Magicthegathering.Combos — Morningtide Edition

Posted in Feature on March 17, 2008

By Mark L. Gottlieb


Dr. Wombat is the only licensed adviceologist who illustrates each piece of advice with a Magic combo, just to drive home the point. Dr. Wombat is the only licensed adviceologist who was licensed by himself, that's how smart he is. Dr. Wombat is not a real doctor. Dr. Wombat's advice is for entertainment purposes only and should not actually be followed. Dr. Wombat is an alias. Dr. Wombat is a wanted fugitive in seventeen states and the FBI urgently requests you to call their Dr. Wombat Hotline if you've seen him.

Special thanks to Ken Nagle for suggesting some of the combos below.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
After years of tireless effort, I'm only one pound away from setting the new record for "world's fattest man." What should I eat to put me over the top?
Roy I, Peculiar, MO

Set up a press event with reporters, Guinness Book representatives, and local celebrities. Then break the record by chowing down on a jumbo platter of steamed broccoli. It will blow their minds.

Combo: Indomitable Ancients & Doran, the Siege Tower

Indomitable Ancients
Doran, the Siege Tower

They're both Treefolk. One costs three mana and one costs four mana. They share a color. And Doran (which acts like a 5/5) will make Indomitable Ancients act like a 10/10. So sure, this might be the most obvious combo of all time. But that doesn't mean it's not smashtacular!

Dear Dr. Wombat:
My fiancée's father has invited me to go hunting with him. I want to make a good impression, but I'm morally opposed to killing animals for sport. I figure my best plan is to go, but then "accidentally" shoot myself in some non-lethal way. The trip will be cut short, I'll earn some respect for going out there (even though I'll lose some for incompetence), and he'll never ask me to go hunting again. What do you think?
Clancy E, Tree of Knowledge Corner, MA

That is the stupidest plan I have ever heard. No course of action should ever involve shooting yourself. "Accidentally" shoot him in some non-lethal way, you moron! That's the only way to truly guarantee he'll never take you hunting again. It worked for Vice President Dick Cheney back in 2006. That old softie didn't really want to shoot any cute, innocent quail, so he shot his friend in the face instead.

Combo: Daily Regimen & Triskelion

Daily Regimen

The Morningtide set has a +1/+1 counter theme, and there are tons of ways to take advantage of it. Enchanting Triskelion with Daily Regimen is one of my favorites; with this walking machine gun, you can now pay to deal 1 damage to whatever you want! Some other good combos pair Daily Regimen or a reinforce card with Mindless Automaton, Kilnmouth Dragon, Twilight Drover, Cytoplast Manipulator, or Festercreep. In addition, Meadowboon combos nicely with Fungal Behemoth, Ion Storm, Experiment Kraj, or graft creatures like Plaxcaster Frogling. I could go on all day; do a little poking around and you'll find a neat combo too.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
Last month I was pardoned from death row just minutes before my scheduled execution. Now I'm a free man. I should be relishing my new lease on life, but I have a problem: I've already eaten my last meal. My last meal! It's all downhill from there. I still eat meals (I'm neither that much of a literalist nor that much of a moron), but the pinnacle culinary experience of my life is irreversibly in the past. How can I ever recapture the joy of eating?
Horace N, Surprise, NE

Let's solve your existential quandary the logical way: with logic. Imagine you're sentenced to death row for a new heinous crime. Before heading off to the chair, or the chamber, or the weasel pit, or whatever they have planned for you, you'll get a second last meal. This last meal is, by its very nature, on par with your first last meal. Therefore, while it may not be possible to exceed your first last meal, it is definitively possible to equal it. QED. While you're free, strive to find that mythical mealtime equivalent. If the best you can do is re-reach the epicurean summit, that's still a mighty fine achievement—and the journey will be worth savoring. Or, if you're looking for a shortcut, make my hypothetical a reality and get yourself back to death row for an even laster last meal. I'm sure a man of your ambition can figure out how.

Combo: Graceful Reprieve & Shriekmaw

Graceful Reprieve

This works with any evoke creature, but it's better with the Lorwyn ones. Play Shriekmaw for its evoke cost. When it comes into play, it'll destroy a creature. Before you sacrifice Shriekmaw, play Graceful Reprieve on it. You'll sacrifice it, it'll come right back into play, it'll destroy another creature—and it'll stick around for good. And all of this costs less mana than simply playing Shriekmaw the regular way!

