Magic Online Update

Posted in NEWS on November 27, 2013

Hi folks. I wanted to check back in to give everyone an update on where we are with restoring some of the functionality to Magic Online events. A couple weeks ago, we turned off all Daily Events and Premier Events and cancelled all MOCS- and PTQ-related activity on Magic Online. Our first actions after the major issues in early November were taking all the steps to make sure the system (in particular the software backend and our hardware cluster) was actually okay and functioning as intended.


Right now, we feel comfortable that, if things proceed over the next couple of weeks without further incident and the system continues to be stable, we expect to bring Daily Events and Premier Events back after the regularly scheduled weekly downtime on December 11. The exact number of those types of events that we run, and the timing of when they are offered, is still being discussed, but the event structures themselves will return basically as they were when they left, with the same entry, round, and prize structures.


Regarding the paper-linked events on Magic Online (MOCS and PTQs), the only new thing I can share right now is that it is looking increasingly unlikely that Magic Online PTQs will return before the qualifier season for Pro Tour Born of the Gods ends. Other than that, I have no further information to share at this time about the return of those events other than we are hard at work at solving some of the issues preventing those events from returning, and we are well aware of how much our customers value them. The entire Magic brand and OP teams greatly value the crossover between real-world organized play and our Magic Online offerings, and returning this functionality is among our highest priorities right now. That said, running these events comes with a responsibility to maintain a level of fidelity that right now, today, we are not capable of delivering, so until we are confident we can meet our quality bar here, these events will remain off. I have no firmer ETA on when they may return, although I know for certain it will not be at any point in 2013.


We are planning on running Holiday Cube next month as scheduled. Commander 2013 is still on track as well. The Theros championships and the split MOCS player-of-the-year eventsare still on as scheduled, and there will be additional information on the exact schedules and offerings for the reintroduced DE and PE schedule to follow very shortly, posted here.


Magic Online Week is scheduled for in late December; if we have more news by then we will certainly share it. At the latest, I will provide another update by the end of January 2014 on where we stand with regard to PTQs and MOCS events.


Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we work through the issues.