compulsive Research Sorcery
Day of Judgment Sorcery   Deep Analysis Sorcery
Decree of Justice Sorcery   Ideas Unbound Sorcery
Increasing Devotion Sorcery   Mind’s Desire Sorcery
Lingering Souls Sorcery   Ponder Sorcery
Martial Coup Sorcery   Preordain Sorcery
Oust Sorcery   Show and Tell Sorcery
Ravages of War Sorcery   Temporal Mastery Sorcery
Rout Sorcery   Tidings Sorcery
Spectral Procession Sorcery   Time Spiral Sorcery
Terminus Sorcery   Tinker Sorcery
Wrath of God Sorcery   Upheaval Sorcery
Black   Red
Card Type   Card Type
Bane of the Living Creature   Akroma, Angel of Fury Creature
Black Knight Creature   Avalanche Riders Creature
Bloodghast Creature   Ball Lightning Creature
Bloodgift Demon Creature   Blistering Firecat Creature
Bone Shredder Creature   Blood Knight Creature
Braids, Cabal Minion Creature   Bogardan Hellkite Creature
Dark Confidant Creature   Chandra’s Phoenix Creature
Dauthi Horror Creature   Countryside Crusher Creature
Demonic Taskmaster Creature   Ember Hauler Creature
Diregraf Ghoul Creature   Flametongue Kavu Creature
Gatekeeper of Malakir Creature   Frenzied Goblin Creature
Geralf’s Messenger Creature   Gathan Raiders Creature
Gloom Surgeon Creature   Goblin Goon Creature
Grave Titan Creature   Goblin Guide Creature
Graveborn Muse Creature   Goblin Ruinblaster Creature
Gravecrawler Creature   Goblin Welder Creature
Griselbrand Creature   Greater Gargadon Creature
Guul Draz Assassin Creature   Grim Lavamancer Creature
Headhunter Creature   Hell’s Thunder Creature
Hypnotic Specter Creature   Hellrider Creature
Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni Creature   Hellspark Elemental Creature
Korlash, Heir to Blackblade Creature   Hero of Oxid Ridge Creature
Laquatus’s Champion Creature   Inferno Titan Creature
Massacre Wurm Creature   Ingot Chewer Creature
Mesmeric Fiend Creature   Jackal Pup Creature
Nekrataal Creature   Kargan Dragonlord Creature
Nezumi Graverobber Creature   Keldon Champion Creature
Nezumi Shortfang Creature   Keldon Marauders Creature
Okiba-Gang Shinobi Creature   Kird Ape Creature
Oona’s Prowler Creature   Mogg War Marshal Creature
Phyrexian Crusader Creature   Orcish Lumberjack Creature
Phyrexian Obliterator Creature   Plated Geopede Creature
Phyrexian Rager Creature   Priest of Urabrask Creature
Plague Sliver Creature   Ravenous Baboons Creature
Puppeteer Clique Creature   Rorix Bladewing Creature
Putrid Imp Creature   Siege-Gang Commander Creature
Sheoldred, Whispering One Creature   Slith Firewalker Creature
Shriekmaw Creature   Spikeshot Elder Creature
Silent Specter Creature   Stormblood Berserker Creature
Skinrender Creature   Taurean Mauler Creature
Skithiryx, the Blight Dragon Creature   Thunderblust Creature
Skittering Skirge Creature   Thunderscape Battlemage Creature
Throat Slitter Creature   Tin Street Hooligan Creature
Tombstalker Creature   Torch Fiend Creature
Vampire Hexmage Creature   Urabrask the Hidden Creature
Vampire Nighthawk Creature   Vexing Devil Creature
Visara the Dreadful Creature   Vulshok Refugee Creature
Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed Creature   Zo-Zu the Punisher Creature
Zombie Cutthroat Creature   Genju of the Spires Enchantment
Animate Dead Enchantment   Sneak Attack Enchantment
Bitterblossom Enchantment   Sulfuric Vortex Enchantment
Demonic Rising Enchantment   Act of Aggression Instant
Diabolic Servitude Enchantment   Ancient Grudge Instant
Necromancy Enchantment   Beacon of Destruction Instant
Necropotence Enchantment   Brimstone Volley Instant
