Magic Online Bug Blog November 16, 2017

Posted in Magic Online on November 16, 2017

By Wizards of the Coast

What Is the Magic Online Bug Blog?

The "Bug Blog" is a running list of updates, alongside a list of Magic Online known issues. Here you'll find a list of emergent new issues, details around issue statuses when applicable, known issue workarounds, a running tally of known issues updates, as well as the full Known Issues List. The Bug Blog posts to every other Thursday.

Want to find out when something was fixed? Check out the Fixed Known Issues Archive.

Expect the next Bug Blog on Thursday, November 29, 2017!


The Known Issues List below has been updated to reflect the "Change Log" section, so refer to that for the most up-to-date statuses on Magic Online known issues. If you want to see the history of fixed known issues, refer to the archive.

Change Log

Newly Added Known Issues


  • Hotkeys do not function correctly with "you may draw a card" effects.
  • Kess, Dissident Mage has issues with casting spells through alternative methods.
  • The Ur-Dragon also reduces its own casting cost.

Newly Fixed Known Issues


  • Trinisphere interacts incorrectly when 3 or more cost-reduction effects apply to spells being cast.
  • Conqueror's Galleon will incorrectly return to the battlefield transformed under its owner's control.
  • Certain Treasure prompts do not display mana in WUBRG order.

Known Issues List

The following is a list of known issues on Magic Online. Our goal with the known issues list is to give players insight into what we're working on, as well as helping players avoid problematic bugs and performance issues.

Please note, this is not a comprehensive list of known issues; it simply contains the ones that we feel players are most likely to encounter. If you're curious behind the specific rationale of which issues are included, we talk a little bit more about it here.


The Magic Online known issues list is divided up into several categories.

Client and Gameplay known issues are based around the client and broad mechanical interactions. Each known issue is also sorted by where you're likely to encounter it within the client; those categories are listed below. You can search the below table by keyword, or click each header to sort alphabetically.

Categories: Collection, Deckbuilding, Duel Scene, General, Leagues, Play Lobby, and Trade.

Cardset known issues are based around specific cards or groups of cards that are not working as intended. Each known issue is also sorted by which format is likely to see the greatest impact from that bug. You can search the below table for specific formats, or click each header to sort alphabetically.

Cardset Categories: Standard, Limited, Commander, Modern, Sealed, Draft, General, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, and Flashback Draft.

