Team Modern Super League Decklists

Posted in Magic Online on February 5, 2018

By Randy Buehler

Check out the decklists from the Team Modern Super League! To learn more about how the league works, click here. You can see these decks in action Tuesdays at 5 pm PT on

Week Two

Team Madison

Team members: Sam Black, Caleb Durward, and Matt Severa

Team Madison's Lantern

Team Madison's Grixis Shadow

Team Madison's White-Blue Control

Team Madison's Bant Spirits

Team Madison's Tron

Team Madison's Burn

Brew Crew

Team members: Corbin Hosler, Saffron Olive, and Todd Stevens

Brew Crew's Green-White Value Town

Brew Crew's Green-Blue Turbo Lands

Brew Crew's Merfolk

Brew Crew's Allies

Brew Crew's Red-Green Ponza

Brew Crew's White-Blue Miracles

Week One

International Alliance

Team members: Lee Shi Tian, Raphaël Lévy, and Patrick Dickmann

International Alliance's Humans