Magic Online Announcements August 8, 2017

Posted in Magic Online on August 8, 2017

By Wizards of the Coast

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Quick Links

Team Draft Super League tonight at 6 p.m. PT

Team Draft Super League is back tonight at 6 p.m. PT. Team Draft Super League is a live streamed event Tuesday night on our Twitch channel. You can also watch past Team Draft Super Leagues on our YouTube channel.

Tonight begins the Team Draft Super League Semifinal! Watch teams ChannelFireball and Dem Boyz battle it out in the Top 4! Team roster is below:

ChannelFireball Dem Boyz


Flashback Favorites: Triple Odyssey begins tomorrow, August 9

Tomorrow Flashback Favorites: Triple Odyssey begins! You will be able to enter this event at 10 a.m. PT on August 9 and the event will run through August 16. Please note that the following cards will not be in the booster collation: Charmed Pendant, Holistic Wisdom, and Painbringer.

More details about Flashback Favorites can be found here.



Throwback Standard Gauntlet 5: Ravnica coming August 16

Keep your eyes peeled this Thursday for the decklists and other details regarding Throwback Standard Gauntlet 5: Ravnica! Throwback Standard Gauntlet 5: Ravnica will begin on August 16 and run throught August 23.

More details about Throwback Standard Gauntlets can be found here.


The August MOPR Promo period is underway

The August MOPR period runs from July 26 to August 30. On August 31, the MOPR changes announced last week will be implemented. Here is this month’s promo card:

Event and Store Promo

Fatal Push

Yes, thats right! Fatal Push is the August promo for BOTH the Event and Store!

Play in one or more events during the August MOPR period and you'll get a non-premium Fatal Push. Play in five or more and you'll get an additional premium Fatal Push. Spend at least $20 total in the Magic Online Store during this MOPR period and you'll get a non-premium Fatal Push. By spending $40 or more, you'll get an additional premium Fatal Push.


Standard PTQ for Pro Tour Ixalan Saturday, August 12

Attention all Pro Tour hopefuls: A Pro Tour Qualifier (PTQ) is approaching! We hope to see you in the PTQ Finals on Saturday, August 12 at 9 a.m. PT. There is no need to qualify through a Preliminary for Constructed, simply join this event with 30 Event Tickets, 300 Play Points or a spare Blue Constructed PTQ Finals Entry Token!

Learn more about Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifiers here.


Hour of Devastation/Amonkhet Sealed PTQ for Pro Tour Ixalan Sunday, August 13

Attention all Pro Tour hopefuls: A Pro Tour Qualifier (PTQ) is approaching! We hope to see you in the PTQ Finals on Sunday, August 13 at 7 a.m. PT. Qualify for this event by earning a PTQ Entry Token in a Preliminary.

Learn more about Magic Online Pro Tour Qualifiers here.


Magic Online Format Challenges back this weekend

The Magic Online Format Challenges introduced a new prize structure and recurring weekend events for Modern, Vintage, 1v1 Commander, Legacy, and Pauper formats!

Events begin every Saturday at 8:00 a.m. PT, and run through Sunday. Check out this page for further event details as well as the weekend schedule.


No downtime tomorrow, August 9

There will be no downtime tomorrow, August 9. The next two downtimes will be August 23 and September 20, both of which will be extended (3 a.m. PT/10:00 p.m. UTC).

Follow Magic Online's Twitter account for live updates during downtime.


Bug Blog updates

Store | Gideon, Martial Paragon Amonkhet Planeswalker deck has 1 Gideon's Intervention instead of 1 Glory-Bound Initiate

Vintage | With Solemnity in play, you are still prompted to pay one mana for cards with Cumulative Upkeep that have zero Age counters.

Collection | A warning message is missing when adding cards that are in a deck in a League to a new Trade Binder.

Standard | Diregraf Colossus will in rare cases reset the game.

Duel Scene | If a creature is blocked by two creatures with combined toughness equal to the blocked creature’s power, you are unable to divide combat damage.

Standard | Sunscourge Champion will cause you to lose life if it has negative power when its trigger resolves.

Limited | If Trueheart Duelist blocks multiple attackers, as well as another creature as part of a group, damage assignment errors can arise.

Multiplayer | If a commander is chosen for Riches in Rags // Riches, no other opponents need to choose a creature.

General | Eventide Mimics trigger even when a card of only one of its colors is cast.

Standard | Vizier of Many Faces keeps its abilities when an opponent controls Overwhelming Splendor.


Ongoing and Upcoming Events

Head on over to our shiny new event calendar at for an easy-to-digest breakdown of events happening all across Magic Online.



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