Magic Online Player Rewards Changes!

Posted in Magic Online on July 31, 2017

By Lee Sharpe

Every month, Magic Online players who have opted in to Magic Online Player Rewards (MOPR) can receive promo cards based on their participation in events and their purchases in the Magic Online store. We're going to be changing this program starting August 30 so that instead of awarding promo cards directly, they award Player Rewards Packs.

Player Rewards Packs can be traded or opened. They contain a single promo card. All promos cards available in the pack are equally likely to be opened, and we'll keep an official list posted on the Magic Online Player Rewards page. We'll also be introducing some cool new promos with brand new art in these. For example, check this one out:

How do you get your Player Rewards Packs? First, opt in to Magic Online Player Rewards in the client if you aren't already by going to the Account tab, click the Policy Agreements tab, and then in the middle check the button for Yes, I'm eligible to receive rewards.

Once you're signed up, you can earn Player Rewards packs during month-long periods, defined as the last Wednesday of each month until the last Wednesday of the following month. Here's what you can do to get them:

  • Event Participation: If you've participated in at least one League course during the period, scheduled event you play in, or 8+ player queue, you'll receive a Player Rewards Pack. If you've played in five qualifying events, you'll get two more Player Rewards Packs, so you can earn up to three through event participation. (League courses count based on when you began the League course.)
  • Store Purchases: If you've spent $20 or more (excluding coupons, shipping fees, or taxes) in the Magic Online Store, you'll receive a Player Rewards Pack. If you've spend $40 (with the same exclusions), you'll get two more Player Rewards Packs, so you can earn up to three through store purchases.

This means you can earn up to six Player Rewards packs each month! Grants of the Player Rewards Packs will be issued to players who have signed up for MOPR and have met the requirements above during a downtime after that reward period has concluded.

You can check out the full legal rules and full list of promos here. Have fun earning those Player Rewards Packs!

Lee Sharpe

Digital Product Manager – Magic Online

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