Magic: The Puzzling

Posted in Arcana on October 15, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

"About Face" - by Mark L. Gottlieb

You're playing British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a game following an Onslaught two-person draft. This turn, Tony drew and played a Mistform Skyreaver. It is now Tony's combat phase, and he's attacking you with a Slipstream Eel. You have nothing but a face-down creature in play and a Biorhythm in your hand. You have only 2 life left, while Tony is at a robust 17. Thanks to an earlier Information Dealer, you know that the top card of your library is a swamp. But don't be discouraged by the situation--you're going to win the game on your next turn! Figure out what your face-down card must be.

IslandSwampPlainsMistform SkyreaverDaru HealerSlipstream EelBiorhythmSwampForestMountainSwampIslandPlainsGrand Coliseum

Check back for the answer tomorrow!

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