Magic Puzzle answer

Posted in Arcana on November 18, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

If you haven't worked through the Magic Puzzle that went up on Friday, click here. The answer appears below.


The thing to remember is that you need to deal with both the Groundshaker and the Riders this turn. Here is the answer.

  1. Contested Cliffs
    Put the cards back on top of your library so Contested Cliffs is on top and Goblin Pyromancer is second. (You won't get to the other two cards.)
  2. Tap a forest for and cycle Tranquil Thicket. You draw Contested Cliffs.
  3. Play Contested Cliffs.
  4. Tap two mountains and an island for . Play Threaten targeting Barbara's Krosan Groundshaker.
  5. Attack Barbara with the Groundshaker, Goblin Sledder, Charging Slateback, and Riptide Biologist. She takes 12 damage and goes to 5.
  6. Tap Sparksmith to deal 2 damage to the Groundshaker and 2 damage to yourself. You go to 1 life.
  7. Use Goblin Sledder's ability, sacrificing Sparksmith, to give Elven Riders +1/+1 until end of turn. They're now 4/4. (You could sacrifice the Sledder instead if you choose.)
  8. Tap forest and mountain for and activate Contested Cliffs, targeting your Groundshaker and her Elven Riders. Elven Riders takes 6 damage and is destroyed. The Groundshaker takes 4 damage and is destroyed.
  9. End your turn.
  10. On Barbara's turn, she draws mountain. The only thing she can do is play the mountain and Venomspout Brackus.
  11. On your turn, you draw Goblin Pyromancer.
  12. Play the Pyromancer. It gives itself and the Sledder +3/+0 until end of turn.
  13. Attack with the Sledder, Slateback, and Biologist. Barbara can only block one of the creatures, meaning she takes a minimum of 5 damage. You win the game!

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