Bonus Combo: Graceful Reprieve & Kinsbaile Borderguard

Kinsbaile Borderguard

The Borderguard is a great creature to save with Graceful Reprieve. When it leaves play, you'll put a number of Kithkin Soldier tokens into play equal to the number of +1/+1 counters it had on it. Then it'll come right back into play with a number of +1/+1 counters on it equal to the number of Kithkin you have in play! Not only did you save your Borderguard, but it's at least as big as it used to be and you got some token creatures in the process!

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I just can't get through to my son. He's been expelled from the last two high schools I enrolled him in, and I harbor serious concerns that he's going to wind up in jail. No manner of discipline works. I'm at the end of my rope. For my own mental health, should I simply write him off when he turns eighteen?
Marienne J, Tightsqueeze, VA

Be patient, and you can reach him. The first step is to listen with your heart. After that, you want to breathe with your kidneys, see with your spleen, pump blood with your tonsils, and sweat with your gall bladder. I call it the ol' organ switcheroo. If that doesn't get your son to straighen up and fly right, nothing will.

Combo: Gilt-Leaf Archdruid & Living Lands & Shields of Velis Vel

Gilt-Leaf ArchdruidLiving Lands
Shields of Velis Vel

Speaking of switcheroos, Living Lands switches lands into creatures, Shields of Velis Vel switches them into Druids (and all other creature types), and Gilt-Leaf Archdruid switches your opponent's lands into your lands. You haven't just Armageddoned your opponent; you've doubled your army!

Bonus Combo: Shields of Velis Vel & Borderland Behemoth

Borderland Behemoth

Looking for something else to do with your Shields? Turning all your creatures into Giants means it's party time for Borderland Behemoth!

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I'm in a very dark place right now. I keep crying out, but no one ever answers. I need to know: Why am I here?
Yancy O, Index, WA

If you're referring to the ineffable quandary of personal existence, the simple truth is that you are so that you can be. The unique convergence of matter, consciousness, energy, and soul that we know as "Yancy" is inextricably woven into the fabric of the universe, and if you weren't here, the universe quite literally wouldn't be the same. On the other hand, if you're referring to why you're locked in my basement, it's because you threw your Frisbee onto my lawn one too many times. When your unique convergence of bad attitude, poor manners, lack of respect, and miserable aim gets around to apologizing, I might let you out of there.

Combo: Stonehewer Giant & Sword of Kaldra

Stonehewer Giant
Sword of Kaldra

Stonehewer Giant's reason for being is simple: to fish awesomely ridiculous and/or ridiculously awesome Equipment out of your library and attach it to creatures (such as itself) for free. Sword of Kaldra is one of the most gaudy, since it turns the Giant into a 9/9 creature that'll remove from the game any creature it damages but doesn't kill. Perhaps Thornbite Staff is the Equipment you search up next! My top six other options, depending on what situation you're in, are General's Kabuto (shroud and immunity to combat damage), Fireshrieker (double strike), Loxodon Warhammer (+3/+0, lifelink, and trample), Scythe of the Wretched (+2/+2 and you reanimate any creatures it kills), Sunforger (more fetching from your deck, this time for instants), and Sword of Fire and Ice (too many crazy things to list).

Dear Dr. Wombat:
My mother-in-law hates me. She disapproved of my dating her daughter in the first place, but it's gotten much worse since the wedding. She'll drop by unannounced all the time, she gives me the silent treatment, she eavesdrops on my conversations, and I swear she's tried once or twice to kill me. My wife says her mother behaves this way because she's overprotective, but I think it's because she's a ninja and I'm a pirate. How can I bring peace to the family?
Tony Y, Hot Coffee, MS

What the hell is the matter with you? You're a pirate trying to make peace with a ninja? Are you unbelievably naïve, do you have no self-respect, or both? You're in a blood feud, buddy, and the sooner you realize it, the better your odds of survival are! Your first step should be to start singing sea chanteys nonstop. Ninjas can't stand 'em. That'll either drive your mother-in-law out of your house (which should make your prognosis vastly less fatal), or provoke her into extracting your larynx. Either way, you'll soon know where you stand. Best of luck!

