Top Twelve Magic Online Client Tips

Posted in Magic Online New Players on July 11, 2014

1. Tool Tips

Tool tips are everywhere! Whenever you see the ? icon next to the mouse cursor you can right click on that element to bring up more information about it. We'll be updating and adding more tool tips as we go, but currently most major features have tool tips available.

Tool Tip Icon

Tool Tip Opened

2. Import Multiple Decks

When you log into Magic Online, all decks you've saved as net decks will be available in your collection. If you are a longtime Magic Online player, however, you may have decks saved on your computer's hard drive. You can quickly import these decks by using the Add Deck button.

Add a Deck

When the deck dialog opens, select Import and navigate to the folder where you've saved your decks and select the ones you want to import. Remember that you can use normal Windows controls (Shift+Click and Ctrl+Click) to select multiple decks for import.

Import a Deck

3. Automatic Deck Saving

Magic Online automatically saves each change you make to a deck or a binder to our servers. This means that your decks are always available from any computer you log in with. You can tell when your deck or binder is saving when the indicator appears in the title bar of the Decks and Binders pane.

Deck Saving

If you want to experiment with one of your decks without losing the original version, you can right click on the deck and select "Open a new copy of this deck." Select "Properties" on the new deck to change its name or format.

Copy a Deck

4. Quantity Slider

The quantity slider at the top of the Matches area lets you filter your collection by the number of each object in your collection. By default, it shows you everything you've collected so far. To include cards and other objects you haven't collected yet, drag the left side of the slider to 0.

Display All Cards

Set both sides of the slider to limit your results to a specific range or even number. For example, setting the range from 0 to 3 will display all the cards you have fewer than four of.

Display Less than 4 Cards

5. Dock Chat

Magic Online uses floating chat windows that are separate from the main windows. Players with large or secondary monitors will have a lot of freedom with their chat placement and size. For those with smaller screens, you can dock the chat to any side of the main window by dragging it to any side of the window that has a flashing dock icon.

Chat Docking Icon

Note that chat can only be docked to the window that created it. This means that game chat can only be docked to a game window, trade chat can only be docked to the trade window, and so on.

6. Resize Windows

Whenever you see five small dots in a divider, it means you drag that divider to resize that area. Magic Online will remember that size the next time you log in. Note that some areas may have minimum or maximum sizes so you can't lose elements of the client.

Divider Resizing

7. Maximize Your Battlefield

While in a match, you can make your battlefield bigger by turning off the "Keep the 'Red Zone' always open" and the "Show Phase Ladder" display in the battlefield Options. Minimizing the game zones on the right will give you even more space, as shown in the examples below.

Battlefield Options

Default Battlefield

Maximized Battlefield

8. Set Stops During a Match

During a game, you can set your stops using the Phase Bar above your hand. You can highlight the top of or bottom of the phase you want to set a stop in (top represents your opponent's turn, bottom is your turn) and left click. A white triangle on that phase shows you what stops you have set at a glance.

Click to Set Stop on Opponent's Draw Step

9. Fast Mana

When you are tapping lands to add mana to your pool, holding the "M" key on your keyboard will activate the first mana producing ability listed on the card rather than bringing up a context menu and making you select the color. This is particularly useful when you have a large number of dual lands on the battlefield and you don't need a specific color of mana, but are just trying to fill your mana pool to cast a large spell.

Holding "M" and Left Clicking will Add [B]

10. Attack with All

During combat there is a feature that lets you right click on the battlefield and choose "Attack will all creatures." In addition, if you have attacked with all your creatures, you can right click again to and choose an option to "Reset attacking creatures" or click on individual creatures to hold them back for defense.

Attack with All Creatures

If you don't want a full alpha strike, you can right click on a pile of creatures to send them after your opponent or a planeswalker your opponent controls.

Attack with All Cats in the Pile

Finally, you can also tap entire piles of lands for mana of the same type by right clicking and selecting the "All of these cards" option.

Tap All Plains for Mana

Over the course of a match, these shortcuts can add up to big time savers.

11. Ctrl+Z is Undo

Magic Online lets you undo mana abilities as long as long they have not changed the game state. Magic Online uses the standard Ctrl+Z to for undo actions.

12. Change Key Bindings

You can change the key bindings for common actions in Magic Online by heading to Account and going to Input Settings. Just select the action you want to change, click Unbind to remove the association, and then click Bind. You can then input the new keys you want the action tied to. Here you can change Undo back to Alt+U if you prefer the classic setting.

Change Key Bindings

That's the top 12!

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