Streets of New Capenna: Magic Online Edition

Posted in Magic Online on April 26, 2022

By David McDarby

Welcome to Streets of New Capenna: Magic Online Edition. Join us as we move from cyberpunk to art deco and I give you the scoop on all the happenings coming to Magic Online with the newest set on the block. Join the Magic Online family, and let's case this joint!

Puttin' On the Ritz

With a new standard set comes the usual suspects: Constructed Leagues reset, Limited Leagues end, avatars for the previous set are distributed, and Treasure Chests are updated. You'll be able to join our Streets of New Capenna events beginning at 10 a.m. Pacific time on Thursday, April 28. Streets of New Capenna brings five new families, and with them five new mechanics. We've got them all on Magic Online, and hideaway has always been hidden away in our code! And of course, as with any release, we also fix card and client issues and implement a whole plethora of other behind-the-scenes improvements.

The Charleston

Redemption returns for Streets of New Capenna so that you can fence the digital loot from Magic Online into physical treasures! Like previous sets, the full-art metropolis lands are required for redemption and will be included in the physical sets. The dates this time around are:

  • Redemption Begins: May 25, 2022
  • Redemption Reprint Guarantee Date: September 7, 2022
  • Redemption Cutoff Date: October 12, 2022

It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Bling)

As always, Treasure Chests have been outfitted with a plethora of swell changes. Many cards have been removed, and many others have had their drop rate increased (I'm looking at you, Den of the Bugbear).

As usual, we've added a lot of hotsy-totsy new additions to Treasure Chests that you might be keen to open, and Chests are especially spicy this time around:

There are four new Magic Online-only promos with amazing new art! As with our other Magic Online-only promos, these will replace any previous versions found in Treasure Chests, cubes, and other events:

New Art Promos

We also have eleven new-to-Magic Online promo cards with that delicious retro frame! We hope that these "old but cool" promos help you completely "Old Border" out your existing constructed decks.

Old Border Promos

We've added the five cards from Secret Lair's Read the Fine Print drop for a limited time:

Read the Fine Print

We've got a couple of odds-and-ends cards:

And finally, here are the cards from Streets of New Capenna Commander that we've brought to Magic Online. As always, we do our best to bring absolutely as much Magic content as we can to the client, and even if your favorite card for Commander (or Legacy/Vintage) isn't here, it doesn't mean we won't bring it in later! Thank you for being patient with us and stay tuned for future offerings.

  • Crash the Party
  • Brokers Confluence
  • Cabaretti Confluence
  • Life Insurance
  • Boss's Chauffeur
  • Angelic Sleuth
  • Grand Crescendo
  • Body Count
  • Extravagant Replication
  • False Floor
  • Prosperous Partnership
  • Spellbinding Soprano
  • In Too Deep
  • Killer Service
  • Dodgy Jalopy
  • Scepter of Celebration
  • Dogged Detective
  • Writ of Return
  • Misfortune Teller
  • Waste Management

Click here check out the current curated card list and change log.

Rhapsody in Blue Avatars

Now, let's check out the avatars that are on the up and up in Streets of New Capenna.

As usual, we include an avatar in our New Account Starter Kit and Deck Builder's Essentials: Streets of New Capenna, which you can find in the store. For this set, we have just the thing to keep handy:

Brass Knuckles avatar

It's not just the expansion symbol, it's a fashion statement!

Next, here are the spiffy prestige avatars up for grabs! As a reminder, you get five points for each Competitive trophy you earn in Leagues and one for each Friendly trophy. At the end of the Streets of New Capenna season, you'll earn every avatar you qualify for:

  • Earning at least five points gets you the uncommon Vivien on the Hunt prestige avatar. You'll be the most dapper drafter in the pod!
  • Earning at least 20 points nabs you the rare Ob Nixilis, the Adversary prestige avatar. Lord Xander won't know what hit him.
  • Earning 40 points or more awards you with the mythic rare Elspeth Resplendent prestige avatar. Whether it's her sword skills or her fashion sense, there's just no contest.

Prestige avatars

And finally, here's the rest of the crew you can align yourself with. These avatars can only be found in Treasure Chests during the Streets of New Capenna season and are always tradeable:

  • Sewer Crocodile
  • Evelyn, the Covetous
  • Ognis, the Dragon's Lash
  • Cabaretti Initiate
  • Tenacious Underdog
  • Giada, Font of Hope
  • Brokers Initiate
  • Jaxis, the Troublemaker

SNC avatars

Cube Is the Greatest Thing

And lastly, here's the schedule for the alternative play experiences you can expect during the Streets of New Capenna season. All events run for a week, except where noted:

  • May 4: Caleb Gannon's Powered Synergy Cube – This cube from popular content creator Caleb Gannon features Vintage Cube-level strategies with even sweeter synergies!
  • May 11: Modern Horizons 2 – We're bringing back Modern Horizons 2 Draft for two weeks! This will be non-Phantom, so it's your chance to nab a ritzy Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer, Urza's Saga, or even a Solitude!
  • May 25: Proliferate Cube – Our very own Carmen Handy is back with another energizing update to Proliferate Cube! You can count on this being one infecting experience!
  • June 1: Vintage Cube – We've bookended this calendar with Moxen! Vintage Cube is back, powered up with Streets of New Capenna, and will run for four awesome weeks of cubing action.

Over the Rainbow

We do read all the feedback given to us, and while we can't always immediately act on it, it does help guide the future of this game we all love, whether it be Magic Online, MTG Arena, or tabletop!

And on another bittersweet note, this will be the last time you hear from me in this capacity. I'll be handing over these reigns to my successor who will no doubt introduce themselves soon. It's been an absolute honor helping to lead this program and trying my best to improve a client that's done a lot for me personally. The Magic Online team is one of the most resilient, fun, and inspiring teams I've ever worked with, and their love for the game is endless. We're honestly quite fortunate as Magic players to have them.

I'll still be living the dream making and playing Magic and trying to improve the world where I can. So thank you for joining me on this journey, and I can promise you I'll still be seeing you in the Magic Online queues for years to come.

Now, bust out a pinstripe suit, clean up that sleeveless dress, and get your best dance shoes ready: it's time to 23 skidoo as we traverse Streets of New Capenna!

David McDarby and the Magic Online team

@J_Beleren and @MagicOnline

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