Kamigawa Block (CBS) Sealed Deck Tournament IV

Posted in Magic Online on February 1, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Long before Mirrodin existed, on the other side of the Multiverse, there was Kamigawa—a plane in the midst of a terrible war. Spirits are launching attacks against humans as, in the shadows, a terror lurks just beyond sight.

A gang of Akki goblins try to flee from an angry ice spirit that appears from out of nowhere. A cloud of bizarre creatures emerge from a samurai's heirloom lantern, attacking him while he sleeps. At the Minamo School, students of wizardry fight nonstop to stem a flow of strange beings that materialize from within the Great Waterfall.

Play with a favorite classic block, compete for great prizes, and rejoin the Kami War!

Kamigawa Block Sealed Deck Tournament IV

START TIME: Sunday February 7, 2010 11:00 AM PDT / 1800 UTC.

SIZE: 33 players minimum, 512 players maximum.

DURATION: 6 rounds. Play in all six rounds, win or lose!

LOCATION: Premier Events room.

ADMISSION: 30 event tickets (tournament product will be supplied)

PRODUCT PROVIDED: 2 Champions of Kamigawa™ (CHK) boosters, 2 Betrayers of Kamigawa™ (BOK) Boosters, and 2 Saviors of Kamigawa™(SOK) Boosters.

PRIZE SUPPORT: Prizes are based on the total match points at the end of the tournament. Each match win awards 3 points and each loss awards 0 points.

PointsProduct PrizeQPs
181 complete premium foil set – winner’s choice of any Kamigawa block expansion3
1515 booster packs (5 CHK, 5 BOK, 5 SOK)2
129 booster packs (3 CHK, 3 BOK, 3 SOK)1
93 booster packs (1 CHK, 1 BOK, 1 SOK)0

All players in the CBS IV tournament will receive one each of the three Kamigawa block prerelease promo cards (Ryusei, the Falling Star; Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni; and Kiyomaro, First to Stand). Players with 15 or more match points and the end of the tournament will also receive premium versions of these promo cards.

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