Vintage Leagues Begin August 30!

Posted in Magic Online on August 22, 2017

By Lee Sharpe

It’s time! With evening Vintage Daily Swiss events firing regularly and the growth with the Vintage Challenge, we wanted to help grow Vintage and open it up to players who may need to spread out their play over time. Say, in a league!


Starting Wednesday, August 30, Vintage leagues will begin. Like Legacy, Vintage leagues will use the Competitive structure as follows:

Entry Options:

  • 12 Event Tickets
  • 120 Play Points

Structure: Up to 5 matches, played at your convenience


  • 5 wins: 180 Play Points + 16 Treasure Chests + 3 Qualifier Points
  • 4 wins: 180 Play Points + 8 Treasure Chests + 1 Qualifier Point
  • 3 wins: 120 Play Points + 1 Treasure Chest

We hope Vintage moving to the league structure will allow more players to play Magic’s oldest format and further solidify Magic Online as the best and easiest way to get in play Vintage!

With the league in place, we’ll be cancelling the Vintage Daily Swiss events. Scheduled events will now be limited to premier play and the weekly format challenges. Speaking of format challenge, you’ll still be able to play in the Vintage Challenge every Saturday at 12pm Pacific time!

See you in the Vintage league!

In-Client Prize Structure

Currently to view the prizes, you have to click the “Learn More” button which brings you to a website which has information on the prize structure. After today’s downtime, we’re moving the prize structure display inside the client. Just click the new “Prizes” button, and the prizes will display inside the client. For example, the Competitive Standard League prizes will look like this:

Midseason Banned and Restricted Announcement Implementation

The mid-season banned and restricted announcement is this Monday, August 28. Existing constructed are currently set to end Wednesday, August 30. If there are no changes to any formats, Magic Online will just stay up as normal, create the new Vintage league, and extend the leagues until September 20.

If there are changes, leagues will be paused on August 30 at 7am Pacific time, and we’ll begin a brief downtime at 8am Pacific time to implement the changes. Leagues for formats without changes will be extended to September 20, while leagues for formats that aren’t changed will be replaced with new leagues with the changes intact. The Vintage league will also be created during this time. There will be no build changes or redemptions run as we’re just going to make the needed changes and get back up as soon as we can.

We hope you enjoy the new Vintage league as well as in-client prize display. If you have feedback, you can reach me on twitter (@mtg_lee) or via email (

Lee Sharpe

Digital Product Manager – Magic Online

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