Status Description Category
Ongoing Hotkeys do not function correctly with "you may draw a card" effects. General (Duel Scene)
Ongoing Kess, Dissident Mage as issues with casting spells through alternative methods. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing The Ur-Dragon also reduces its own casting cost. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing Token creatures do not always display newly given keywords. A workaround is zooming in on the token. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing The Keybindings for 'Yes' and 'No' do not function correctly with Shocklands such as Steam Vents. Duel Scene
Ongoing Harsh Mentor's triggered ability also affects abilities activated from creatures in the graveyard. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Cards with "becomes a copy of target card and gains this ability" do not display the blue text of that ability. General
Ongoing Doubling Season incorrectly doubles loyalty counters added from costs of loyalty abilities. General
Ongoing If you cast Savage Stomp with Gonti, Lord of Luxury and your opponent controls a dinosaur, the cost will incorrectly be reduced by 2. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Magic Online Player Rewards Boosters and Treasure Chests can combine into the same object in the collection scene. Workaround: Check "Show Versions Seperately" in the versions filter when viewing cards. Collection
Ongoing Switching between different views and non-default sorting in binders can yield erratic results. Collection
Ongoing If a game ends with less than 2 minutes remaining on the clock, you are unable to draw extra cards or reveal your hand. General (Duel Scene)
Ongoing Sunbird's Invocation will not allow you to select a card if you have fewer cards in your library than the original spell's Converted Mana Cost. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing Axis of Mortality still fully resolves when a player cannot gain life. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing Settle the Wreckage does not give the targeted player the option to not search their library. Cardset (Standard, Modern)
Ongoing Rimescale Dragon does not place an Ice Counter on targeted creatures. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Commandeer does not gain control of the targeted noncreature spell. Cardset (Commander, Legacy, Vintage)
Ongoing Collected Company does not allow you to put fewer than the maximum number of creatures onto the battlefield. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing Gishath, Sun's Avatar does not allow you to decline to put a Dinosaur creature into play if you have one in your hand. Cardset (Limited, Standard)
Ongoing There are known issues with giving a spell that is put on the bottom of a library as it resolves the flashback ability. General
Ongoing If a user chooses to modify a submitted trade offer, no cards will display. Workaround: Select "Reset All Filters" to re-display the cards. General (Trade)
Ongoing Certain cards, such as Hada Freeblade, do not display a legality error for the Pauper format in the collection scene. General (Collection)
Ongoing If Unesh, Criosphinx Sovereign or similar creatures have their creature type changed, they do not trigger. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing If Fathom Feeder is activated on an opponent's turn it also exiles the top card of your library. Cardset (General)
Ongoing Goblin Game reveals your chosen number before your opponents choose. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing As Foretold incorrectly does not apply to cards able to be cast due to Abandoned Sarcophagus. Cardset (Limited, Standard)
Ongoing Certain cards that reveal an opponent's hand report this information twice in the chat log. Cardset (General)
Ongoing Creatures with attacking restrictions will display an error message when forced to attack. Workaround: Unselect them and select them again individually as attackers. Cardset (General)
Ongoing The damage spinner on a player's avatar is sometimes hidden by targeting arrows. General
Ongoing Tawnos's Coffin can hang the game in rare circumstances. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Prince of Thralls in rare cases will ask its owner to pay life instead of an opponent. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing The undo function works incorrectly with Torment of Hailfire. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing Casting an untargeted splice spell (e.g. Desperate Ritual) and splicing a targeted spell (e.g. Psychic Puppetry) onto it a game server reset can occur. Cardset (Modern, Commander)
Ongoing Misdirection can reset the game in rare cases. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing With Solemnity in play, you are still prompted to pay one mana for cards with Cumulative Upkeep that have zero Age counters. Cardset (Vintage)
Ongoing A warning message is missing when adding cards that are in a deck in a League to a new Trade Binder. Collection
Ongoing Sunscourge Champion will cause you to lose life if it has negative power when its trigger resolves. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing If Trueheart Duelist blocks multiple attackers, as well as another creature as part of a group, damage assignment errors can arise. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing If a commander is chosen for Riches in Rags // Riches, no other opponents need to choose a creature. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Vizier of Many Faces keeps its abilities when an opponent controls Overwhelming Splendor. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Gideon, Martial Paragon AKH Planeswalker deck has 1 Gideon's Intervention instead of 1 Glory-Bound Initiate. General (Store)
Ongoing If a creature is blocked by two creatures with combined toughness equal to the blocked creature’s power you are unable to divide combat damage. Cardset (General)
Ongoing Eventide Mimics such as Riverfall Mimic trigger even when a card of only one of its colors is cast. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing If you add more than 60 basic lands to a deck, you may not be able to use saved decks from that event in that event. General
