Magic Puzzle (Fixed!)

Posted in Arcana on January 31, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

"Typecasting" by Mark L. Gottlieb


"The thing about puzzles is that they're tricky. Sometimes they get so complex that I even fool myself. As I create a Magic puzzle, I go through many versions trying to find a setup that works. Unfortunately, when I submitted Tuesday's puzzle, Martin's life total was left uncorrected from an earlier draft. He should start at 21 life, not 23. Sorry about the mix-up, and I hope you'll give the puzzle another shot."
--Mark Gottlieb

There's just enough time for one more Onslaught puzzle before Legions kicks in. You're playing New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur using all-Onslaught decks. Martin played an Imagecrafter on his turn and attacked with some of his creatures. It looks like he'll overwhelm you next turn, but it's time for your type-changing trickery to finally pay off. It's the beginning of your first main phase. Even though Martin is at 21 life, you can defeat him this turn. How?

IslandPlainsMountainRorix BladewingDaunting DefenderAvaraxAven SoulgazerDoubtless OneGustcloak SkirmisherGraxiplonFoothill GuideFlamestick CourierSlipstream EelMistform MaskMistform MaskImagecrafterMountainSwampIslandMistform StalkerFallen ClericGoblin PiledriverImagecrafterAphetto AlchemistFrightshroud CourierLavamancers SkillLavamancers SkillCallous OppressorStandardizeArtificial EvolutionPeer PressureCrown of SuspicionMisery Charm

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