Magic Online Announcements August 22, 2017

Posted in Magic Online on August 22, 2017

By Wizards of the Coast

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Quick Links

Team Draft Super League tonight at 6 p.m. PT

Team Draft Super League is back tonight at 6 p.m. PT. Team Draft Super League is a live streamed event Tuesday night on our Twitch channel. You can also watch past Team Draft Super Leagues on our YouTube channel.

Tonight begins the Team Draft Super League Semifinal! Watch teams Peach Garden Oath and Team Madison battle it out in the Top 4! Team roster is below:

Peach Garden Oath Team Madison


Flashback Favorites: Triple Ravnica begins tomorrow, August 23

Tomorrow Flashback Favorites: Triple Ravnica begins! You will be able to enter this event after extended downtime tomorrow and the event will run through August 30. Note that the Flashback Favorites and Throwback Gauntlet schedule has changed. Please refer to this article for the most up-to-date schedule.


Throwback Standard Gauntlet: Worldwake coming August 30

Keep your eyes peeled this Wednesday for the decklists and other details regarding Throwback Standard Gauntlet: Worldwake! Throwback Standard Gauntlet: Worldwake will begin on August 30 and run through September 6.

More details about Throwback Standard Gauntlets can be found here.


New Vintage League begins August 30!

You heard it right, Vintage Leagues will soon be available on Magic Online! Check out Lee Sharpe's article here for all of the exciting details!


Magic Online Standard RPTQ for Pro Tour Ixalan on Saturday, August 26

Magic Online Regional Pro Tour Qualifier (RPTQ) for Pro Tour Ixalan will take place on Saturday, August 26. These events are only open to players who qualified via in-store Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier events – pre-registration is also required.

Additional details about Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers can be found here.


Modern MOCS Monthly Sunday, August 27

Magic Online Championship Series (MOCS) Modern Monthly Event is coming up on August 27! Players can spend 35 Qualifier Points (QPs) to enter the event. The series will contain 24 Monthly Events, each of which qualify top players for one of the four Playoff Events. These Playoff Events qualify top players for the Magic Online Championship, a Pro Tour, and the Pro Tour Challenge event at that Pro Tour.

Monthly and Playoff Events also award top players MOCS Leaderboard Points for the year as a whole. Top players on the Leaderboard at the end of the 2017 MOCS will qualify for the year-end Championship event.

We look forward to seeing you on August 27 for the latest Monthly Event! Learn more about the 2017 Magic Online Championship Series here.


Game restart bug to be fixed in tomorrow's extended downtime

During tomorrow's extended downtime, the Magic Online team will be implimenting a fix for the bug that has been triggering your games to restart. We want to thank everyone for your patience while our team worked hard on a resolution for the issue.


Magic Online Format Challenges back this weekend

The Magic Online Format Challenges introduced a new prize structure and recurring weekend events for Modern, Vintage, 1v1 Commander, Legacy, and Pauper formats!

Events begin every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. PT, and run through Sunday. Check out this page for further event details as well as the weekend schedule.


Extended downtime tomorrow, August 23

Magic Online will have extended downtime tomorrow, August 23. We expect to be back online by noon Pacific. The next downtime will be September 20, which will also be extended (3 a.m. PT/10:00 p.m. UTC).

Follow Magic Online's Twitter account for live updates during downtime.


Build Notes

Standard | Diregraf Colossus will no longer restart the game.

Duel Scene | Some display issues have been fixed with the inactivity timer.

Play Lobby | Prizes for events can now be viewed directly in the client! Look for the “View Prizes” button in an event’s details page.

Collection | When a binder is open, the "Add More" button has returned when you right click on a tradeable object.

Collection | All blue PTQ entry objects have been removed.


Ongoing and Upcoming Events

Head on over to our shiny new event calendar at for an easy-to-digest breakdown of events happening all across Magic Online.



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