Ongoing Hollow One doesn’t count discarded split cards. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing Casting Profane Command choosing to give creatures fear when you control no creatures prompts a large number. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Ignite Memories and similar cards can cause a game restart if the target has no cards in hand. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing The Great Aurora does not function correctly. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing When controlling the Emblem of Koth of the Hammer, lands do not display the blue text they have. Cardset (Legacy)
Ongoing Containment Priest exiles Theros Gods even when their devotion isn't met. Cardset (Legacy)
Ongoing If Containment Priest and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite are both Exhumed, Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite is exiled and her effect lasts indefinitely. Cardset (Legacy)
Ongoing If you manifest a creature with Grafdigger's Cage in play, it will be exiled. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing Lands that add a specific color to your mana pool to cast a particular creature type do not function correctly. Cardset (General)
Ongoing Clicking Play in a League will reset your card view to Pile View. General
Ongoing Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Vryn Wingmare incorrectly add to the cost to use splice onto Arcane abilities. Cardset (Commander, Legacy, Modern)
Ongoing Clan Messages longer than 67 characters will be incorrectly be shortened. General
Ongoing Adding a player to the Buddies List will remove them from the Blocked List. Account
Ongoing Conceding in a multiplayer match while the temporary window is open will prevent the game from proceeding. Multiplayer
Ongoing Auras that remove card types cannot be put onto the battlefield from your library. Cardset (General)
Ongoing Replays will not correctly run when a player is asked to name a card. General
Ongoing Attacked planeswalkers that change control mid-combat are still dealt damage. Cardset (General)
Ongoing If you open an event that is between rounds, the display timer will show 00:00, even if there is time remaining. Play Lobby
Ongoing In rare cases, reconnecting to a draft as the pick timer hits zero will duplicate the drafted card. Once deck building starts, it is correctly removed. Drafting Screen
Ongoing Targeting comments do not appear when selecting permanents that have a trigger on the stack. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Curse of Shallow Graves creates Zombie tokens with incorrect art. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Custodi Lich's sacrifice trigger does not occur if The Monarch token was already present. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Riptide Replicator’s token uses incorrect art. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Runic Repetition does not function. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Athreos, God of Passage does not associate its triggers with specific creatures. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Combat Celebrant does not allow you to exert it when attacking a planeswalker. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing Crumbling Vestige does not give Reflecting Pool the ability to add any color of mana to your mana pool. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing Memory Lapse moves aftermath cards back on top of the library instead of to the exile zone. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Synthetic Destiny and Mass Polymorph do not take commanders into account when determining the number of creatures to reveal. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Watching a replay where a player names a card will cause a game crash. General
Ongoing Oubliette getting destroyed causes the game to soft lock. Cardset (Pauper)
Ongoing During sideboarding, users are unable to submit decks that have been loaded from the saved deck list. The workaround for this is to make a change to the deck, such as adding a card and then removing it. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing Casting a second copy of Gideon's Intervention causes the first to become non-functional, allowing the named card to be cast and deal damage. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Thornbow Archer is incorrectly granting 1 life to opponents that do not control an Elf, rather than causing them to lose 1 life. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing Selecting yes to anything other than artifacts with two Storage Matrices in play causes the game to soft lock. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing When Vizier of Many Faces copies a token creature that was created with embalm, the Vizier will display with no art. Cardset (Limited)
Ongoing Some users are experiencing difficulties confirming a password change through the link provided in the password reset email. General (Account Creation)
Ongoing Inspiring Statuary does not give improvise to cards exiled by the triggered ability of Gonti, Lord of Luxury. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Dominator Drone's ability is not correctly causing life loss to its controller's opponent when its controller also controls a colorless creature. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Players who attempt to join an event within a very short timeframe (less than 1 minute) after the event has already launched are not receiving an error message stating that they did not get in. General
Ongoing Cards that allow a player to search their opponent's library and remove a named card, such as Lost Legacy, are not allowing the player to remove named split cards. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing The first ability of Jace, Architect of Thought is not creating an effect shield. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing Non-creature permanents that become creatures temporarily are considered blocked when affected by Mirror Match. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing If a player concedes a match while looking at the top cards of their library in a multiplayer match, the game will soft-lock. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Casting Whims of the Fates causes a game crash. Cardset (Modern, Commander)
Ongoing The triggered ability of Apathy causes a soft-lock. Cardset (Vintage, Legacy)
