Posted in Making Magic on February 10, 2003

By Wizards of the Coast

WW: Weird, but I like it.
BT: Me too. (Of course it’s my card. ;) )
MR: What if we changed “target player” to “all players”
TB: Wouldn’t that cause rules problems?
MR: If the design team doesn’t create a rules problem or two, then we’ve failed as a team.
WW: I still like “target player”
MR: Could we change it from affecting just creatures to affecting all permanents?
BT: Why do we have to change it?
MR: It just doesn’t feel right.
BT: Why not?
MR: It’s missing some oomph.
WW: I agree. Let’s change “creatures” to “permanents”.
TB: Sure.
BT: If everyone else wants to try it, okay. But if it doesn’t work, I want you all to promise to change it back.
MR: Boy scout’s honor.
TB: Hey, you were never a boy scout.
MR: You don’t have to be a boy scout to have boy scout’s honor.
WW: I actually think you do.
MR: Fine. Card designer’s honor.
WW: I don’t think card designers have any honor. :)
MR: Ha ha.

Make new cards.
Do something else.

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