Combo: Preeminent Captain & Aven Brigadier

Preeminent Captain
Aven Brigadier

Ninjas aren't the only sneaky creatures around. Sometimes Soldiers can be downright stealthy themselves, especially with a Preeminent Captain on your side. When Preeminent Captain attacks, you can put a Soldier creature card from your hand into play tapped and attacking. Which one should you go with? Zhou Yu, Chief Commander is the biggest. Akron Legionnaire is the most expensive (though it's quite a bombo with the Captain once it's in play). But I think the best is Aven Brigadier. You get to skip its hefty cost, it's a 3/5 flyer (which is beefy for a Soldier), it pumps up the Captain into a 3/3 first striker, and it'll doubly pump any Bird Soldier (including any creature with changeling). Not a bad freebie at all.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I've been trying to make contact with the spirit world for 30 years, and I'm starting to realize that it's just not going to happen. Is it my breath?
Cindy H, Moose Jaw, SK

No. Although garlic breath will preempt potential conversations with vampires, the members of the spirit world don't have noses. You see, since receiving your letter, I've taken it upon myself to become an instant expert on the occult. The forty-seven minutes I spent performing painstaking and meticulous research into paranormal phenomena has led me to conclude that you are really, really boring and the spirits just don't want to talk to you. Get some new hobbies. Take up salsa dancing or macramé, anything that you can use as a conversation starter. Or, better yet, try to make contact with aliens instead of spirits! Those guys love boring people.

Combo: Obsidian Battle-Axe & Bloodshot Trainee

Obsidian Battle-Axe
Bloodshot Trainee

There's nothing more gratifying than achieving your life's work without actually putting in the lifetime of work. That's the idea here. Bloodshot Trainee has one goal: to raise its power to 4. It's never been easier than with Obsidian Battle-Axe. Play the Battle-Axe on turn three. Play the Trainee on turn four. Since it's a Warrior, the Battle-Axe will snap right onto it. That makes the Trainee a 4/4 creature with haste that can immediately tap to deal 4 damage to a creature! That should bump it up from "trainee" right to "employee of the month."

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I'm hosting the first meeting of my book club this weekend. Which is a more appropriate appetizer platter: A tray of crudités with ranch peppercorn dressing, or a cheese-and-cracker plate featuring brie, smoked gouda, and sharp cheddar? By the way, the book we're reading is The Underworld Cookbook by Asmoranomardicadaistinaculdacar.
Rachel I, Novelty, OH

Are you kidding me? Have you no concept of right and wrong, of good and evil? Do you even realize the kind of nightmarish hell on earth you're about to unleash? You can't read a cookbook in a book club! You need something with more of a narrative structure; something you can discuss. I suggest The Necropotencemancer's Handbook by Nevinyrral. In either case, you should opt for a snack more in keeping with the infernal undertones of your reading choice. I recommend goblin. There are some delicious recipes in Chapter 8 of The Underworld Cookbook ("Flesh of the Stupid"), and it's readily available at your local supermarket or deli. (That's what brisket really is.)

Combo: Weirding Shaman & Doubling Season & Phyrexian Altar & Ashnod's Altar

Weirding Shaman
Doubling Season
Phyrexian Altar
Ashnod's Altar

Sacrifice some random Goblin you have lying around to the Weirding Shaman. With Doubling Season out, the Shaman will make four new Goblin tokens. Sacrifice one to Phyrexian Altar to make , two to Ashnod's Altar to make , and the last to Weirding Shaman to make another four Goblin tokens. You'll have left over, and you've got a delightfully gruesome infinite mana engine.

Bonus Combo: Warren Weirding & Goatnapper

Warren Weirding

This is a Lorwyn block Limited special. The creature your Goatnapper steals will, naturally, have all creature types. After you're done with it, why give it back? Target yourself with Warren Weirding and sacrifice it! You'll wind up with two Goblin tokens and a Goatnapper, and your opponent will have an empty spot where her changeling used to be.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I'm in a rut. I find myself performing the same tasks over and over, whether I want to or not. It seems that I can't help repeating myself. How can I break free?
Sam D, Cheesequake, NJ

There's a foolproof way to snap your cyclical cycle: Do something you can't possibly do a second time. For example, take George, the last Pinta Island tortoise in existence, and .. xxxxxxTHIS SECTION DELETED BY THE ASPCAxxxxxxx..unk. Try doing that a second time!

