Goes Premium

Posted in NEWS on April 1, 2005

By Mark Rosewater

Working in R&D since '95, Mark became Magic head designer in '03. His hobbies: spending time with family, writing about Magic in all mediums, and creating short bios.

You knew it was destined to happen. Yet ironically, I'm about to spend an entire article telling you why. But before I get to the reasons (and really, aren't we as a society way too hooked on motivations) let me explain what's happening.

As of Monday, April 4th, is going to have a premium option. Premium option? Yes, basically if you give us money we're going make the site even better. Much, much better. I mean it better be for the amount of money we're going to charge. But enough of details that might dissuade you from the brilliance of this idea.

So how is the premium version of going to be different than other premium sites? For starters, none of this premium and non-premium junk. If you pay the exorbitant amount money we're going to ask, everything you see should be premium. Of course, we have to leave something for those poor players that value things like food and shelter over quality entertainment, so here's what we're going to do.

Every article, every column, every department, everything on will be available to all readers. The premium readers will merely get to see a premium version. Now this doesn't mean that the non-premium version will be worthless. It just means that our readers with the dough will get a little extra. Who are we kidding, a lot extra. A lot. A lot!

Now many other sites have made the error of not letting you in on what premium membership might look like, so we have decided for as a one-day special we are going to let you all have a glimpse into what premium membership looks like. And provided your credit card clears, this is all you'll see from now on. If not, well everything will just appear to be back to normal tomorrow.

This just leaves the reasons of why. Why is Wizards of the Coast forcing you to spend yet more money? There are many reasons. Just pick the one that feels best to you:

  1. Although Magic has been at an all-time high these last few years and we're selling more cards than ever, we've done the math (and don't question it; we have on-staff mathematicians) and we simply aren't going to be able to continue printing Magic if we don't go premium. That simple. Subscribe or say goodbye to the premiere trading card game. You say you like Magic, but are you willing to put your money where your mouth is. Will you let your stinginess kill Magic? Will you?

  2. Online Media wants to buy a yacht and Wizards won't pay for it. The CEO said they had to figure out a way to buy it out of their budget. Online Media then pointed out that R&D had a yacht to which point R&D said, “It's not a yacht; it's a small luxury craft.” Anyway, help Online Media get their yacht. They do put out a cool website six days a week. Shouldn't they be able to have a little fun on the seventh?

  3. R&D is doing a little experiment in how much we can influence our audience. We've controlled metagames, deck choices, color choices; it seemed only fair to move our expertise online. If we can get you to pay for an Akroma or an entwined Tooth and Nail, then why can't we get you to pay for premium. It will make your decks 57% better.

  4. Studies have shown that a majority of players still have additional money available after purchasing Magic. We don't know how this is happening, but we feel amiss if we don't find a way to keep you from wasting your money on frivolous things like food and shelter. (There's that food and shelter thing coming up again. What's the hypnotic draw they have?)

  5. All the cool sites are doing it.

To experience the premium life, all you have to do is push the large red button below. If you like what you see, operators are standing by.