Phyrexian Arena Enchantment   Chaos Warp Instant
Recurring Nightmare Enchantment   Char Instant
Sarcomancy Enchantment   Fireblast Instant
Corpse Dance Instant   Firestorm Instant
Dark Ritual Instant   Incinerate Instant
Diabolic Edict Instant   Lightning Bolt Instant
Dismember Instant   Magma Jet Instant
Doom Blade Instant   Price of Progress Instant
Entomb Instant   Pulse of the Forge Instant
Exhume Instant   Pyrokinesis Instant
Go for the Throat Instant   Red Elemental Blast Instant
Makeshift Mannequin Instant   Searing Blaze Instant
Slaughter Pact Instant   Seething Song Instant
Snuff Out Instant   Smash to Smithereens Instant
Spinning Darkness Instant   Staggershock Instant
Terror Instant   Volcanic Fallout Instant
Tragic Slip Instant   Chandra Nalaar Planeswalker
Vampiric Tutor Instant   Chandra, the Firebrand Planeswalker
Liliana of the Veil Planeswalker   Koth of the Hammer Planeswalker
Liliana Vess Planeswalker   Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded Planeswalker
Buried Alive Sorcery   Aftershock Sorcery
Consuming Vapors Sorcery   Arc Lightning Sorcery
Damnation Sorcery   Arc Trail Sorcery
Deathmark Sorcery   Bonfire of the Damned Sorcery
Decree of Pain Sorcery   Burning of Xinye Sorcery
Demonic Tutor Sorcery   Chain Lightning Sorcery
Despise Sorcery   Devastating Dreams Sorcery
Duress Sorcery   Devil’s Play Sorcery
Hymn to Tourach Sorcery   Earthquake Sorcery
Imperial Seal Sorcery   Empty the Warrens Sorcery
Innocent Blood Sorcery   Gamble Sorcery
Inquisition of Kozilek Sorcery   Jokulhaups Sorcery
Living Death Sorcery   Molten Rain Sorcery
Night’s Whisper Sorcery   Obliterate Sorcery
Persecute Sorcery   Pillage Sorcery
Profane Command Sorcery   Pillar of Flame Sorcery
Reanimate Sorcery   Pyroclasm Sorcery
Sinkhole Sorcery   Reckless Charge Sorcery
Stupor Sorcery   Rift Bolt Sorcery
Tendrils of Agony Sorcery   Rite of Ruin Sorcery
Thoughtseize Sorcery   Rolling Earthquake Sorcery
Unburial Rites Sorcery   Slagstorm Sorcery
Unearth Sorcery   Volcanic Hammer Sorcery
Wrench Mind Sorcery   Wheel of Fortune Sorcery
Yawgmoth’s Will Sorcery   Wildfire Sorcery
Green   Artifact
Card Type   Card Type
Birthing Pod Artifact   Æther Vial Artifact
Acidic Slime Creature   Ankh of Mishra Artifact
Arbor Elf Creature   Basalt Monolith Artifact
Avacyn’s Pilgrim Creature   Basilisk Collar Artifact
Avenger of Zendikar Creature   Batterskull Artifact
Birds of Paradise Creature   Black Vise Artifact
Blastoderm Creature   Chrome Mox Artifact
Brooding Saurian Creature   Coalition Relic Artifact
Chameleon Colossus Creature   Coldsteel Heart Artifact
Cloudthresher Creature   Crucible of Worlds Artifact
Daybreak Ranger Creature   Cursed Scroll Artifact
Deranged Hermit Creature   Eldrazi Monument Artifact
Devoted Druid Creature   Engineered Explosives Artifact
Elves of Deep Shadow Creature   Everflowing Chalice Artifact
Eternal Witness Creature   Fellwar Stone Artifact
Fauna Shaman Creature   Gilded Lotus Artifact
Fyndhorn Elves Creature   Grafted Wargear Artifact
Genesis Creature   Grim Monolith Artifact
Great Sable Stag Creature   Isochron Scepter Artifact
Hystrodon Creature   Lightning Greaves Artifact
Indrik Stomphowler Creature   Lion’s Eye Diamond Artifact
Jade Mage Creature   Lotus Bloom Artifact
Joraga Treespeaker Creature   Lotus Petal Artifact
Leatherback Baloth Creature   Manriki-Gusari Artifact
Llanowar Elves Creature   Memory Jar Artifact
Lotus Cobra Creature   Mimic Vat Artifact
Master of the Wild Hunt Creature   Mind Stone Artifact
