Flashback Favorites and Throwback Standard Gauntlets

Posted in Magic Online on August 2, 2017

By Lee Sharpe

In 2016 we ran the Year of Modern Flashbacks, where most weeks we moved through Magic's history as a format. We wanted to do something similar in 2017. We had the following goals as key to the experience:

  • Allow players week-long opportunities to explore or relive a part of Magic's history.
  • After the first weeks of a new major set, always have alternate offerings available for players to participate in.

For 2017, we'll be breaking this into two different types of events: Flashback Favorites and Throwback Standard Gauntlets.

Flashback Favorites

Flashback Favorites are a selection of the most popular draft formats from Magic Online's history, from both before Modern and after. A lot of players have let us know how much they enjoyed the Year of Modern Flashbacks in 2016, and for 2017 we wanted to continue to allow players to play some of their favorite older sets.

We're going to be doing these events a little differently this year. Players appreciated keeping their cards, and we want to keep that part of the experience, so they won't be phantom. However, many players were frustrated by the single elimination nature of the league. We decided to change these events to a three-round league that has prizes similar to the very popular Intermediate Draft structure. Here is the new structure we'll be using for flashback events this year.

Flashback Favorites Leagues

Duration: One week, beginning and ending with downtime or (if no downtime) Wednesday at 10 a.m. Pacific

Location: Play Lobby -> Limited Tournaments -> Leagues

Entry Options:

  • 12 Event Tickets
  • 3 of the appropriate boosters + 2 Event Tickets
  • 120 Play Points

Structure: Draft, then up to 3 matches at your convenience


  • 3 wins: 240 Play Points
  • 2 wins: 80 Play Points

We look forward to offering you the community's favorite flashback formats!

Throwback Standard Gauntlet Series

Magic: The Gathering has a rich history, and flashback drafts have allowed you to explore the limited offerings of the past. But what about Constructed? What about the Standard formats of old? Don't you want to experience them? That's where the Throwback Standard Gauntlet Series comes in!

These events are gauntlet (meaning you'll be given a random deck from a set of selected lists), will run as a 3-match (regardless of record) league, and have the same entry and prize structure as we do for leagues for Cube Drafts and other phantom events. The decklists for each gauntlet will be published on Magic Online's website before the event is run.

These Standard Gauntlet events will be running for one week each, and we'll be proceeding chronologically forward through Magic's history, all the way back to the 1990s. Magic R&D will be working with Randy Buehler to design the gauntlets. Randy has been involved with the Pro Tour for a long time as player, a commentator, and former director of Magic R&D. His deep knowledge of Constructed Magic and its history will help create authentic and fun experiences for Magic Online players interested in this series.

Hopefully you look forward to playing in some great Standard environments from Magic's history!

Throwback Standard Gauntlet

Location: Play Lobby -> Constructed Tournaments -> Leagues

Entry Options:

  • 10 Event Tickets
  • 100 Play Points

Format: Players will be assigned an old Standard deck at random.

Structure: Up to 3 matches at your convenience


  • 3 wins: 150 Play Points
  • 2 wins: 100 Play Points
  • 1 win: 40 Play Points
  • 0 wins: 10 Play Points

Flashback/Throwback/Cube Schedule

January 4–January 11: Flashback Favorites (Zendikar/Zendikar/Zendikar)

January 11–January 25: Legacy Cube

January 25–February 22: Break for Aether Revolt

February 22–March 1: Flashback Favorites (Khans of Tarkir)

March 1–March 8: Flashback Favorites (Invasion–Planeshift–Apocalypse)

March 8–March 22: Modern Cube

March 22–April 12: Modern Masters: 2017 Edition

April 5-12: Throwback Standard Gauntlet (Mirage-Tempest Era)

April 12-April 24: Legacy Cube

April 24-May 17: Break for Amonkhet

May 17-24: Throwback Standard Gauntlet (Combo Winter)

May 24-31: Flashback Favorites (3x Mirrodin)

May 31-June 7: Throwback Standard Gauntlet (Early 2000s)

June 7-14: Throwback Standard Gauntlet (Mirrodin Standard)

June 14-June 21: Battle of the Planes

June 21-July 9: Vintage Cube

July 10-August 9: Break for Hour of Devastation

August 9-August 16: Flashback Favorites (Odyssey-Odyssey-Odyssey)

August 16-August 23: Throwback Standard Gauntlet (Tribal Lorwyn)

August 23-August 30: Flashback Favorites (Ravnica-Ravnica-Ravnica)

August 30-September 6: Throwback Standard Gauntlet (Worldwake)

September 6-September 25: Modern Cube

September 25-October 25: Break for Ixalan

October 25 – November 1: 3x Innistrad Flashback

November 1— November 8: Innistrad-era Throwback Standard Gauntlet

November 8 – November 17: Recent Past Throwback Standard Gauntlet

November 17 – December 6: Iconic Masters

December 6 – December 13: Gauntlet of Greatness

December 13 – December 20: Vintage Masters

December 20 – January 15: Vintage Cube

January 15: Rivals of Ixalan events begin


Lee Sharpe

Digital Product Manager – Magic Online

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