Spotlight Cube Series – Proliferate Cube Returns

Posted in Magic Online on May 4, 2021

By Emma Handy

The updated Proliferate Cube is available to play on Magic Online May 5–12.

Howdy, gamers!

My name's Emma Handy, and I'm a member of the Play Design team here at Wizards of the Coast. Last year, I had the privilege of bringing my Proliferate Cube to Magic Online, and it went well enough that I have the privilege of updating it for another week of counters, combat, and combos!

The Basics

For anyone new to Cube, synergy is the name of the game. Drafting cards that are worth more than the sum of their parts is going to lead to more success than simply taking the best "rate" card out of each pack.

The archetypes are largely the same as the last version, with a bit of an overhaul to blue, but more on that later. Here are basic breakdowns for each archetype:

Green Stompy

Previously defined by how it ramped, the most successful green decks in this cube are going to be interested in hitting fast and hitting hard. With a bunch of efficient two-drops that use +1/+1 counters to size into the mid- and late game, being proactive is key here.

Ramp is still certainly possible with cards like Joraga Treespeaker, Gyre Sage, and Fertilid—there are just fewer ramp payoffs in this cube.

Red Aggro

Second verse, same as the first. It's astonishing how many of mono-red aggro's all-time greats involve counters. For anyone who's drafted much mono-red aggro in Cube, you'll find a bunch of the mainstays you've come to know and love.

Black-Based Sacrifice

Black-based sacrifice is the center of a chunk of synergy in the cube, with a bunch of synergies playing from the graveyard or paying players for their creatures dying. Red has a good number of cards that play well to this, and green has some serious combo potential with cards like Kitchen Finks and Melira, Sylvok Outcast.

White Aggro

White goes the widest of all the colors in the cube, with some token themes and a ton of small creatures to get out onto the battlefield quickly. From there, cards like Venerated Loxodon and Unbreakable Formation build a smaller battalion into an unbeatable army.

Blue Blink

Here's the biggest deviation from the first version of Proliferate Cube: blue flicker. This one is straightforward and is certainly going to resonate with any Pauper fans who find themselves in a Proliferate Cube draft pod thanks to creatures that get a ton of their value as soon as they hit the battlefield and cards that let you recycle those enters-the-battlefield effects for max durdle. Soulherder is the premium uncommon for this deck, so if you see one early, move in.

There's still some of the same combo-y goodness from Proliferate Cube's first appearance (you can find more details in the first article), just in case battlefields get too clogged or removal doesn't seem important enough.

As with the first time, the more you play, the more you'll learn. Try out some of the sideways decks that feel a bit more "hidden" (Astral Cornucopia Ramp, anyone?) and unlock some games that wouldn't happen in any other Magic format. I can't wait to tear open some packs and metaphorically sink my teeth into some more counters-fueled shenanigans, so I'll see you in the queues.

