Magic Online Week Preview

Posted in NEWS on December 18, 2013

It's Magic Online Week on! Every day this week, you’ll find new articles from key members of theMagic Online business and R&D teams that discuss all aspects of the game. You’re also going to find daily deck lists, downloadable art, and more.

Here’s a preview of just a few items you’ll find this week:

Magic Online Week Preview

Monday, December 16

  • Get to know Magic Online's Executive Producer Worth Wollpert as he kicks off the week with a Magic Online Executive Summary detailing goals and plans. You definitely don't want to miss this!
  • New to Magic OnlineMagic Online 101” gathers tutorial videos that will help introduce you to the game, the client user interface, finding matches, tournament events, and more.


Tuesday, December 17

  • Digital Product Manager Mike Turian, a Magic veteran with years of experience throughout Wizards of the Coast, stops by on Tuesday to talk about Magic Online's many event offerings, what each entails, and the importance of balance in each.
  • ORCs—the Online Response Crew—are live, in-game support reps available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don’t find that kind of support very often in online games nowadays. Find out more about the team, their passion for Magic Online, and their dedication to solving problems fast.


Wednesday, December 18

  • The Magic Online update baton is passed to Chris Kiritz on Wednesday as he goes in-depth into the plans for the future.
  • The Magic Online Holiday Cube kicks off on Wednesday, and R&D steps up to the plate with Max McCall, who explores the Holiday Cube. Whether you’re a Cube enthusiast or you have yet to try the format, you’ll find great information about this extremely popular yearly event.


Thursday, December 19

  • Jon Loucks, a regular contributor on from the R&D team, stops by on Thursday to talk about the importance of card text style in Magic Online. What does blue text mean? What does it mean when text is in black italics? Jon explores these and a lot more on this simple but important aspect of the game.
  • James Sooy takes up the user interface topic to discuss in more detail the design strategy of the Magic Online client.


Friday, December 20

  • On Friday, Trick Jarrett wraps up Magic Online week with a timely article on the Commander format—on the day Magic: The Gathering—Commander (2013 Edition) is released in Magic Online!
  • Earlier in the week, Max McCall whetted our appetites for the Holiday Cube. On Friday, Ryan Spain visits to share strategies on how to master this format.


That's just a taste—there’s a lot more to come this week, so be sure to visit each day!