Time Spiral Block (TPF) Sealed Deck Tournament II

Posted in Magic Online on December 21, 2009

By Mike Gills

Dominaria lies in ruins. Having survived more than a few cataclysms over the last few millennia, its shattered remains of forests and buildings punctuate a desolate landscape. But the damage inflicted on the plane at the center of the Multiverse is more than skin deep. Strange storms and shimmerings pass over the land, sometimes bringing with them flashes of Dominaria’s ancient past. It’s as though time itself has been shattered. Beings and places from across the plane’s long history blink into existence, often disappearing as quickly as they appeared.

Amidst the upheaval, Teferi senses something the others cannot: The connection between the land and its mana has been deeply damaged. Teferi realizes that in order for the land of Shiv to be phased back in, to reclaim its place on Dominaria, this damage will have to be repaired. Teferi senses the presence of another planeswalker on this desolated Dominaria: the forest advocate Freyalise. Despite her bitterness toward him as well as the natural enmity between them, Teferi knows that he must seek her help.

The meeting of the two planeswalkers is only the first small step in uncovering the nature of Dominaria’s sickness. Teferi, Jhoira, and their allies have embarked on a long journey that will take them from the heart of Skyshroud to the dark core of Urborg, and even onto the shattered shores of Tolaria. What they discover will change the Multiverse forever.

Play with a favorite classic block and compete for great prizes!

Time Spiral Block Sealed Deck Tournament II

START TIME: Friday January 1, 2009 10:00 AM PDT / 1800 UTC.

SIZE: 33 players minimum, 512 players maximum.

DURATION: 6 rounds. Play in all six rounds, win or lose!

LOCATION: Premier Events room.

ADMISSION: 30 Event Tickets (tournament product will be supplied)

PRODUCT PROVIDED: 2 Time Spiral™ (TSP) boosters, 2 Planar Chaos™ (PLC) boosters, and 2 Future Sight™ (FUT) boosters.

PRIZE SUPPORT: Prizes are based on the total match points at the end of the tournament. Each match win awards 3 points and each loss awards 0 points.

PointsProduct Prize
181 complete premium foil set – winner’s choice of any Time Spiral block expansion
15 15 booster packs (5 TSP, 5 PLC, 5 FUT)
129 booster packs (3 TSP, 3 PLC, 3 FUT)
93 booster packs (1 TSP, 1 PLC, 1 FUT)

All players in the TPF II tournament will receive one each of the three Time Spiral block prerelease promo cards (Lotus Bloom, Oros, The Avenger, and Korlash, Heir to Blackblade). Players with 15 or more match points and the end of the tournament will also receive premium versions of these promo cards.

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