Full Proliferate Cube List

Name Color
Star Pupil WHITE
Icatian Javelineers WHITE
Kytheon, Hero of Akros WHITE
Mikaeus, the Lunarch WHITE
Student of Warfare WHITE
Thraben Inspector WHITE
Adanto Vanguard WHITE
Ainok Bond-Kin WHITE
Anafenza, Kin-Tree Spirit WHITE
Grateful Apparition WHITE
Hidden Dragonslayer WHITE
Knight of the White Orchid WHITE
Lightwalker WHITE
Luminarch Aspirant WHITE
Martyr for the Cause WHITE
Phantom Nomad WHITE
Sunhome Stalwart WHITE
Tempered Veteran WHITE
Topan Freeblade WHITE
Vizier of Remedies WHITE
Abzan Falconer WHITE
Blade Splicer WHITE
Burrenton Bombardier WHITE
Fairgrounds Warden WHITE
Heliod, Sun-Crowned WHITE
Porcelain Legionnaire WHITE
Recruiter of the Guard WHITE
Skyclave Apparition WHITE
Slith Ascendant WHITE
Abzan Battle Priest WHITE
Basri's Lieutenant WHITE
Hero of Bladehold WHITE
High Sentinels of Arashin WHITE
Luminous Broodmoth WHITE
Shade of Trokair WHITE
Angel of Invention WHITE
Archangel of Thune WHITE
Emiel the Blessed WHITE
Venerated Loxodon WHITE
Ajani, Caller of the Pride WHITE
Basri Ket WHITE
Ajani, Adversary of Tyrants WHITE
Path to Exile WHITE
Swords to Plowshares WHITE
Apostle's Blessing WHITE
Feat of Resistance WHITE
Otherworldly Journey WHITE
Unexpectedly Absent WHITE
Valorous Stance WHITE
Ephemerate WHITE
Unbreakable Formation WHITE
Swallow Whole WHITE
Basri's Solidarity WHITE
Declaration in Stone WHITE
Collective Effort WHITE
Council's Judgment WHITE
Glimmerpoint Stag WHITE
Planar Outburst WHITE
Wanderer's Strike WHITE
Legion's Landing WHITE
Heliod's Punishment WHITE
Journey to Nowhere WHITE
Ordeal of Heliod WHITE
Seal of Cleansing WHITE
Triumph of Gerrard WHITE
Banishing Light WHITE
Flickerwisp WHITE
Hanged Executioner WHITE
Cast Out WHITE
Faith's Fetters WHITE
Quarantine Field WHITE
Cathars' Crusade WHITE
Elspeth Conquers Death WHITE
Benthic Biomancer BLUE
Cloudfin Raptor BLUE
Enclave Cryptologist BLUE
Merchant's Dockhand BLUE
Pteramander BLUE
Aether Swooper BLUE
Etherium Sculptor BLUE
Faerie Vandal BLUE
Glint-Nest Crane BLUE
Kadena's Silencer BLUE
Alirios, Enraptured BLUE
Fblthp, the Lost BLUE
Riddlesmith BLUE
Skyship Plunderer BLUE
Storm Fleet Aerialist BLUE
Thrummingbird BLUE
Warkite Marauder BLUE
Watcher for Tomorrow BLUE
Animating Faerie BLUE
Brazen Borrower BLUE
Chasm Skulker BLUE
Emry, Lurker of the Loch BLUE
Flux Channeler BLUE
Guildpact Informant BLUE
Frost Trickster BLUE
Master of Etherium BLUE
Nadir Kraken BLUE
Parasitic Strix BLUE
Ruination Guide BLUE
Sai, Master Thopterist BLUE
Sailor of Means BLUE
Man-o'-War BLUE
Simic Manipulator BLUE
Skilled Animator BLUE
Spined Thopter BLUE
Wing Splicer BLUE
Phyrexian Metamorph BLUE
Venser, Shaper Savant BLUE
Skatewing Spy BLUE
Spark Double BLUE
Whirler Rogue BLUE
Deepglow Skate BLUE
Djinn of Wishes BLUE
Tezzeret, the Seeker BLUE
Riftwing Cloudskate BLUE