Ongoing Cards exiled by the triggered abilities of a number of cards which exile a card from their controller's library appear to be coming from the opponent's library instead. This affects cards such as Bomat Courier, Windbrisk Heights, and other similar cards. This is a display issue only. Cardset (Modern, Standard, Legacy)
Ongoing Exporting a deck with a very long folder pathname (over 240 characters) gives a confusing error message regarding the exported deck's file extension. Collection
Ongoing Non-land permanents that have become lands due to an enchantment, such as Imprisoned in the Moon, do not trigger the third ability of The Gitrog Monster when put into the graveyard Cardset (Standard, Commander)
Ongoing Casting two copies of Emrakul, the Promised End does not give the opponent two extra turns. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Players are unable to correctly select a card type with Cloud Key. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing Creatures that have been affected by the goad ability from all opponents are unable to attack any opponent. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing In rare cases, deleted binders continue to appear in the binders list. Collapsing and reopening the Binders section will remove deleted binders. Trade
Ongoing Abilities of objects that have changed color incorrectly display descriptive text indicating the changed color while on the stack Duel Scene
Ongoing Emerge spells cast for their emerge cost do not allow players to undo the creature sacrifice selection. Players may cancel and recast the spell to sacrifice a different creature. Duel Scene
Ongoing The prompt box for the additional cost of Nahiri's Wrath contains a grammatical error when selecting a single target. Duel Scene
Ongoing While on the stack, the triggered ability of Hanweir Garrison contains a text error that indicates an incorrect number of tokens to be added. This is a display issue only. Duel Scene
Ongoing Player who get disconnected with an open chat window will find that every message in that window will appear to have been sent by the other player. General
Ongoing If a player controls two or more Amulet of Vigors, Magic Online will automatically stack all triggers from the Amulets together, rather than allowing players to choose how to stack their triggers. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing Kira, Great-Glass Spinner's ability does not grant the appropriate triggered ability. Cardset (Cube, Modern)
Ongoing Creatures that enter the battlefield with counters based on the number of creatures in the graveyard (for example, Undergrowth Scavenger) do not count themselves if they are put onto the battlefield directly from the graveyard. Cardset (Pauper)
Ongoing If a token creature stops being blocked (perhaps because all blocking creatures were destroyed), it will return to a pile with other identical tokens if any are present. Once there, the game log is the only way to identify which creature was blocked. To identify this creature, players can point their cursor to the name of the token in the game log entry that identifies the attacking creatures and locate the creature that no longer has a blocking creature associated with it. Duel Scene
Ongoing Some cards with the madness ability do not display the correct reminder text. Notably, this includes Fiery Temper. Cardset (General)
Ongoing Odric, Lunarch Marshal's triggered ability ignores the hexproof ability on a creature if it only has it temporarily. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing When some cards with madness are discarded, the triggered ability does not display the madness cost while on the stack. Players can find this information by right-clicking the card or by viewing the game log. Cardset (General)
Ongoing Abilities that trigger from a permanent becoming the target of a spell or ability (such as that of Silverfur Partisan) are not triggered by copies of spells automatically put onto the stack. For example: if a player controls Zada, Hedron Grinder and casts a spell on Zada, when Zada's triggered ability resolves, the player will be prompted to choose targets for the copies made by Zada. If the player chooses targets for the copies individually, Silverfur Partisan's ability will trigger correctly. If the player clicks OK to automatically choose the targets, the Partisan's ability won't trigger. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Fork in the Road fails to display the destination zones of the chosen lands in the game log. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Infectious Curse provides no indication as to which player has been cursed. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing If Heir of Falkenrath’s ability is used to transform it into Heir to the Night, then it transforms back into Heir of Falkenrath in the same turn in some way, its activated ability can be used again. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Ever After resolves immediately upon selection of the second target instead of allowing the player to click a "Done" button. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Narset, Enlightened Master's triggered ability does not allow players to cast split spells (such as Fire // Ice). Cardset (Commander, Modern)
Ongoing Eldrazi Spawn and Scions created by cards from the Battle for Zendikar and Rise of the Eldrazi sets display "Add {1} to your mana pool" instead of "Add {C} to your mana pool" upon zoom. As this change in template was not a functional change, these tokens continue to function correctly. Cardset (Standard, Modern)
Ongoing Cards that require a player to remove any number of +1/+1 counters (such as Retribution of the Ancients or Ooze Flux) incorrectly do not allow a player to remove any counters. Cardset (Standard)
Ongoing Mass Polymorph incorrectly does not count exiled commanders when determining how many creature cards to put onto the battlefield. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing When a player casts Kozilek, the Great Distortion, its triggered ability incorrectly triggers if the casting player has seven or more cards in hand. Upon resolution, the player will not draw cards if he or she already has seven or more cards in hand. Cardset (Commander, Legacy, Modern, Standard)