Mold Shambler Creature   Mindslaver Artifact
Nantuko Vigilante Creature   Mortarpod Artifact
Noble Hierarch Creature   Mox Diamond Artifact
Obstinate Baloth Creature   Nevinyrral’s Disk Artifact
Ohran Viper Creature   Phyrexian Processor Artifact
Oracle of Mul Daya Creature   Pithing Needle Artifact
Phantom Centaur Creature   Powder Keg Artifact
Primeval Titan Creature   Prismatic Lens Artifact
Primordial Hydra Creature   Pristine Talisman Artifact
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary Creature   Ratchet Bomb Artifact
Sakura-Tribe Elder Creature   Relic of Progenitus Artifact
Scavenging Ooze Creature   Scroll Rack Artifact
Scorned Villager Creature   Sensei’s Divining Top Artifact
Somberwald Sage Creature   Shrine of Burning Rage Artifact
Strangleroot Geist Creature   Skullclamp Artifact
Tarmogoyf Creature   Smokestack Artifact
Terastodon Creature   Sphere of the Suns Artifact
Thelonite Hermit Creature   Sword of Body and Mind Artifact
Thornling Creature   Sword of Feast and Famine Artifact
Thornscape Battlemage Creature   Sword of Fire and Ice Artifact
Thrun, the Last Troll Creature   Sword of Light and Shadow Artifact
Troll Ascetic Creature   Sword of War and Peace Artifact
Ulvenwald Tracker Creature   Tangle Wire Artifact
Vengevine Creature   Thran Dynamo Artifact
Vinelasher Kudzu Creature   Tormod’s Crypt Artifact
Wall of Blossoms Creature   Tumble Magnet Artifact
Wall of Roots Creature   Umezawa’s Jitte Artifact
Werebear Creature   Vedalken Shackles Artifact
Wickerbough Elder Creature   Worn Powerstone Artifact
Wild Nacatl Creature   Epochrasite Artifact Creature
Wolfir Silverheart Creature   Etched Oracle Artifact Creature
Woodfall Primus Creature   Hex Parasite Artifact Creature
Yavimaya Elder Creature   Lodestone Golem Artifact Creature
Awakening Zone Enchantment   Masticore Artifact Creature
Fertile Ground Enchantment   Molten-Tail Masticore Artifact Creature
Heartbeat of Spring Enchantment   Myr Battlesphere Artifact Creature
Moldervine Cloak Enchantment   Palladium Myr Artifact Creature
Rancor Enchantment   Phyrexian Revoker Artifact Creature
Seal of Primordium Enchantment   Platinum Angel Artifact Creature
Survival of the Fittest Enchantment   Precursor Golem Artifact Creature
Sylvan Library Enchantment   Razormane Masticore Artifact Creature
Beast Within Instant   Solemn Simulacrum Artifact Creature
Krosan Grip Instant   Spellskite Artifact Creature
Moment’s Peace Instant   Sundering Titan Artifact Creature
Naturalize Instant   Wurmcoil Engine Artifact Creature
Vines of Vastwood Instant   Land
Garruk Relentless Planeswalker   Card Type
Garruk Wildspeaker Planeswalker   Academy Ruins Land
Garruk, Primal Hunter Planeswalker   Ancient Tomb Land
All Suns' Dawn sorcery   Arid Mesa Land
Call of the Herd Sorcery   Badlands Land
Channel Sorcery   Barbarian Ring Land
Cultivate Sorcery   Bayou Land
Explore Sorcery   Blood Crypt Land
Farseek Sorcery   Bloodstained Mire Land
Genesis Wave Sorcery   Breeding Pool Land
Green Sun’s Zenith Sorcery   Cabal Coffers Land
Harmonize Sorcery   Celestial Colonnade Land
Kodama’s Reach Sorcery   City of Traitors Land
Lead the Stampede Sorcery   Clifftop Retreat Land
Natural Order Sorcery   Creeping Tar Pit Land
Nostalgic Dreams Sorcery   Desolate Lighthouse Land
Overrun sorcery   Dragonskull Summit Land
Plow Under Sorcery   Drowned Catacomb Land
Prey Upon Sorcery   Flooded Strand Land
Primal Command Sorcery   Gaea’s Cradle Land
Rampant Growth Sorcery   Ghitu Encampment Land
Regrowth Sorcery   Glacial Fortress Land