Zahid, Djinn of the Lamp BLUE
Jace, Cunning Castaway BLUE
Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer BLUE
Scholar of the Lost Trove BLUE
Clockspinning BLUE
Teferi, Master of Time BLUE
Remand BLUE
Repeal BLUE
Familiar's Ruse BLUE
Essence Scatter BLUE
Reality Shift BLUE
Teferi's Time Twist BLUE
Metallic Rebuke BLUE
Ghostly Flicker BLUE
Steady Progress BLUE
Glimmer of Genius BLUE
Commit // Memory BLUE
Ancestral Vision BLUE
Contentious Plan BLUE
Tezzeret's Gambit BLUE
Part the Waterveil BLUE
Aether Spellbomb BLUE
Witching Well BLUE
Aven Eternal BLUE
Ensoul Artifact BLUE
Midnight Clock BLUE
Medomai's Prophecy BLUE
Ordeal of Thassa BLUE
Imprisoned in the Moon BLUE
Corrupted Conscience BLUE
Bloodsoaked Champion BLACK
Carrion Feeder BLACK
Cruel Sadist BLACK
Disciple of the Vault BLACK
Fume Spitter BLACK
Guul Draz Assassin BLACK
Knight of the Ebon Legion BLACK
Mortician Beetle BLACK
Aether Poisoner BLACK
Blood Artist BLACK
Bloodghast BLACK
Bloodthrone Vampire BLACK
Butcher Ghoul BLACK
Dire Fleet Hoarder BLACK
Doomed Dissenter BLACK
Bloodsky Berserker BLACK
Fretwork Colony BLACK
Gluttonous Slug BLACK
Lampad of Death's Vigil BLACK
Lazotep Reaver BLACK
Nether Traitor BLACK
Valki, God of Lies BLACK
Priest of Forgotten Gods BLACK
Putrid Goblin BLACK
Scrapheap Scrounger BLACK
Sinuous Vermin BLACK
Skyclave Shade BLACK
Vampire Hexmage BLACK
Vault Skirge BLACK
Zulaport Cutthroat BLACK
Bloodflow Connoisseur BLACK
Drana, Liberator of Malakir BLACK
Dusk Urchins BLACK
Flesh Carver BLACK
Geralf's Messenger BLACK
Hagra Constrictor BLACK
Liliana, Heretical Healer BLACK
Murderous Rider BLACK
Taborax, Hope's Demise BLACK
Weaponcraft Enthusiast BLACK
Woe Strider BLACK
Yahenni, Undying Partisan BLACK
Endling BLACK
Kalitas, Traitor of Ghet BLACK
Skinrender BLACK
Yawgmoth, Thran Physician BLACK
Armix, Filigree Thrasher BLACK
Feaster of Fools BLACK
Marionette Master BLACK
Fatal Push BLACK
Tragic Slip BLACK
Heartless Act BLACK
Malicious Affliction BLACK
Subtle Strike BLACK
Grim Affliction BLACK
Hagra Mauling BLACK
Living Death BLACK
Bloodchief's Thirst BLACK
Price of Betrayal BLACK
Thoughtseize BLACK
Black Sun's Zenith BLACK
Feed the Swarm BLACK
Parting Thoughts BLACK
Ruinous Path BLACK
Spread the Sickness BLACK
Executioner's Capsule BLACK
Cranial Plating BLACK
Malefic Scythe BLACK
Quest for the Gravelord BLACK
Retribution of the Ancients BLACK
Dreadhorde Invasion BLACK
Village Rites BLACK
Infernal Pet BLACK
Bastion of Remembrance BLACK
Victimize BLACK
Phyrexian Scriptures BLACK
Bomat Courier RED
Fireblade Charger RED
Goblin Banneret RED
Grim Initiate RED
Impulsive Pilferer RED
Soul-Scar Mage RED
Stromkirk Noble RED
Abbot of Keral Keep RED
Aether Chaser RED
Flamescroll Celebrant RED
Blood Aspirant RED
Careless Celebrant RED
Goblin Cratermaker RED
Hellspark Elemental RED
Hobblefiend RED