Combo: Reach of Branches & Cloudstone Curio & two Forests

Reach of Branches
Cloudstone Curio

Start off with Reach of Branches and a Forest in your hand, and Cloudstone Curio and at least one Forest in play. Play Reach of Branches to make a 2/5 Treefolk Shaman token. Then play the Forest. Return Reach of Branches to your hand (thanks to its own ability) and return a Forest to your hand (thanks to Cloudstone Curio). You're back where you started, except you have a token. Keep it up, and you can make tokens for the rest of the game.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I'm in a rut. I find myself performing the same tasks over and over, whether I want to or not. It seems that I can't help repeating myself. How can I break free?
Sam D, Cheesequake, NJ

So the last suggestion didn't work, huh? Well, there's an even more foolproof way to snap your cyclical cycle: Do something you really, really can't possibly do a second time. Specifically, take yourself, and ..THIS SECTION DELETED BY MR. GOTTLIEB'S LAWYERS..unk. Try doing that a second time!

Combo: Door of Destinies & Shrieking Drake

Door of Destinies
Shrieking Drake

Play Door of Destinies and choose "Drake." Play Shrieking Drake, which puts a charge counter on the Door. When Shrieking Drake comes into play, return the Drake itself to your hand. Repeat! You can now add as many charge counters to Door of Destinies as you want at the low, low cost of per counter. Of course, it'll pump up only Drakes, but that includes Shrieking Drake itself (once you decide to keep it in play). And with a combo like this, why not build a Drake tribal deck?

Dear Dr. Wombat:
Have you seen my puppy? His name is Mr. Noodles.
Gretchen E, Cookietown, OK

Yes. The last time I saw your puppy, he was careening gracefully through the ionosphere during a successful demonstration of my dogapult. But I lost sight of him at the horizon. Look for him somewhere in the New Mexico region.

Combo: Maralen of the Mornsong & Aven Mindcensor

Maralen of the Mornsong
Aven Mindcensor

The problem with Maralen is that your opponent has free reign to search his entire deck and find the perfect answer to it—or even to just win the game outright. That's hardly fair; after all, it's your Maralen. Aven Mindcensor will help the cause by limiting your opponent to searching only the top four cards of his library each turn, while still losing the full complement of 3 life.

Bonus Combo: Maralen of the Mornsong & Cephalid Looter

Cephalid Looter

Cephalid Looter says that target player draws a card, then discards a card. But Maralen says that players can't draw cards. So the Looter's ability winds up being "Target player discards a card"! Play the ability during your opponent's draw step and you might lock him out of the game entirely.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I'm planning my garden border. The left side will be the crocus circus. The right side will be carnation nation. But what should I put in the center to complement them both? Hydrangea? Zinnia? Daffodil? Gladiola? Dahlia? Schizanthus? Forget-me-not? Siberian wallflower? Himalayan blue poppy?
Rocco N, Show Low, AZ


Combo: Countryside Crusher & Scouting Trek

Countryside Crusher
Scouting Trek

As long as we're thinking up crazy things to do with land, let's really go nuts. The simple thing to do with Countryside Crusher is pair it with Armageddon (or one of its descendants). The Crusher bulks up, and your opponent has nearly no chance to stop it. But the more creative combo is to pair it with Scouting Trek. Stack all your lands on top of your library, then dump them all into your graveyard at once! The Crusher becomes big enough to win the game in a single attack, and (if your opponent's packing a Terror and you need to switch to plan B) you've just Mana Severanced yourself, thus ensuring you'll draw nothing but business spells for the rest of the game. Well, unless you draw another Scouting Trek, I guess. Other cards that are quite happy to make the acquaintance of Mr. Crusher include Terravore, Life from the Loam, and—egads!—Pedantic Learning.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I'm standing in a wheat field with a briefcase containing a stolen diamond. An underworld boss is in another wheat field 100 miles away with a briefcase full of money. In ten minutes, we're going to exchange directions to each others' fields. Should I leave the diamond here, or should I just take it with me when I go to pick up the money?
Samantha M, King of Prussia, PA

That's quite a dilemma. But the problem goes deeper than you realize. Right now, your buyer is wondering the same thing as you. In fact, your buyer has probably already decided to rip you off. That means you're not seeing all the options available to you. Plant a tracking device in the briefcase! Rig the briefcase with explosives! Call the cops and have them arrive at your field at the same time as your buyer! Give the buyer directions to the wrong field! Simply wait in your field and ambush your buyer! Focus, Samantha, focus. What do you think this is, a game?

