Magic: The Puzzling answer

Posted in Arcana on September 26, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Here is the answer to yesterday's Magic: The Puzzling.

  1. Tap all four of your lands for .
  2. Cast merfolk of the pearl trident. Your keldon warlord is now 6/6.
  3. Cast flight on keldon warlord, and use a red mana to activate crystal rod. You are now at 4 life, and the only creature that can stop the Warlord is the 6/5 sengir vampire.
  4. Cast lightning bolt on the Vampire, and then activate your orcish artillery on it to kill it. You take three damage, but are still alive at 1 life.
  5. Attack with the 6/6 flying keldon warlord. That'll do it!

We're working to bring you more puzzles, both old and new, here on… so stay tuned!

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