Keldon Marauders RED
Mogg War Marshal RED
Orcish Vandal RED
Ravenous Intruder RED
Runaway Steam-Kin RED
Slith Firewalker RED
Stormblood Berserker RED
Tibalt's Rager RED
Underworld Rage-Hound RED
Bonecrusher Giant RED
Magda, Brazen Outlaw RED
Gadrak, the Crown-Scourge RED
Krenko, Tin Street Kingpin RED
Legion Warboss RED
Phoenix of Ash RED
Pia Nalaar RED
Pyreheart Wolf RED
Shatterskull Charger RED
Taurean Mauler RED
Thopter Engineer RED
Illustrious Historian RED
Heart-Piercer Manticore RED
Hellrider RED
Toralf, God of Fury RED
Pia and Kiran Nalaar RED
Rekindling Phoenix RED
Caldera Hellion RED
Skarrgan Hellkite RED
Stormbreath Dragon RED
Scourge of the Throne RED
Greater Gargadon RED
Chandra, Acolyte of Flame RED
Tibalt, Rakish Instigator RED
Daretti, Scrap Savant RED
Koth of the Hammer RED
Galvanic Blast RED
Abrade RED
Shrapnel Blast RED
Brimstone Volley RED
Puncture Blast RED
Volt Charge RED
Wheel of Misfortune RED
Chain Lightning RED
Firebolt RED
Incendiary Flow RED
Embereth Shieldbreaker RED
Fight with Fire RED
Mark of Mutiny RED
Rift Bolt RED
Fiery Confluence RED
Toggo, Goblin Weaponsmith RED
Roil Eruption RED
Pyrite Spellbomb RED
Mask of Immolation RED
Consuming Fervor RED
Light Up the Stage RED
Ordeal of Purphoros RED
Dockside Extortionist RED
Ion Storm RED
The Akroan War RED
Birds of Paradise GREEN
Experiment One GREEN
Greenbelt Rampager GREEN
Joraga Treespeaker GREEN
Pelt Collector GREEN
Servant of the Scale GREEN
Young Wolf GREEN
Avatar of the Resolute GREEN
Barkhide Troll GREEN
Beastbreaker of Bala Ged GREEN
Den Protector GREEN
Devoted Druid GREEN
Genesis Hydra GREEN
Gnarlid Colony GREEN
Gyre Sage GREEN
Hooded Hydra GREEN
Incubation Druid GREEN
Snakeskin Veil GREEN
Longtusk Cub GREEN
Melira, Sylvok Outcast GREEN
Pollenbright Druid GREEN
Primordial Hydra GREEN
Dragonsguard Elite GREEN
Saddled Rimestag GREEN
Scavenging Ooze GREEN
Steelbane Hydra GREEN
Strangleroot Geist GREEN
Sylvan Caryatid GREEN
Voracious Hydra GREEN
Wall of Roots GREEN
Wildborn Preserver GREEN
Champion of Lambholt GREEN
Evolution Sage GREEN
Fertilid GREEN
Generous Patron GREEN
Jadelight Ranger GREEN
Lifeblood Hydra GREEN
Managorger Hydra GREEN
Nissa, Vastwood Seer GREEN
Oran-Rief Ooze GREEN
Renegade Krasis GREEN
Reverent Hunter GREEN
Rishkar, Peema Renegade GREEN
Spike Feeder GREEN
Tireless Tracker GREEN
Tuskguard Captain GREEN
Armorcraft Judge GREEN
Cytoplast Root-Kin GREEN
Forgotten Ancient GREEN
Sweet-Gum Recluse GREEN
Renata, Called to the Hunt GREEN
Wickerbough Elder GREEN
Biogenic Ooze GREEN
Deep Forest Hermit GREEN
Kalonian Hydra GREEN
Verdurous Gearhulk GREEN
Avenger of Zendikar GREEN
Jiang Yanggu, Wildcrafter GREEN
Nissa, Voice of Zendikar GREEN
Inscription of Abundance GREEN
Titanic Brawl GREEN
Primal Might GREEN
Savage Swipe GREEN
Courage in Crisis GREEN
Search for Tomorrow GREEN