Combo: Primal Forcemage & Cream of the Crop

Primal Forcemage
Cream of the Crop

There's always a way to make a deal better for yourself. Whenever you put a creature into play, Cream of the Crop lets you filter cards from the top of your deck based on that creature's power, and you get to keep the one on top that you want the most. Primal Forcemage temporarily increases each new creature's power by 3, thus allowing you to dig that much deeper each time. It's all about making sure you get what you want.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I think my husband might be cheating on me. His credit card statements say that he's bought a bunch of diamonds recently, but he hasn't given me any jewelry. Someone keeps calling the house and hanging up when I answer. And some nights he doesn't come home at all. What do you think?
Nicole E, Uncertain, TX

For the last time, I am not cheating on you. As I've told you time and again, I am a supervillain! It explains everything. Why won't you believe me?!?

Combo: Leaf-Crowned Elder & Runed Stalactite

Leaf-Crowned Elder
Runed Stalactite

Talk about cheating! Equip the Elder with the Stalactite and it'll be all creature types. When the Elder's kinship ability resolves, if the top card of your library is any card with a creature type on it, you'll get to play it for free. Then you'll get to draw your card for the turn!

Bonus Combo: Stenchskipper & Runed Stalactite


The Stalactite has combos coming out its percolating calcareous wazoo. Equip the Stenchskipper with the Stalactite and the Stenchskipper itself will be the Goblin it needs to stay in play. (It's its own best friend!)

Dear Dr. Wombat:
Last night I had my new boss over for dinner. I made my specialty, chicken with wild mushrooms, but like the blockhead I am, I served it with red wine. As if that wasn't embarrassing enough, my boss is a vegetarian, he's allergic to mushrooms, and he had quite an adverse reaction to the strychnine I laced his dessert with. My question is: Is it too soon to ask for a raise?
Kris S, Correct, IN

No! Better to ask for a raise now while your boss merely suspects you're a raving psychopath than to do it after he's sure you're a raving psychopath. Good luck!

Combo: Moonglove Changeling & Thornbite Staff

Moonglove Changeling
Thornbite Staff

It doesn't get much better than this as far as Limited combos go. Play the Thornbite Staff. Then play Moonglove Changeling and equip the Staff to it for free (since it's a Shaman). Next turn, pay to give the Changeling deathtouch, then start mowing creatures down! Pay to have the Changeling deal 1 damage to a creature. Deathtouch will trigger and destroy the creature, no matter what its toughness is. When that creature hits the graveyard, the Changeling will untap—it's all set to kill again! It's a sick, sick combo, and all it takes is a common and an uncommon from the same set!

Dear Dr. Wombat:
A psychopath? Me?? HOW DARE YOU!!! Oh, you'll pay for that, buddy. YOU'LL PAY! I'm gonna poison you so much that your insides will burst out of your body in a futile effort to escape the agony—agony like you can't even imagine! I'll watch you writhe in pain! I'll hear you scream in anguish! And I'll laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and LAUGH!!!
Kris S, Correct, IN

PS: Please enjoy the enclosed apple strudel.

Oh, please. My wife's cooking is a far sight more poisonous than your strychnine strudel, and I survive that every day. And would it kill you to lighten up on the cinnamon?

Combo: Scarblade Elite & Ashes of the Fallen

Scarblade Elite
Ashes of the Fallen

This combo continues our little assassination tango. Scarblade Elite is at its deadliest if you have lots of Assassin cards in your graveyard. Ashes of the Fallen can turn all the creature cards in your graveyard into Assassins! It's a match made in heaven . . . or a dark alley in the bad part of town.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
Boxers or briefs?
Anne A, Bug Tussle, AL

Obviously, it depends on the occasion. If my personal safety is in jeopardy, I want some rugged boxers to protect me. If I'm engaged in a protracted legal battle, I definitely want to be prepared with briefs. But if you want an option that'll work in either of those two scenarios, I've got just one word for you: Commando!

Combo: Stomping Slabs & Doomsday

Stomping Slabs

For a real pants-down experience, you can't get much bolder than Doomsday. One way or the other, it'll shorten the game! But if your library's going to have only five cards left in it, isn't it nice that four of them can be Stomping Slabs? (The fifth should either be something that gets out of the way, such as a card with cycling, or a card that puts expended Stomping Slabs back into your library, in case your opponent has gained some life.) Set this up, and you'll deal 21 damage over the next three turns.

If that's too slow (and we all know it is), add Thrumming Stone to the combo! With Thrumming Stone in play, your Stomping Slabs will have ripple. When you play the first one, you'll reveal the remaining three as part of the ripple effect. Play two of them for free, then put the last one on the bottom of your library. Ignore all remaining ripple abilities. As each Stomping Slabs resolves, you'll reveal the last one, then put it back into your library. That's 21 damage in one turn—blackjack!

