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Posted in Feature on June 10, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Hey! It's 2006…if you're not subscribed to at least one podcast, get your lazy butt out of the 20th Century and into the future! And if you're still looking for that first podcast, we strongly suggest the Magic: The Gathering podcast.

Let Randy Buehler be your guide to a new audioscape as he brings you news and interviews from the world of Magic with monthly installments from the halls of Wizards of the Coast. During Pro Tours, Randy becomes your eyes and ears on the floor of the event hall with multiple updates during each day of action.

Not only does your subscription get you these monthly reports plus Randy's multiple daily updates during Pro Tours, but you'll also get our video segments from Pro Tours as video podcast downloads. Subscribe now and you can download the entire podcast catalog!


  • Remember the Legends You Decide! bracket? Randy interviews Paul Sottosanti, winner of the R&D bracket challenge, and shares how the results are starting to affect Magic fans.
  • Ravnica Limited is everywhere, from Pro Tours to Grand Prix to Qualifiers to Limited Champs. Scott Johns and Mike Turian share their insights into the multi-faceted format.
  • This Month in Magic showcases the upcoming events, including a first look at a promotional card from June's Limited Champs event. (Card images are viewable in iTunes as part of the enhanced podcast.)
  • Download it now! (22 MB .m4a)

To subscribe to the Magic: The Gathering podcast, follow these easy steps.


Podcasting is delivering audio and video content on demand so that it can be enjoyed at the user's convenience. The main benefit of podcasting is that listeners can sync content to their media player and take it with them to listen whenever they want to. But they're not just for iPods…the files are ready to watch or listen to on just about any computer.

  1. Go to
  2. Download iTunes version 6
  3. Launch iTunes.
  4. From the dropdown menus, select Advanced -- Subscribe to Podcast
  5. When prompted for a URL, enter and click OK.

Once you subscribe to the podcast, iTunes will automatically check for new files and download them to your computer. To ensure that you get timely updates, set your Podcast Settings to check for new episodes every hour (the Settings button is in the lower-right corner of the iTunes window, or you can find it under Edit -- Preferences -- Podcast).

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