Magic puzzle

Posted in Arcana on March 7, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

Plight of the Living Dead

by Mark L. Gottlieb

You're playing über-annoying "comic" and phone company shill Carrot Top in a game using Onslaught-block tribal decks. You're with Zombies and Mr. Top is packing Beasts. Distracted by his groan-inducing antics, you're doing the unthinkable and actually losing to this guy. Even worse, he just played a Canopy Crawler and amplified it with three Beasts. It's Carrot Top's end of turn step, and you're down to 1 life while he still has a relatively robust 17. Beat him before he draws his next card. You have no way of knowing what the top card of your library is.

You can click on each card to bring up a window with the card text.

The answer will appear on Monday.

Glowering RogonNeedleshot GournaBrontotheriumCrested CraghornCanopy CrawlerProwling PangolinSpitting GournaTreespring LorianWretched AnuridNantuko HuskGravespawn SovereignFestering GoblinSmokespew InvokerAphetto VultureNoxious GhoulCruel RevivalInfest

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