Restock Sorcery   Godless Shrine Land
Rude Awakening Sorcery   Hallowed Fountain Land
Search for Tomorrow Sorcery   Hinterland Harbor Land
Stunted Growth Sorcery   Isolated Chapel Land
Tooth and Nail Sorcery   Karakas Land
Multicolored   Kjeldoran Outpost Land
Card Type   Lake of the Dead Land
Sphinx of the Steel Wind Artifact Creature   Lavaclaw Reaches Land
Tidehollow Sculler Artifact Creature   Marsh Flats Land
Angel of Despair Creature   Maze of Ith Land
Augury Adept Creature   Mishra’s Factory Land
Bloodbraid Elf Creature   Misty Rainforest Land
Boggart Ram-Gang Creature   Mutavault Land
Broodmate Dragon Creature   Overgrown Tomb Land
Cold-Eyed Selkie Creature   Plateau Land
Creakwood Liege Creature   Polluted Delta Land
Doran, the Siege Tower Creature   Raging Ravine Land
Drogskol Reaver Creature   Rishadan Port Land
Edric, Spymaster of Trest Creature   Rootbound Crag Land
Falkenrath Aristocrat Creature   Sacred Foundry Land
Figure of Destiny Creature   Savannah Land
Firemane Angel Creature   Scalding Tarn Land
Geist of Saint Traft Creature   Scrubland Land
Giant Solifuge Creature   Shelldock Isle Land
Goblin Legionnaire Creature   Slayers' Stronghold Land
Grand Arbiter Augustin IV Creature   Steam Vents Land
Grimgrin, Corpse-Born Creature   Stirring Wildwood Land
Havengul Lich Creature   Stomping Ground Land
Huntmaster of the Fells Creature   Strip Mine Land
Kitchen Finks Creature   Sulfur Falls Land
Knight of the Reliquary Creature   Sunpetal Grove Land
Loxodon Hierarch Creature   Taiga Land
Mystic Snake Creature   Tectonic Edge Land
Niv-Mizzet, the Firemind Creature   Teetering Peaks Land
Nucklavee Creature   Temple Garden Land
Olivia Voldaren Creature   Thawing Glaciers Land
Psychatog Creature   Tolaria West Land
Putrid Leech Creature   Treetop Village Land
Qasali Pridemage Creature   Tropical Island Land
Realm Razer Creature   Tundra Land
Rhox War Monk Creature   Underground Sea Land
Ruhan of the Fomori Creature   Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth Land
Shadowmage Infiltrator Creature   Verdant Catacombs Land
Sigarda, Host of Herons Creature   Volcanic Island Land
Simic Sky Swallower Creature   Wasteland Land
Spiritmonger Creature   Watery Grave Land
Sprouting Thrinax Creature   Windbrisk Heights Land
Stillmoon Cavalier Creature   Windswept Heath Land
Tattermunge Maniac Creature   Wooded Foothills Land
Trygon Predator Creature   Woodland Cemetery Land
Woolly Thoctar Creature   Yavimaya Hollow Land
Goblin Trenches Enchantment   Colorless
Mirari’s Wake Enchantment   Card Type
Pernicious Deed Enchantment   Kozilek, Butcher of Truth Creature
Absorb Instant   Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre Creature
Agony Warp Instant   Karn Liberated Planeswalker
Bant Charm Instant   All is Dust Sorcery
Bituminous Blast Instant      
Electrolyze Instant      
Esper Charm Instant      
Fire/Ice Instant      
Lightning Helix Instant      
Mortify Instant      
Prophetic Bolt Instant      
Putrefy Instant      
Terminate Instant      
Undermine Instant      
Voidslime Instant      
Ajani Vengeant Planeswalker      
Nicol Bolas, Planeswalker Planeswalker      
Sarkhan the Mad Planeswalker      
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad Planeswalker      
Venser, the Sojourner Planeswalker      
Call the Skybreaker Sorcery      
Cruel Ultimatum Sorcery      
Firespout Sorcery      
Maelstrom Pulse Sorcery      
Vindicate Sorcery      
Void Sorcery      

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