Triumph of the Hordes GREEN
Planewide Celebration GREEN
Birthing Pod GREEN
The Great Henge GREEN
Hardened Scales GREEN
Emergent Sequence GREEN
Ordeal of Nylea GREEN
Song of Freyalise GREEN
Song of the Dryads GREEN
Halana, Kessig Ranger GREEN
Aven Mimeomancer AZORIUS
Detention Sphere AZORIUS
Soulherder AZORIUS
Ishai, Ojutai Dragonspeaker AZORIUS
Roil Spout AZORIUS
Baleful Strix DIMIR
Fate Transfer DIMIR
Soul Diviner DIMIR
Tezzeret's Touch DIMIR
Far // Away DIMIR
Grimgrin, Corpse-Born DIMIR
Rakdos Cackler RAKDOS
Dreadhorde Butcher RAKDOS
Immersturm Predator RAKDOS
Unlicensed Disintegration RAKDOS
Kardur's Vicious Return RAKDOS
Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch RAKDOS
Domri's Ambush GRUUL
Arni Slays the Troll GRUUL
Boggart Ram-Gang GRUUL
Grumgully, the Generous GRUUL
Phylath, World Sculptor GRUUL
Conclave Mentor SELESNYA
Dromoka's Command SELESNYA
Huatli's Raptor SELESNYA
Kitchen Finks SELESNYA
Knight of Autumn SELESNYA
Ajani, the Greathearted SELESNYA
Shalai, Voice of Plenty SELESNYA
Shaile, Dean of Radiance ORZHOV
Lurrus of the Dream-Den ORZHOV
Elenda, the Dusk Rose ORZHOV
Shadrix Silverquill ORZHOV
Firja's Retribution ORZHOV
Vish Kal, Blood Arbiter ORZHOV
Winding Constrictor GOLGARI
Quillspike GOLGARI
Varolz, the Scar-Striped GOLGARI
Corpsejack Menace GOLGARI
Meren of Clan Nel Toth GOLGARI
Nissa of Shadowed Boughs GOLGARI
Hadana's Climb SIMIC
Vorel of the Hull Clade SIMIC
Kianne, Dean of Substance SIMIC
Tanazir Quandrix SIMIC
Roalesk, Apex Hybrid SIMIC
Expressive Iteration IZZET
Dack's Duplicate IZZET
Ral Zarek IZZET
Saheeli, the Gifted IZZET
Maverick Thopterist IZZET
Prismari Command IZZET
Figure of Destiny BOROS
Lightning Helix BOROS
Tajic, Legion's Edge BOROS
Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice BOROS
Showdown of the Skalds BOROS
Marchesa, the Black Rose GRIXIS
Warden of the First Tree ABZAN
Atraxa, Praetors' Voice 4C
Chamber Sentry COLORLESS
Hangarback Walker COLORLESS
Ornithopter COLORLESS
Talisman of Conviction COLORLESS
Stonecoil Serpent COLORLESS
Walking Ballista COLORLESS
Arcbound Worker COLORLESS
Chronomaton COLORLESS
Gingerbrute COLORLESS
Hope of Ghirapur COLORLESS
Sparring Construct COLORLESS
Talisman of Creativity COLORLESS
Arcbound Ravager COLORLESS
Arcbound Slith COLORLESS
Arcbound Stinger COLORLESS
Epochrasite COLORLESS
Jhoira's Toolbox COLORLESS
Lesser Masticore COLORLESS
Metallic Mimic COLORLESS
Myr Retriever COLORLESS
Perilous Myr COLORLESS
Phyrexian Revoker COLORLESS
Campus Guide COLORLESS
Steel Overseer COLORLESS
Chief of the Foundry COLORLESS
Crystalline Giant COLORLESS
Diamond Knight COLORLESS
Etched Champion COLORLESS
Scorn Effigy COLORLESS
Talisman of Dominance COLORLESS
Talisman of Hierarchy COLORLESS
Scrapyard Recombiner COLORLESS
Serrated Biskelion COLORLESS
Talisman of Impulse COLORLESS