Ongoing Cards that are exiled by Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger incorrectly show association arrows while in the Exiled Zone. Cardset (Commander, Legacy, Modern, Standard)
Ongoing Myriad Landscape's activated ability incorrectly allows a player to put two basic lands that do not share a land type onto the battlefield. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Under rare circumstances, a player who controls two creatures that can't attack alone (such as Bonded Construct) but must attack with one of them will be able to attack with only that creature rather than being required to attack with both. Cardset (General)
Ongoing When Entreat the Angels is on the stack with 0 chosen for X, the blue text that typically indicates the value of X does not appear. Cardset (Legacy)
Ongoing Magic Origins planeswalkers used as commanders will not return to the battlefield after exiling themselves. WORKAROUND: Players can avoid this issue by making sure the “Exile zone, not command zone” option is selected. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Atarka's Command's first activated ability doesn't appear in the Effect zone after it resolves. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing Cards cast with conspire that require a player to sacrifice a creature as an additional cost to cast, such as Life's Legacy and Momentous Fall, incorrectly look at the power and toughness of the last creature clicked for conspire. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Casting Sylvan Primordial causes the game to be locked in a multiplayer game if there are no legal targets for one player. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing Abilities that generate replacement effects preventing specific cards from being put into graveyards (such as those found on Progenitus or Blightsteel Colossus) do not function properly while resolving Grenzo, Dungeon Warden's activated ability. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing If a permanent enters the battlefield as a copy of a permanent that had a choice made as it entered (such as Door of Destinies or Painter's Servant), the copy correctly allows the controller to make a new choice, but the abilities of the copy that refer to that choice do not function correctly. Cardset (Commander)
Ongoing If Deceiver of Form's triggered ability turns creatures into copies of a legendary creature, the legend rule fails to apply to the copies. Cardset (Commander, Limited, Standard)
Ongoing The mana abilities of Wall of Roots and Kozilek's Translator cannot be activated while paying the mana cost of a spell or ability. Players can still activate these abilities at any time that player has priority. Cardset (Modern, Standard)
Ongoing If a player attempts to sacrifice a pile of Eldrazi babies (Scions or Spawn) at once, only one of those tokens will be sacrificed. Cardset (Limited, Modern, Standard)
Ongoing Cardset | If Vesuva copies a land with a static ability and then is later turned into a basic land (perhaps by a Blood Moon or Spreading Seas), that static ability will not be removed. Triggered and activated abilities are correctly removed. Cardset (Modern)
Ongoing When some cards with madness are discarded, the triggered ability does not display the madness cost while on the stack. Players can find this information by right-clicking the card or by viewing the game log. Duel Scene
Ongoing If a creature enters the battlefield and then gains haste, it no longer indicates that it entered the battlefield that turn. Cardset (General)
Ongoing Creatures with a protection ability incorrectly display that ability twice. Cardset (General)
Ongoing When a double-faced creature is copied by a non-token creature, the copy is incorrectly resistant to effects that would turn it face down, such as Ixidron’s triggered ability. Only double-faced cards cannot be turned face down. Cardset (General)
Ongoing The Search Tool is not present in the Other Products tab of a trade Trade
Ongoing Dropping out of a game does not concede the game if the player is not the first one to drop out Duel Scene (Commander)
Ongoing Under rare circumstances, the Game Details window will display buttons to replay matches instead of a round timer or standings. As a temporary workaround, logging out and back in resolves the issue. Play Lobby
Ongoing Land cards that use the multicolor land frame but do not have mana symbols in their rules text do not appear when filtering to display colorless cards. These lands do appear when filtering for land cards, however. Collection
Ongoing If a player's spell or ability causes his or her own cards to be revealed, those cards are incorrectly not added to the player's own Revealed Cards area. The player's opponent should still see the revealed cards correctly. Duel Scene
Ongoing It is visually difficult to tell which set of blockers an attacking player is ordering when ordering multiple sets of multiple blocking creatures. WORKAROUND: You must start by ordering blockers for the left-most attacking creature, then hit OK to move on to the next attacking creature to the right. Duel Scene
Ongoing When face-down cards are given an activated ability, the art displays incorrectly on the stack when that ability is activated. Duel Scene
Ongoing When casting a spell, if there is any mana already in the player's pool, the most recently produced colored mana is automatically applied to the spell first. For example, if a player taps a Cavern of Souls (naming Human), then an Island, then casts Delver of Secrets, the blue mana applied to the Delver's mana cost will be that from the Island. If the player tapped the Island, then the Cavern, the Cavern's mana would be applied to the spell, and it would be appropriately uncounterable. Duel Scene
Ongoing While paying the mana cost for a card with delve, players cannot remove cards from the delve selection without canceling the casting process and starting over. Duel Scene
Ongoing If a player makes a selection, then reverses that selection with the "undo" keyboard shortcut (default: CTRL+Z), the game log will sometimes incorrectly show both cards the player selected. Notably, this includes Oath of Nissa and similar effects that ask a player to put one of a small number of cards into their hand. Duel Scene

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