Magic Online: Report Conduct

Posted in NEWS on December 8, 2013

What do I do if I witness a Code of Conduct violation in Magic Online?
If you witness or are subject to a violation of the Magic Online Code of Conduct, please first take a screenshot of the incident. You can find out how to take and attach screenshots by clicking here.

I have that screenshot. Now what?
Make sure you are logged into and then click here to report a Code of Conduct violation. If link does not show you the reporting form, please set the "Products" dropdown to match the list below.
      • Magic: The Gathering
      • Magic: The Gathering Online
      • Report Conduct

How do I know if what I saw or experienced was against the Code of Conduct?
You can review the Code of Conduct for all Wizards of the Coast products, services, websites, features and functionality by clicking here. If you're not sure if something violated this policy, feel free to report it and our staff will make that determination. Please note that we are unable to discuss any possible action taken as a result of a report. Depending on the circumstances and results of the investigation a user may receive a warning, a suspension or termination.