Magic Puzzle

Posted in Arcana on November 15, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Network Connection -- by Mark L. Gottlieb

You're playing former First Lady Barbara Bush in an Onslaught Sealed Deck game. You're on the ropes: her unblockable Elven Riders has been beating you down, and she just played the massive Krosan Groundshaker. It's your first main phase, and the first thing you did was play Spy Network. You've seen Barbara's hand and the top card of her library, and now you have to figure out how to best rearrange the top four cards of your own library. You know Barbara's packing tons of burn, so you have to defeat her before she gets a chance to draw deeper than that mountain. Luckily, you can. How?

Rearrange the top four cards of your library and defeat Barbara this turn or your next turn without losing yourself.

All card images are clickable so that you can read their text. Tune in Monday for the answer!

Venomspout BrackusMountainForestKrosan GroundshakerElven RidersSpy NetworkSparksmithGoblin SledderCharging SlatebackRiptide BiologistForestMountainIslandTranquil ThicketPinpoint AvalancheThreatenMountainFever CharmGoblin MachinistGoblin PyromancerContested Cliffs

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