Crystalline Crawler COLORLESS
Lodestone Golem COLORLESS
Myriad Construct COLORLESS
Talisman of Indulgence COLORLESS
Triskelion COLORLESS
Karn, Scion of Urza COLORLESS
Astral Cornucopia COLORLESS
Engineered Explosives COLORLESS
Everflowing Chalice COLORLESS
Talisman of Progress COLORLESS
Replicating Ring COLORLESS
Orochi Hatchery COLORLESS
Talisman of Resilience COLORLESS
Sigil of Distinction COLORLESS
Animation Module COLORLESS
Blade of the Bloodchief COLORLESS
Chromatic Star COLORLESS
Ghostfire Blade COLORLESS
Pyramid of the Pantheon COLORLESS
Springleaf Drum COLORLESS
Talisman of Unity COLORLESS
Coldsteel Heart COLORLESS
Contagion Clasp COLORLESS
Culling Dais COLORLESS
Energy Chamber COLORLESS
Pentad Prism COLORLESS
Power Conduit COLORLESS
Prophetic Prism COLORLESS
Ratchet Bomb COLORLESS
Sphere of the Suns COLORLESS
Throne of Geth COLORLESS
Treasure Map COLORLESS
Aethersphere Harvester COLORLESS
Coalition Relic COLORLESS
Cryptolith Fragment COLORLESS
Edifice of Authority COLORLESS
Jinxed Choker COLORLESS
Lightning Coils COLORLESS
Talisman of Curiosity COLORLESS
Sword of Truth and Justice COLORLESS
Empowered Autogenerator COLORLESS
Maskwood Nexus COLORLESS
Serrated Arrows COLORLESS
Untethered Express COLORLESS
Contagion Engine COLORLESS
Celestial Colonnade LAND
Hallowed Fountain LAND
Mystic Gate LAND
Tundra LAND
Creeping Tar Pit LAND
Sunken Ruins LAND
Underground Sea LAND
Watery Grave LAND
Badlands LAND
Blood Crypt LAND
Graven Cairns LAND
Lavaclaw Reaches LAND
Fire-Lit Thicket LAND
Raging Ravine LAND
Stomping Ground LAND
Taiga LAND
Savannah LAND
Stirring Wildwood LAND
Temple Garden LAND
Wooded Bastion LAND
Fetid Heath LAND
Godless Shrine LAND
Scrubland LAND
Shambling Vent LAND
Bayou LAND
Hissing Quagmire LAND
Overgrown Tomb LAND
Twilight Mire LAND
Breeding Pool LAND
Flooded Grove LAND
Lumbering Falls LAND
Tropical Island LAND
Cascade Bluffs LAND
Steam Vents LAND
Volcanic Island LAND
Wandering Fumarole LAND
Needle Spires LAND
Plateau LAND
Rugged Prairie LAND
Sacred Foundry LAND
Arid Mesa LAND
Blast Zone LAND
Bloodstained Mire LAND
Cave of Temptation LAND
Crawling Barrens LAND
Bretagard Stronghold LAND
Flooded Strand LAND
Great Hall of Starnheim LAND
Thriving Bluff LAND
Thriving Moor LAND
Inkmoth Nexus LAND
Karn's Bastion LAND
Llanowar Reborn LAND
Littjara Mirrorlake LAND
Marsh Flats LAND
Mishra's Factory LAND
Misty Rainforest LAND
Nesting Grounds LAND
Thriving Grove LAND
Polluted Delta LAND
Prismatic Vista LAND
Immerstrum Skullcairn LAND
Ruins of Oran-Rief LAND
Thriving Heath LAND
Scalding Tarn LAND
Thriving Isle LAND
Surtland Frostpyre LAND
Tendo Ice Bridge LAND
Verdant Catacombs LAND
Vivid Crag LAND
Vivid Creek LAND
Vivid Grove LAND
Vivid Marsh LAND
Vivid Meadow LAND
Windswept Heath LAND
Wooded Foothills LAND

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