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I was at a great party last night, which never happens to me. I met a beautiful girl there, which never happens to me. She took me back to her place, which never happens to me. She turned out to be a hideous alien in human disguise and has laid about a million hideous alien eggs in my brain. For some reason, this always happens to me. Should I change my aftershave?
Steve G, Medicine Hat, AB

Yes. On a related note, why does no one realize that Species was a documentary? A documentary can't have high production values? And actors? And a screenplay? Wake up, people. Wake up.

Combo: Stonybrook Schoolmaster & Intruder Alarm & Field Surgeon

Stonybrook SchoolmasterIntruder Alarm
Field Surgeon

In honor of Steve's soon-to-be million alien babies (congrats to the proud papa!), here's a way to make a million babies of your own. All you need is Stonybrook Schoolmaster, Intruder Alarm, and some reason to tap the Schoolmaster. I chose Field Surgeon because it's white, but it could just as easily be Kyren Negotiations (for a million damage), Earthcraft (for a million mana), Opposition (to clear out any line of defense), or whatever. Tap the Schoolmaster, create a token, untap the Schoolmaster thanks to Intruder Alarm, repeat ad infinitum!

Bonus Combo: Bramblewood Paragon & Imperious Perfect

Bramblewood Paragon
Imperious Perfect

This Lorwyn block Limited combo won't make infinite offspring. But it will produce a 3/3 creature each turn for just ! When you make a 1/1 Elf Warrior token with Imperious Perfect, it'll come into play with a +1/+1 counter on it (because it's a Warrior) and get +1/+1 while it's in play (because it's an Elf)!

Dear Dr. Wombat:
I'm stuck on a desert island. The good news is that I was prepared for this, and I have my five desert island movies with me! (Earth Girls Are Easy, Die Hard with a Vengeance, How Green Was My Valley, Zardoz, and Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo) The bad news is that I wasn't prepared enough, and I have neither a TV nor a laserdisc player with me. Now, not only am I bored, but it's like the movies are teasing me. They're right here, and I can't watch them!!! My question is, should I start training the local monkeys to reenact these films, or should I entertain myself by simply descending into madness?
Quentin E, Quentintown, Quentinland

I'd opt for the former; you seem to have the latter well underway already.

Combo: Nevermaker & Crystal Shard

Crystal Shard

To trap your opponent as badly as Quentin, keep playing and bouncing Nevermaker. If you keep putting your opponent's permanents on top of his deck, you'll both keep them off the board and prevent your opponent from ever drawing new cards. And if your opponent simply stops replaying those permanents to get out from under the lock . . . well, that's good for you too! Cards like Trusted Advisor, Blood Clock, and Sunken Hope can automatically bounce Nevermaker each turn for free, but Crystal Shard gives you the most control over the situation. It's worth paying the extra each turn.

Dear Dr. Wombat:
What should I do?
Vladimir S, Toad Suck, AR

Live and let live. Stop and smell the roses. Love the one you're with. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands upon the wheel. Don't worry, be happy. Respect your elders. Eat, drink, and be merry. Have your pets spayed or neutered. Let your freak flag fly. Keep on keepin' on. Remember the Alamo. Fight the power. Stand in the place where you live. Stop, drop, and roll. Climb every mountain. Look before you leap. Make it work. Trust no one. But—and I emphasize this more than anything—don't become a cliché.

Combo: Reveillark & Body Double & Mirror Entity

ReveillarkBody Double
Mirror Entity

This is the most famous Morningtide combo, and it's already had an impact on tournaments, so it's fitting to end with it. But the February 25 "Ask Wizards" already did that, so there's no need for me to go over it. So let's do something different.

Bonus Combo: Greatbow Doyen & Conspiracy & Volcano Hellion

Greatbow DoyenConspiracy
Volcano Hellion

Now we're talking! Set Conspiracy to "Archer," get the Doyen in play, then play Volcano Hellion. If your life total is greater than your opponent's life total, have the Hellion deal damage equal to your opponent's life total—regardless of what it is—to one of her creatures and to you. The Doyen will notice that one of your Archers just dealt damage to a creature, so it'll have the Hellion deal that much damage to your opponent. Game over, you win! You can pull off the same combo with Artificial Evolution, but using Conspiracy makes this newfangled Channel / Fireball Standard-legal.

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