Magic Online Journey into Nyx Championship Winners

Posted in Feature on June 16, 2014

By David Whitfield

David works on the Magic community team as a content specialist. He spends his days writing about Magic Online and trying to play too many colors at once in Limited.

Thanks for the introductions, Iroas. Congratulations to the winners of the Journey into Nyx Championship! UglyCat was victorious in the Constructed Championship, while FilippoK claimed the title of Limited Champion!

UglyCat conquered the top eight in Constructed:

  • UglyCat
  • Dethvidehul
  • Hrymfaxe
  • diagon
  • krom321
  • FreshGaming
  • ability170146
  • itsnotme

FilippoK emerged as the victor from these eight Limited competitors:

  • FilippoK
  • Dethvidehul
  • Entropei
  • BennyBoy2525
  • KO_mak
  • esquilo
  • cortex982
Check out all of the details for the Limited and Block Constructed matches below!
Block Constructed Format Recap
Block Constructed Game One

The finals saw UglyCat's Red/Green/White ramp deck face off versus krom321's Black/Green/White Eidolon of Blossoms deck.

UglyCat started the first game with a Sylvan Caryatid into Xenagos, the Reveler. The 2/2 Satyr was all that remained of Xenagos as krom321 cast a Banishing Light.

A well-timed Banishing Light saved krom321 from dealing with Xenagos early in the game. After dispatching the Planeswalker, krom321 was still overrun by a horde of non-Planeswalking Satyrs later in the game.

UglyCat built his mana with a second Sylvan Caryatid and a Voyaging Satyr on the following turn, while krom321 brought out the powerful Courser of Kruphix. The mana ramp of UglyCat allowed him to cast a turn 5 Revel of the Fallen God, a turn 6 Elspeth (killing krom321's just cast) Doomwake Giant, and a second Revel of the Fallen God on turn 7. The band of Satyrs frolicked all over krom321's life total to allow UglyCat to take game one.

Block Constructed Game Two

In the second game, Krom321 started off with a turn 3 Thoughtseize taking a Banishing Light. UglyCat again ramped with a Voyaging Satyr into a turn 3 Xenagos, the Reveler. A Brain Maggot took a second Banishing Light from UglyCat. With only a second Sylvan Caryatid, UglyCat attacked with two Satyrs and a Voyaging Satyr taking krom321 down to 11.

With Krom321 missing a land play on turn 4, krom321 conceded when UglyCat cast a Stormbreath Dragon and made a third Satyr.

UglyCat's mana ramp went off without a hitch, leaving him with Xenagos, Stormbreath Dragon, Voyaging Satyr, Sylvan Caryatid, three Satyrs, and the title of Journey into Nyx Block Constructed Champion by turn 5.

Congrats to UglyCat for winning the Journey into Nyx Block Constructed Championship!

You can view the brackets and the event details for the Constructed Championship here.


UglyCat - Winning Red/Green/White Ramp Deck

Download Arena Decklist
Limited Format Recap

The finals of the Journey into Nyx Limited Championship saw FilippoK's white-red aggro deck facing off versus BennyBoy2525's green-black Constellation deck.

Limited Game One

FilippoK came out fast in the first game with his first picks from Journey into Nyx and Born of the Gods in the first three turns of the game. The Stonewise Fortifier followed by Brimaz, King of Oreskos were joined by an Akroan Mastiff before BennyBoy2525 conceded game one of the finals without casting a single spell.

FilippoK raised a sizeable army too quickly for BennyBoy2525 to have a chance at a comeback.

Limited Game Two

With Grim Guardian Chained to the Rocks,
FilippoK had too strong of a lead, forcing BennyBoy2525 to concede.

While game two did not go much better for BennyBoy2525, he did manage to cast a few spells. A turn 2 Golden Hind traded with a Oreskos Swiftclaw. FilippoK was missing land drops but did manage to cast a Traveling Philosopher and Akroan Line Breaker. BennyBoy2525 got to six mana and played a Archetype of Finality. The Archetype blocked and killed the Akroan Line Breaker before dying to a final point of damage from Forgeborn Oreads. The final blow of the match came when BennyBoy2525 cast a Grim Guardian and enchanted it with Nyx Infusion. FilippoK saw fit to Chained to the Rocks the Grim Guardian at which point BennyBoy2525 conceded the match.


Congratulations to FilippoK for winning the title of Journey into Nyx Champion!

You can view the brackets and the event details for the Limited Championship here. Curious how the Champion contenders handle the Draft? We've got the play-by-play on each deck in the Draft Viewer.


FilippoK - Winning White-Red Aggro Deck

Download Arena Decklist

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